Of wisdom. Family Union

Family Union

Creating a new family unit and all Slavic Aryan Clans had all historical times is very important for any family unit — a continuation of life and the existence of the ancient clans of the Great Race, and all descendent of heaven.

Age young people to join the various Slavic and Aryan birth in the Holy Family Union in antiquity for many centuries, and even millennia, remained unchanged.

Vesta, which comes into the family unit must be at least Circle years, or 16 years. For a young man, the family reaches the 21.

In ancient times in the great expanse of our mighty Slavic-Aryan Power, called Russenia, there are several types of a family unit, for example: Selensky, Vesevoy, Triple, World, clan, clans, tribes, Priestly, the Great and others

Triple matrimonylong called the treaty establishing the three families of the ancient clans. Under this agreement, each of the three ancient clans daughters to marry the son of another kind. That is, the children receive a first-order brides of the second kind. Sons of the second kind, received a bride of the third kind, and the children of the third kind, in turn, obtained by the bride of the first kind.

Global family unitcalled the agreement on the establishment of family and friendship between the two ancient warring clans. According to the agreement between the ancient world Genera ensuring the creation of a family union between the children of the most senior of every sort.

Clan-family unitscalled the treaty on the complete twinning of two great and ancient clans, ie Clan creation of two ancient clans. Under this agreement, all of the girls from the first Rod married for young people of the second kind, and at the same time, all the girls of the second kind for the young married people of the first kind, during the consecration of clan family union before Kummirami Gods were couples of all the young people of the two great and the ancient clans.

Priestly family unioncalled the family between the young Priest and Zhripey raised in hermitages or calotte of orphans.

Tribal family unioncalled the treaty on the complete twinning of several great ancient clans, ie creation of the Mighty Rod-Tribe of several ancient clans living in a large area.

Great family unitagreement called the simultaneous creation of several families in twinning the two ancient clans. According to the agreement, if the ancient family were born five or more daughters, they were married for the young people of the second kind, where there were five or more sons.

After some time the family unit ceased to exist. These days are basically two kinds of creating a family union: Selensky and Vesevoy.

1. Selenskim matrimonycalled making a young family by mutual agreement between the two clans that reside within a single settlement, the City, Vesey.

2. Vesevym matrimonycalled making a young family between two ancient clans living in different Vesyah.

Next, we consider the construction of both the family unit.

Selensky matrimony

Selensky matrimony today, as in ancient times, will be created between the two ancient Rolami who live within the same village, town, Vesey (regions, territories and republics).

Usually young couples determined by the will of the Old Gods in the Holy merrymaking-dances on ancient holidays in Bright Day God in the highest, and Kupala Day God Peruna.Vo the holiday boys and girls lead dances around the fire, laid out in the form of a solar symbol, and Kolovrat Posolon . Youths lead dances around the Sun Fire Kolovrat and girls' dance moves around Tierra Posolon backwards.

When the dance flow around Fire characters. Priest or community elder reads anthem God Rod, "Bose our nation. Originator, you, all Roles Patron, send you, Vyšna Will, you abhor slavery on us, do not let disappear amid the centuries, even Gods will be done. " At the last words of the hymn, "The will of the Gods" dance of both began to converge, and when one of the two dances faced spins round dance movement stopped.

Touched the backs of the young man and the girl were declared first porechennoy pair (since the motion image of the two dances was flowing rivers, the pair came to be called — porechennymi), they were taken out of the dances, and the dance of the two were set in motion again. All repeated again until porechennyh recruited nine pairs (God Kupala Day) or sixteen pairs porechennyh Vishny Day God Perun.

Then each pair porechennaya Fire Dedication ceremony was held. Young people are put back to back between the sacred ognevischami, Kolovragom and Posolon. All young people present at the event, clapping their hands, worn out three words: "Reality", "Nav" "rights". At the word "right" test subject porechennaya pair turned their heads, directing his attention to the left or right.

If their eyes were turned to one side, it was considered that the upward call Heavenly Gods sanctified Holy Living Fire UIS porechennuyu pair. If the eyes of young people were turned in opposite directions, it was thought that a couple of features of this very porochennuyu pushed.

Porechennye couples blessed Holy Living Fire, received instruction from the priests of the ancient faith, koi are Vyšna heavenly gods or from the community on what to do on how to better know not solid, but the spirit and soul of each other.

