Mysterious burial

Krasnodar Territory found burial, which can solve the mystery of dolmens. It remains of a man who lived about 6,000 years ago. Around the time of ancient Egypt built the pyramids of Giza.

A rare case for archeology: the villagers Shepsi dolmen found with one of the oldest graves. There are fragments of ribs, arms, skull and hip bones. People buried here about a thousand years older than the Egyptian pharaoh Khufu. And he was buried in the monumental tomb of the time, located in a stone dolmen. Specialists note that the exact figure for the dating of this dolmen be possible only after further archaeological research.

Burial is in perfect condition, as for many centuries was a dolmen on the river bottom. Apparently, before the river flows elsewhere. Before Christ dolmen was flooded, but now spring flood washed away the bottom, and the river pretty shallow. Cover construction of megalithic period demolished, and ancient tomb was exposed.

It revealed pottery, probably ritual purpose, and many bones and skulls. But while scientists can study them as the remains of retired members of the investigative committee. In any case, the bones were sent for examination. Although archaeologists believe that they are thousands of years old. It is not clear who owns the remains — a woman or a man, how old was this man, what he died of. Even the appointment of stone items found in dolmen, is not known.

It is planned that in the next few days to begin excavation, which, according to archaeologists, provide sensational scientific data. After completing this burial, scientists can answer the question: who built the megalithic buildings in the Caucasus, and what practices were these people. The expedition got a chance to study in detail untouched dolmens: scientists believe that in the river may be more similar buildings.

Now dilapidated dolmen under close guard. Local authorities fear that the findings can pull apart for souvenirs, tourists and local residents. A concern and a possible rise in water level. Scientists will be only a few days to answer to the mystery of dolmens.

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