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Among the many mummies that archaeologists have found around the world, sometimes come across instances that simply can not belong to the human race, even though they have a lot of humanoid features. For example, in one of the tombs of Egyptian mummy was found, the growth of which is about two and a half meters. One would assume that this is just a very tall man, but the mummies found no trace of the nose, and tongue, and ears are also absent.

Archaeologist Gaston de Villars were able to establish the approximate age of discovery — about four thousand years. The funeral was performed at a high level, relevant only to ancient Egyptian nobles. The tomb found art, food, and even the remains of servants, designed to please his master in the afterlife. However, not all found items belong to human culture. For example, well-polished metal disk covered with icons that have not been able to decipher. Were found the remains of a metal suit and plastic shoes. All this is buried along with many clay tablets with images sky and strange machinery, which can not be identified. One of these machines was clearly able to move through the air, which will undoubtedly be seen in the figures.

One would assume that the ancient Egyptians buried their own star guest. However, the method by which the funeral made peace, could not be used in those times. The walls of tombs carved into the rock, and their arches perfectly smooth and look like polished marble. If it were possible to take advantage of modern technology, then this result can only be achieved using a laser. Finishing the tomb is made of an unknown material, with characteristics resembling lead.

How could such a strange neighborhood: unearthly metals and technology, and quite understandable, clay tablets and household items? The ancient Egyptians not only knew of the existence of aliens, and stayed with them in close contact — other conclusion can not be.

In the mountains of Turkey cavers another mummy was discovered, also allegedly has alien. Her height is 1.2 meters. The remains of a light-green skin, male genitals, as well as .. large translucent wings that most resemble the wings of our tales of elves.

Despite this, the archaeologist Salim Ternsambey argues that there is clearly more like a human than an animal. In contrast to the findings in Egyptian mummies there nose, lips and ears, arms and legs are almost identical to human. Except for the wings, the only pronounced difference is the eyes — their size is three times the normal. It was found that his eyes were colorless and like eyes presmykayuschegshosya.

At first it was thought that the sarcophagus, which rests Turkish mummy was made of crystal. The experiments have shown that it is a shimmering crystalline material that is unknown earthlings. The most interesting thing is that the doctors and biologists are not taken podvterdit final death being. It is possible that it is in suspended animation, and the time will come when it will come to life.

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