Young people talked until morning, participated in various holiday merrymaking and ancient ritual, trying to learn more about each other.
In the morning, after a meeting of the Sun-Yarily porechennaya couple went to all their parents for a blessing. After that, all the young people asked their parents to meet each other and to the day Ljubomir, identify with the priest-patron gods Births and Elders, their future.

Parents, community elders and priests of the ancient ancestors of the Faith, which serve Vyšna heavenly gods, discussing all the issues are resolved in accordance with the ancient heavenly law and the law of his birth, when young people are best held naming ceremony Groom and Vesta, when consecrated commit matrimony and when to play the wedding, Lubomir.

Vesevoy matrimony

If a settlement, hail or Vesey lived only one mighty Rod, ie all generations living in the village or hail, rock, whereas parents of the young man's father and named his mother and father (planted by parents) went for City and villages in search of a message for his son, as Heavenly law forbade RITA take a wife or a son of Rod Clan Relatives.

When they are in other villages or hail the most suitable candidate, with Parents Vesta first discussed the antiquity and the health of each of the Tribe-Rod, his caste, and what bright gods patronize sim leave.

As it turned out, it is not native in the past these two ancient clans and tribal, and wish that they now intermarry.

If between the Old Genera no kinship and received the answers to all the questions of interest to both parties, the guests proceeded to the bride about the conspiracy, that is, the appointment date bride.

If collusion of the bride, for whatever reason did not take place, the guests went on, in the village or other Grads Vesey, while with some ancient Native to be agreed.

Agreed date bride, guests sent the young man, brought him to the village or castle, where she lived Vesta, and arranged bride. If at first glance the young have taken to heart with each other, it was believed that the bride held.

The parents of two of the ancient clans blessed young people and conspired among themselves about the need for naming Rite Bridegroom and Vesta.

They appealed to the priests of the old faith, that they have identified the most auspicious day of the month for the consecration rite Bridegroom and Vesta.

If successful, conspiracy and the bride's parents of young people called each other to as matchmaker, and after passing their children consecrated the family unit and the wedding became godparents, to wit relatives.

In ancient times, when the goodness and prosperity was the lot of every ancient family, there is a rule that if young people have taken to the heart of each other at first sight, then conspired Genera considered invalid and parents of the young man went back for City and villages to look for a bride for son.

But with the onset of darkness Circles of Time, which warned Mnogomudry God Perun in his "Santee," the rule is not applied. Parents of children themselves determine the need of relationship between births, because parents think of the continuation and survival of the two ancient clans in Times of Darkness.

When young people were betrothed bridegroom ceremony and Vesta, the priests, the priests to have assigned a specific date for the consecration rite matrimony.

Representatives of two of the ancient clans of the scheduled date set for young mansion with farm buildings, so they can immediately after the wedding to start an independent family life.

As a rule, the young were placed in front of a mansion towers and father of the groom yard so that the gates at each other, were said to be the person in the face (the expression denoting the location of houses, later transformed into the familiar to many people the word "street" (in Russian) "vulitsa" (Ukr).

In addition, after the consecration rite Bridegroom and Vesta were to prepare gifts for each other. Vesta groom embroidered shirt, his bride and the groom prepared a gift dress or scarf. These young people gave gifts to each other on the second day of the wedding.

Ornamented and plot on embroidery can be judged against the young couple to each other when he was the Bridegroom and Vesta.

In embroidery sundress or shawl fiance use protective amulets, symbols of fertility, protection of the gods and the elements, as well as symbols, protecting from the eyes of other men, so as not to jinx it.

Vesta, embroidering her chosen shirt included in the patterns of symbols, the outlet from the eyes of other women and girls to not to look at her boyfriend, symbols of strength, courage, nobility, and the signs of continuing and might Rhoda.

After the Rite of Consecration to the house of the family unit, in Kummirne, in the Sanctuary or Holy Priest, Clergy Settlement and the blessing of the elders and the young married couple Elders Births with all kinsmen set off to their new mansion to celebrate the wedding. Usually played at weddings Lubomir (Wedding day).


The wedding began with the ancient rite: Bride endured at the hands of lead through the threshold of the house, in which they will live. This symbolized the transition from one world to another, from the old life to the new. Next, in a mansion, and if it was warm, even in the yard, the young couple and the entire wedding procession expected laid tables with treats. The elders of the two ancient clans staged "feast for the whole world," ie, Wedding feast is not for the two genera, but for the communities of the two Vesey.

Otherwise, it was thought that the generic worlds, that is to say the community, no signs of a new family unit, and do not recognize the twinning of the two ancient clans.

