Near Almaty landslide volume of 220 cubic meters

Near Almaty landslide volume of 220 cubic metersDescended landslide near Almaty damaged cafe, located next to the road Almaty — Almaarasan, reports citing deputy head of CSR Almaty Yuri Ilyin. Victims and victims.

According to him, the amount of mud flow was 220 cubic meters, it can be compared with about 42 trucks. Because of the landslide road Almaty — Almaarasan zablokirvoannoy was for 25 yards. "Cafe" Leah "is damaged by 40 percent, partially destroyed the outer roof, — says deputy chief of CSR. In emergency response units were involved SI" Kazselezaschita "Roso, control fire Almaty region and UDP DVD region" — said Ilyin.

He also noted that the emergency incident to the first responders reported by a passing drivers. Recall landslide came down on the 19-kilometer held in Trans-Ili Alatau mountains in Karasai district of Almaty region of Almaty — Almaarasan March 15.

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