Nasha Niva: Romanchuk met with Lukashenko

According to the newspaper "Nasha Niva", today held a meeting of former presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk and current head of Alexander Lukashenko. Administration initiated a meeting of the President.

Yaroslav Romanchuk told the "NN" about her circumstances:

"Today, at 15.00, I got a call from the Administration and was told that there is an opportunity to meet with the head of state. I agreed. Brief conversation had to go after the press conference at the Palace of the Republic Lukashenko. We arrived and waited there. Then came intelligence officer and led me to Alexander Lukashenko. "

According to Romanchuk, talk with Lukashenko mainly concerned the fate of the UCP leader of the party, Anatoly Lebedko.

"I asked for that condemned Liabedzka? Can I count on his release in the near future?. Lukashenko said -" We'll see, "- said"Nasha Niva"Romanchuk.

Thereafter Lukashenko has asked the Yaroslav Romanchuk presence of proposals for cooperation in the economic sphere. Deputy chairman of the United Civil Party informed the head of state that has a lot of developments.


Recall that today Yaroslav Romanchuk morning issued a statement condemning the actions of Andrei Sannikov, Vital Rymasheuski and Statkevich. Statement by the lightning spread state media.

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