Nostradamus Predictions for 2011


The events that have taken place in recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan, the mass deaths of animals worldwide heated interest in all kinds of predictions, especially predictions of Nostradamus, especially with regard to its predictions for 2011 and 2012.

Nostradamus was born in 1503, and although he is often referred to as a prophet, he emphatically stated that he was a prophet, and was a researcher.

He began to be trained at the age of 15 years at the University of Avignon.

When he entered the University of Montpellier in 1529, he was soon expelled because he worked as a pharmacist, that the students were not allowed to do, those were the rules of the university.

After his expulsion from Montpellier, Nostradamus returned to work as a pharmacist, and traveled to France, taking care of patients with plague. Although he has worked tirelessly, his efforts were not effective, as in 1534, his wife and two children have died from the plague. In the end, he settled in Salon-de-Provence, where he and his second wife found 6 more children.

Some time in 1540, Nostradamus began his intellectual inquiry in the hope to write Almanac, it is only then he has published a yearly almanac.

In his work he researched books that describe various prophecies of saints and seers. He also used the horoscope, the motion of stars, comets passing through the sky and other celestial phenomena. He used equipment and maps of astronomers, prepared charts for rich people.

The predictions of Nostradamus for centuries coincided with the actual events and names that have influenced our human history, such as Napoleon, Hitler, and others, 9 out of 11 terrorist attacks, and the World Wars.

In the predictions, of course, there is a grain of truth.

This man has a huge following throughout the centuries, including our contemporaries.

"Centuries went out and brought forgotten books.
My torch will come to life in other times.
Where the imperial throne disappear
In the uprisings and shifting,
The descendants will read the writing on the headstones "

"When the lamp is lit with unquenchable fire,
Can be found in the temple of the Vestal Virgins,
Detect a fire, the water passing through the sieve,
Toulouse will be lost in the water, the market will collapse.
(Ts 9, Quatrain 9)

This quatrain may describe plant or nuclear facility.

"The North Wind will cause the siege,
Behind the walls, throw ashes, lime, chalk and dust,
Through rain afterwards, will bring a lot of damage,
Vile penetrate the border.

(Century 9, Quatrain 99) (T. 9, Quatrain 99)

This quatrain is particularly reminiscent of any nuclear accident.

"There will be peace, union and change,
Real estate offices and arrogance will be low,
The high will be low,
To prepare for the trip flour first offspring
The war will stop, start civil proceedings and debates.

(Century 9, Quatrain 66) (T. 9, Quatrain 66)

This quatrain indicates the period of peace

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