News. Ru says, in the Samara region found a cave with a pagan temple

In Samara region found an ancient cave, created by human hands. Presumably, this tunnel, which is mined in pagan times, sandstone. According to scientists, the cave could be used as a church.
Samara, the main finding of cavers hidden from prying eyes steep slope, densely overgrown pine forest, and the unavailability of transport natural camouflage. The nature of these places is that literally under every boulder you can look for the entrance to the cave. Underground all furrowed by hundreds of meters. But studied only a small part of moves. The cave was discovered in a sensational chance.

The cave entrance is small. Previously, it has not been seen. He was overwhelmed with a large stone, which is then removed. When is the last time one has gone before — and go there anyway — hard to say. Maybe in the past people, as well as now, had to crawl through a narrow manhole to get to the fishing. But that in the surrounding caves flourished precisely fishing doubt no more.
Scientists have long debated the origin of these caves, and more inclined to the natural course of their appearance. And now it became clear that it is — a man-made object. Sandstone quarried here, and the wall, built of him — the first and most vivid evidence of this.

Abundance of mosquito habitats and signs of bats — that's all that it is known about the ancient tunnel. But science, it can give much more — and in terms of geology, and from the point of view of history.
"They called us her" Kiel Keremet ", which translated from the Chuvash means" Lair Keremet. " Here lived the Chuvash, who was a pagan deity Keremet, they respect and honor, "- said Peter Yakubson caver.
At the service entrance to the regional museum in the ground dug into the largest exhibit, produced in the vicinity of the cave itself. Millstone of sandstone so heavy that it could not raise the exhibit. The material itself — drain sandstone — formed in the Paleocene epoch 60 million years ago. Millstone of hard compacted sand was used in the Russian mills even some hundred years ago. But these stones hollowed out on the ground.

There is a theory that the underground tunnel could serve to maintain the cult. Bizarre stones strengthen not only the walls of ancient dwellings, but also faith of their inhabitants.
"Perhaps this interesting patterns mined stone, which can grind out some cult figures, crafts, — the senior lecturer in the nature of the Samara regional historical museum named after PV Alabina. — But now we can only speculate about that. "

The value of the finds cavers now be assessed historians and geologists. As a science of hope is seen even in the ability to detect many-moves paleontological evidence. If we manage to dig up all the stone maze, scientists say, modern science offers a very interesting discovery.


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