Nazi secret research

Do not have time to collapse like a house of cards, seemingly monumental Empire as the Third Reich, and the world is talking about the many mysteries, to whom the ownership Nazi leadership. Secrets of the searches of the relationship between the German nation and the ancient Aryans, from the name of civilization which Hitler and decided to give the name of the German people.

Evidence, well, or at least what seemed like the Nazis so were collected sufficient. Modern ethnographers real evidence of direct communication between Western Europeans and Aryans did not see, but the Third Reich is collected findings were presented as irrefutable evidence of the connection of civilizations.

Expedition fitted out in a variety of places around the globe, with the entire scientific used flying laboratories, under which were equipped with German planes.

Nazi leaders on advocacy sent scientists to search for the evidence of an association of the German nation and the ancient Aryans in the Himalayas. Aircraft of the time could not, for technical reasons to operate flights in the Himalayan updraft, so they land on airfields from which to search locations had to travel sometimes for weeks. However, the Nazi researchers are not scared.

There are reports that one of the group of German scientists, monitoring the area on the territory, which today belongs to the modern state of Bhutan, came across a strange burial in the rock. In this burial, according to archival documents in 1942, contained the remains of strange creatures and skeletons are in morphology consistent with human or monkey, but the value of only one tibia in them was not less than 1 meter. You can imagine how tall were these creatures …

There is a lot of information about how to conduct their research rather strange Nazis in Antarctica. It would seem that the study on the icy continent? But for the scientists and the military there were attractive places that harbored many puzzles. Up to now there are rumors that under the ice of Antarctica and the fall of the Reich Nazi secret bases there.

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