NASA has received the most perfect picture of a black hole


NASA scientists managed to make the most perfect shot jets of particles emitted by the black hole. The photo captures a part of the nearby galaxy Centaurus A, the length of which is only 4.2 light-years, which is less than the distance between the Sun and the nearest star. The results of the study were published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, writes The Daily Mail.

Lead researcher Cornelia Mueller of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) explained that normally a stream of particles can be seen when matter falls into a black hole. However, she clarified that researchers do not yet know how this phenomenon is emerging. These streams of particles play an important role in the formation and development of galaxies, but these processes are still poorly understood.

In the galaxy Centaurus A is a supermassive black hole whose mass is 55 million times the mass of the Sun. This galaxy, known as NGC 5128, located 12 million light-years from our galaxy in the constellation Centaurus.

It is clearly evident on the airwaves, and is one of the biggest and brightest objects in the sky. The galaxy is located between two radioizluschayuschimi shares, each of which adds up to a length of about 1 million light years away. These shares are filled with matter, which comes from the black hole. This process, it is estimated that occurs at a rate equal to one third the speed of light.

A new picture of a black hole was made with radio telescopes, located in the southern hemisphere. Using nine radio telescopes, researchers have been able to bring a picture of the galaxy. Rupesh OJHA Space Flight Center at NASA's Goddard explained how it managed to get such a clear shot.

According to her, advanced computer technologies have allowed to combine data from the individual telescopes. So it was re-created image is as clear as if it was made by a giant telescope.

Also researcher Matthias Kudler from the University of the German city of Wuerzburg said that one of the telescopes recorded a strong radioactive radiation emanating from the very center of the galaxy Centaurus A. This radiation is billions of times more powerful than the radio emission. But as long as its epicenter and remains a mystery.

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