Mysterious beast whose existence stubbornly deny scientists continue hosting in Ukraine

Mysterious beast whose existence stubbornly deny scientists continue hosting in Ukraine

Thus, residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region faced Chupacabra on their land. What happened like a nightmare. Nicholas Teluk told reporters "Komsomolskaya Pravda", which sucked the blood from the Chupacabra of his 26 chickens and 20 nutria. And on the dead animals were characteristic markings — from two holes in the neck of the teeth. But an autopsy revealed — in birds is not left blood, even in the heart.

Chupacabra easily jumped over the fence and broke the fence and killed chickens. But to kill nutria that live in holes, the mysterious beast had to tear holes in the depth meter. And "gavkuchy" watchdog Teluk showed unprecedented turmoil and during the incident have not raised his voice, and after the attack and stopped barking at all — on his back, the vet found a deep mark on the claw.

Neighbors saw how the field rides a strange creature on his hind legs much like a kangaroo. In the fact that the attack made a wolf or large dog, no one believes. Traces that are left on the ground, twice the prints of any large dog, and they suggest that the Chupacabra is not less than 30 kilograms, said Andrew Shozda rural veterinarian.

All the villagers are scared unprecedented incident happened.

After PE Nicholas Teluk wrote a statement to the police. Appearance of a strange and why is very terrible beast even discussed at a meeting of the local council of the village Yamnitsa.

I should say that the strange beast, called the Chupacabra, in Ukraine, said the fourth year. Having started its march from the west, it is a miracle was marked in all regions of Ukraine, including the easternmost region — Lugano — and the Crimea. It appears as if from nowhere and disappear into nowhere. In Ivano-Frankivsk region, a similar incident occurred in the summer of last year. In the Kiev region Chupacabra Vasylkovsky visited the area and in Brovary.

Those who could see a strange beast, saying that he had short reddish hair, the front legs shorter than the back and moves it jumps. It is easy to jump the highest fences, and enters into a panic attack dogs. Usually draining livestock; (usually chickens and rabbits) blood. In rare cases, the tears of the victims of cuts of meat. In Chernihiv it killed even goats. And in the Rivne and Sumy regions to attack people. Hunters in different regions several times round up of the mysterious beast, but to catch it never succeeded.

By the way, a week ago chupacabra scared half to death a family of Ivanovo (Russia). But on the night of July 19, a 33-year-old Roman Ivanovets Zheryachenko and his wife Natalya saw predator vampire.

Headlights from a distance covered spouses galloping on the roadside, and then suddenly jump out on the track a strange creature.

"It jumped on strong hind legs like a kangaroo. Long tail, elongated dog muzzle rise no more than twenty feet, — says Roman struck. — The wife exclaimed: "Chupacabra!" I wanted to set off in pursuit of a monster, but still jumped out of the car and its gone! ".

Roman Zheryachenko still do not believe what I saw Chupacabra, because before the day was sure the stories of monsters — fiction.

"The animal-like Chupacabra seen on the border of Ivanovo and Yaroslavl region in September last year. Then, faced with a predator Kineshma bus. So many witnesses Chupacabra from the Vladimir region. Dead animals with ostensibly suck blood found in all the neighboring regions ", — commented on the situation, said the head of the regional group of the research association" Kosmopoisk-Ivanovo "Sergey Dmitriev.

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