Myths and sensation of Crimea — from aliens to dinosaurs

The list of VIP-guests, visiting the Crimea, is just right to make … aliens — so often cited here for their "documented visit." We are talking about the unusual rock paintings in the caves of the plateau Chater-Dag to Mangup.

Sensation 1: Cave drawings

From time to time come to the Crimea, Russian and Ukrainian ufologists and contactees with extraterrestrial intelligence, which officially "open" and "find" the same image.

"A sensational discovery was made in the Crimea Zaporozhye ufology. One cave mountain Chater-Dag, they found cave paintings. Among the images researchers anomalies spotted a flying saucer. Amazing drawings were discovered in cold caves. On one wall of the Stone Age artists captured the ellipsoidal object with rays around which dance weird people "- this is a quote from the message, reprinted in the media in 2006.

About the same "sensation" and surfaced in 2008, and in February 2010: "The mysterious symbols found in one of Crimean caves. One of the drawings is a person operating a complex mechanical device with wheels. Primitive man could not have such devices therefore, here captured extraterrestrial technology. " In general, even the skeptics have nothing to cover: something primitive artists such things still captured and earthly explanation is really difficult to find.

In fact, images, explained head of the Department of Ancient and Medieval Tauride National University, Dean of the Faculty of History, Alexander Herzen, only the impression of the ancients. They just something about forty years. Those made in open areas of the rocks, quickly zavetrivayutsya — in our time, this process is much faster due to industrial emissions, and those that the caves are exposed to moisture.

Crimeans still alive, the memory of which roamed in the late 60's of the last century to the Crimean Mountains artist, cut and painted in different places unusual shapes and even entire gallery of pictures. Whether he had to express themselves, or want to make fun of the child, but reached the goal: his work excites the imagination of descendants, it built dozens of theories, "proving" that the aliens once it landed in the Crimea.

Sensation 2: Stone Butterfly

Near Mount Irtysh at Karabi Yayla, tourists show "stone Butterfly": laid out on flat ground four stone mark about the size of five to eight meters, and around small cavities.

"In the manner of execution of these figures guess carelessness, haste: the stones of different sizes — obviously collected what lay close at hand. Symmetry especially did not care about durability too: stones laid directly on the ground. Some of them are deeply sunk in the soil, which is proof of the ancient monument. Everything else is silent monument. If we were looking for evidence of alien being on Earth, could be attributed to the creation of these "butterflies" aliens from space, take them for a "landing marks" — it says " Guide to Karabakh "B. Chupikova, published in 1988.

In general, a modest hint of alien effect then conceived just awesome, it was really time now diverged entry of books about UFOs, magazines provided themselves with the heading "A surprising number of" on TV and invited cryptozoologists professionals contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. In general, the Crimean "butterflies" have become something of an answer to the mysterious Nazca desert pictures — they say, and we do not lack attention from space!

Today marks on Karabi jajle portrayed not only as ancient signals on the runway for flying saucers. For example, travelers tell us that this is what marks the border of the possession of the ancient inhabitants of these places, the signs were part of a large complex of ritual. In light even almost got a scientific article on the signs were posted in the XIII — XIV centuries as pointers for caravans, advancing to the Crimea. Since then, however, they trudge through Karabakh, when there were more comfortable passes and roads, is not clear.

"Butterflies" were in fact made by people, but more recently, in the 1948 — 1949 years. Alexander Herzen their origin knows first-hand from someone who was directly involved in the creation of stone signs. On Karabi Yayla was then divided artillery range, where the military practiced precision bombing. The battery was firing at targets private, revealing their acoustic methods. Special picks up sounds of explosions (which imitated TNT blocks), and guns opened fire. At the test site was created false artillery position, simulating four "enemy batteries," those "butterflies", posted by soldiers. It turns out that even the documentation kept on the establishment of the landfill. So Stone signs can truly be called monuments — not only in archaeological and historical, symbolizing the beginning of the "Cold War."

Sensation 3: Rune Stone

Fourteen years ago, during excavations on the hill fort Chimerica Opuk that in the Leninsky district, archaeologists discovered a limestone slab. By her, in fact, more than once took tourists and members of the expedition. Edge on which was carved a cross hanging out of the masonry: once from variegated material was built something like shelter for cattle in the cave. Plate is considered the oldest tombstone used as a building material, and carefully considered only after someone from the tourists destroy the old masonry. It turned out that in the hands — a real sensation: a prisoner in a cross was carved around four runic sign anything like this before in the Crimea did not find.

A piece of limestone from the end of IV century, calling evidence of transition Gothic tribes already settled in the Crimea, to Christianity. The inscription is on the plate was unreadable: that is, each of the characters individually tried to decipher — and then arguing about it. The first publication of the runic stone offers a version of the magic formula: that was on the plate where to judge, and the signs were supposed to prevent another fortunetelling and to promote justice.

Now experts are runnomu stone if not skeptical, gently, with a great degree of certainty regarding it as a forgery. Signs like runes, could carve a not so distant past — for example, in the nineteenth century.

Finally, on the peninsula have always been a joke and fans, and the people are so fanatically fascinated by their own interpretation of the story that it spurred a tangible proof. You can recall the famous Firkovich Abraham, who believed that the Karaites in the peninsula appeared five centuries before Christ. He argued his case, among other things, changing the date in the old cemetery at the foot of the gravestones Chufut-kale, cleans it, and ancient manuscripts. He has made a "contribution" to the science that scientists still doubt the authenticity of many documents that have passed through his hands.

Sensation 4: Dinosaurs and their eggs

If you ever hear the story of the Crimean sights "here found dinosaur bones" — do not believe it. Typically, these stories are based on hearsay, really connected with the discovery of the remains of ancient animals, but prevailed in the Mesozoic reptiles, they have nothing. In those days, when they were carried out, the Crimea was under water, therefore, the land of giants is simply not there, and understandably remains of sea could not be saved. The same applies to the messages of the "dinosaur eggs" — for which enthusiasts often take natural mineral formations round, sometimes even reliably simulate shell.

But the bones of ancient mammals found in the Crimea, and continue to find, for example, on the coast near Kerch you can find the remains of dolphins, whales, seals, who lived thousands of years ago. Scientists are fairly well understood, what animals were carried out while in the mountainous Crimea — the remains of cave bears, woolly rhinoceros, mammoths, antelope, wild horses, saber-toothed tigers and many other animals at different times and were found in caves in the field of Paleolithic sites.

By the way, the theme of one of the bones of the most favorite for those who like to juggle and freely interpret the facts. How the Internet is walking tall tales — such as the "cave, full of human bones, attesting to the carnage"! In fact, in the cave cities of Crimea because of shortage of places for individual graves in the burial was practiced again "ossuary" ossuaries. Human remains were allowed to ripen until skeletal state, and then pull them out and poured into a special room or a large pit. The smell in there (and around), of course, there was still that, but a few centuries ago Crimeans were not as squeamish as we are.

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