Nuclear spring in Japan (Photos)


On Japan attacked abnormal snowfall. Snow fell even in the southern parts of the country where it has never happened in the beginning of March.

In northern areas that are most affected by the earthquake and tsunami, is still not working heating and no hot water.

Reporters were told that the stores almost disappeared products, despite the fact that the last days were given a meal "on the cards". Because of the snow drifts on the road machine with humanitarian aid can not get to Sendai.

There's two days were formed almost polmetrovye drifts. Snow fell even in southern Mie Prefecture, where in mid-March, this has never happened before.

It is unknown what is connected with this anomaly. Residents of Japan's fear that the fallen snow contains radioactive substances — the Monday after the explosions at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", there have been several releases of radiation.








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