Nmadi devil-dog.

Most recently, mankind has known about nmadi tribe, ethnic group living in isolation, lost in the golden sands of Mauritania, on the edge of the Sahara desert. Without a doubt, the place in which he lives a tribe, the most frightening and mysterious in the Sahara. There are endless "performance": the huge orange sand dunes are constantly in motion, changing the landscape. Desert, as in a vise, squeezed into this tiny oasis — rocky plateau Tishit.

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Al Jumhuriyah al-Islam al-Muritaniya), a state in north-west Africa 1,030,700 square kilometers. Population — 2.6 million people, the Moors (70 percent), Wolof, tukuler, Soninke, zenaga … Official language — Arabic.
State religion — Islam. Capital — Nouakchott. Head of State President. Legislative — bicameral parliament (National Assembly and Senate) within Mauritania — stony and sandy desert of Western Sahara, the height to 915 meters-desert climate is tropical. Average January temperature — 16-20 degrees Celsius, in July — 30-32 degrees … Rivers with no permanent streams. Desert and semi-desert vegetation.

About Plateau Tishit have to tell yourself. Standing under the hot wind gusts very old stone houses reminiscent matchboxes. On a rocky plateau called in places gamada, then here and there one could see the rare "framework" dry trees. Here sticking out of the sand and stones thorny bushes. According to legend, it was in these places there were "devil dog," which mountain spirits were ordered to follow and Zbeda Dgagi. These were the first two nmadi who did not want to obey the spirits and had to die in the desert of hunger and thirst. They lay flat on the sand, as it should do in the desert people who have lost the road, waiting to die. It was then and there were "evil dog", the symbol of death. Nowhere. But they and instilled hope in nmadi. People make friends with the dogs, who from that moment became the most expensive of what the nomads own!

First met these nomads to a place called Ulatov. In the local language the word "nmadi" means "hunter" that Mauritanians means "savage." The fact that so many centuries ago Moorish families, as they say here, moved out of the region to other parts of Nouadhibou for only one reason: they could not endure the endless quarrels with the tribe nmadi because forever separated from them, but harbored malice.

It is true, and do nmadi ancestors left their native country to the east joined them part of other ethnic groups. Thus was formed the caste nmadi that by choosing little adapted to life Tishit plateau, became involved in hunting. They despised since other, "more noble" tribes and still retain the feudal way of life. About what they say in Mauritania. But as we all really are and why nmadi went almost to his death, having settled on a rocky plateau Tishit? It seems that the full answer to these questions yet.

Real Estate — huge tent, inside covered with a veil, made of multi-colored rags, and outside — from a single piece of fabric, which inflates the sail in the gusts of squalls. Before each tent — awning fabric mats are right on the sand. Despite the prevailing gloom in this house, you will notice that the entire tent is kept on a skeleton of twisted branches, which is attached to two of the central wooden posts. Women in the tribe are free both in words and in actions, decisions as men. They are the guardians of tradition nmadi. Matriarchy here, however, is not present, but there is equality between the sexes.

Each tent live on several families. Stand upright in flimsy shelters not because of the low ceiling, so everything here, or sit, or lie. Meager belongings stored in the depths of family tents in special chests made of wood. Chest for the family — the main wealth, except jewelry worn by women and girls. And, of course, their dogs, and sheep, which separates the tribe.

Special hunting equipment at nmadi exists. Hunters wear a sleeveless gown, raising a turban on his head and a light bandage wound with blood of animals killed before. This bandage hunters never wash for fear scare beast human odor. The only weapon the hunters — an ordinary stick. Assistant — dog.

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