New York City in anticipation of the hurricane

NEW YORK, August 27. ITAR-TASSPower almost all the cities on the east coast of the United States announced the forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people with the approach of Hurricane "Irene." Emptied the coastal resort town, closed the famous casinos in Atlantic City. Endless stream of cars stretches inland. 
State of emergency was introduced in six states: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New York and New Jersey. On the East Coast rail service disrupted, canceled more than a thousand flights.

U.S. President Barack Obama has decided to return to Washington early from vacation, which he spent on the island of Martha's Vineyard, located 7 km from the coast of Massachusetts near Cape Cape Cod. Because of the approaching hurricane was canceled scheduled for Sunday opening ceremony of the monument to Martin Luther King in the American capital, which was attended by President of the United States.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the first in the history of the forced evacuation, which will affect more than 250 thousand inhabitants of low-lying and coastal areas of the metropolis. As expected, the "Irene" descend on New York City on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Due to the approaching hurricane will stop public transportation. Authorities in New York also fear flooded tunnels of the city "subway."

Americans are preparing for shortages of water and electricity, buying drinking water and generators. In the media there are reports of shortages of these products in many stores.

According to experts, the destruction that would bring "Irene" could reach billions of dollars.

Now the hurricane weakened to the second category of risk on a five-point Saffir-Simpson scale and is located at 425 km south-west of Cape Hatteras / NC /. Wind speed at its epicenter is about 160 km / h

Earlier, the hurricane struck Puerto Rico, bringing considerable damage and leaving about 600 thousand people without electricity. After that, "Irene" with the speed of nearly 200 km / h swept over the Bahamas, pulling out of the ground trees and destroying buildings.
Mindful of the devastating hurricane "Katrina" that struck in 2005 at New Orleans and claimed the lives of about 1.8 thousand U.S. authorities urged people very seriously approximation "Irene" and advance to leave dangerous areas.

The floods caused by hurricane "Irene" may affect the way evacuation of the East Coast states of the U.S.. This was announced today warned the director of the National Center for monitoring hurricanes Bill Reid.

According to forecasts, the level of water in some areas could rise by more than a meter. In particular, Reid warned, it is very likely for the states of North Carolina and South Carolina. "This means that there may be some escape route cut" — warned the expert.

U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, when asked about the preparations for the hurricane in the largest city in the country — New York, noted in particular that "the concern is with the underground", ITAR-TASS reported.

"Decisions on this issue will be taken by the authorities of the city, then we are ready to help them," — she said, emphasizing that the federal authorities are closely watching the situation with respect to other areas of the country.

About fifteen hospitals and nursing homes in New York, located in low-lying coastal areas, on Friday night to complete the evacuation of the first order of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who said that the metropolis must be prepared for "the worst case scenario."

By eight pm Friday local time empty housing a hospital for war veterans on First Avenue in Lower Manhattan. Evacuation looked casually — patients during the day, one or two are leaving the hospital, they were transported to their homes or other medical facilities.

"I personally heading home. Scare no no. I'm ready for a hurricane — is home to the radio batteries, candles, water, dry rations", — said the old man leaves the hospital, over invalid elektrokreslom which floated just two flags — the Stars and Stripes and black, which means that he was a military prisoner.

He was one of the last left hospital wards. The most recent members of the medical staff left.

Hurricane with a beautiful woman's name "Irene" closer to the U.S. East Coast on Saturday morning. The first will be on her way to North Carolina. U.S. capital hurricane, is expected to reach Sunday.

In more than eight millionth New York he will face on Saturday evening.
The city authorities have announced that at noon on public transport, including all underground metro line, will stop their work. At eight o'clock on Saturday it will be announced whether residents expect additional compulsory relocation. Under threat of an emergency evacuation is the area of Brighton Beach, densely live from the former Soviet Union. This district was at risk A — with the highest threat of danger.

The upper part of New York seems calm and strangely deserted, is far less cars than usual on Friday — apparently New Yorkers prefer to move ahead to a safer place.

U.S. financial symbol — Wall Street, located a few hundred meters from the East River and the Bay, prepared for the elements in the old way — the foundation of the New York Stock Exchange imposed sandbags. The same plain barricades seen in other office buildings in the financial district. They lay showcases shops and small restaurants.

"Hurry not. Panic. But no one knows what to expect," — said the worker, taking off from the flag of one of the banks of the giant national flag, which can be ripped off in the wind, which will bring with it a hurricane.

Along with the usual cops on Wall Street have already appeared police special forces soldiers — in black uniforms and helmets with guns blazing. City remembers the "blackout" — or the lack of electricity in July 1977 for a total of 24 hours — led to massive looting and arson in the city. Then the citizens in outlying areas crushed and devastated large supermarkets and electronics.

Because, probably, in the last hours before the hurricane in New York, many have taken care to strengthen the doors of their houses and castles: just in case.

In contrast to the carefree wandering tourists, owners of small businesses in downtown metropolis not hide concern.

"To be honest, anxious heart. Of anything on earth zastrahueshsya" — says owner fears of cheap Chinese shops "ocean view", which is now no one happy.

Over lower Manhattan — one of the most vulnerable to the elements of the city — is carried hammers: Workers reinforce awnings, signs and anything that can be broken by the vortex. City subway station opened in the outlying areas, rapolozhennyh the ocean for free travel to all Wishing to leave the danger zone before the possible announcement of forced evacuation.

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