Banquet tables for guests (community members of the two communities) and the family settled in rows from north to south. They were in plenty of all kinds of food, dishes and drinks.

In the north side of the hall were three horomnogo main Kin wedding table.

For Western childbirth wedding table sat fathers and mothers of young married couples, dubbed (planted) The parents of the newlyweds, as well as all the ancient elders of both genders. On the east by generic wedding tables were Arshin Kummiry Heavenly Gods patrons twin births. For the eastern table sat invited priests, consecrated koi Family Union, and the priests and priestesses who serve gods, the protector of the data delivery.

The east and west of the Kin wedding tables were the best and most delicious dishes, meals and drinks.

Generic Wedding Table young couple stood in the middle, away from the east and west. He was covered with a white tablecloth with festive Oberegovoy symbols on the table there was no food, and there was only one silver bowl with honey kvass or otherwise honey, but not intoxicating drink.

As a rule, guest wedding tables relatives of one of Rod took their seats on one side of the table, and the relatives of another kind in front of them, on the other side of the table. This was done to ensure that guests of Sister Clans can get to know and interact with each other.

The wedding feast began on Lubomir with traditional toasts Svastichnyh established in ancient times Priest Lubomir, ie Four types of orations pronounced.

The first toastuttered by the glory of all the gods, the protector of Births and priests, as well as all the great ancestors who never forgot and always supported these two ancient clans.

After the end of the east toasts Generic Wedding table offered up gifts and require patrons to Gods, priests and parents, so that they, together with all the celebrating at the wedding feast, and the first taste of the dishes and edibles, and blessed the new family unit of two ancient clans.

The second toastfirst uttered in honor of those present at the wedding feast of the ancient Elders and old women of both genders, and then sounded toast wishing health absent due to illness or because of age-related infirmities ancient old men and old women.

The third toastuttered, first in honor of those present at the wedding feast Parents married with a wish them many years of the life, to see and educate many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Then, after the consecration (planted) Parents with a wish them long life, so they tell future descendants of the ancient clans of the hidden wisdom, which is kept from generation to generation in the ancient Rodach.

Fourth toastpronounced first in honor of all the kinsmen of the two twin ancient clans and all the guests present at the wedding feast, wishing health and prosperity to all present, as well as the wishes of prosperity to all ancient and becoming Rodham Great Race, and then pronounced toast in honor of each guest with the registered glorification.

Everyone present at the wedding, after which pronounced fourth toast, rose from the table a reply. He uttered his wish and farewell to young and said that for the gift he gives to young couples.
Guest, give a gift, groomsman young wife with a tray charu Surits-mead and enchantment with berry liqueur.
When guests choose and drained the goblet with mead or Surits-enchantment with berry liqueur, he said, "May your life together be long and sweet, as the content of this grace-spell!"

When uttered toasts in honor of everyone present at the wedding guests and each guest made his gift to young, all present a common set about Wedding meal and newlyweds were taken to a specially prepared chamber and left them there alone, closing the door behind them and bolted, so that no one disturbed young couple.

In the upper room for the young stood smartly decorated with flowers marriage bed, which was placed at the head of the sword, in the future, a boy, a successor Rod. Also, in the upper room table was set with all kinds of foods and drinks, but no intoxicating drink. From this upper room was a separate pass in istoplennuyu bath, if necessary, to wash the young, as well as out of the bath led to the passage of the concealed outside toilet.

In the morning they woke naming (planted) wife and mother of a young woman, acting Matchmakers-Lyubomirki, saying, "Get up, young, Jarilo-sun rose. A table for guests to cook time has come. " Matchmaker-Lyubomirka knocked at the parlor door, opening the latch, and waited for the young do not come out of the closet. Young came out of the chamber into the gifts that they are embroidered for each other. Young husband in his shirt-blouse, embroidered wife, and she in sundress or shawl donated spouse.

The young couple went to the kitchen and bake eight pancakes with different fillings for their parents. Making pancakes, young husband filed four pancake parents of his wife, and his wife — the husband's parents.

This rite young parents enjoyed respect each other and Fellowships are offered to them to pass the test of Rod, as required by the law of the ancient clans, set in ancient times the wise Priest Belovodye Lubomir, a faithful servant of God Svarog.

Are precisely tested Rod was as follows. Each of the parents of the young couple, eyes closed, tasting pancake rolls, had the correct answer, a pancake filled with what he got.

If parents correctly guessed the contents of the pancake, the young wife he bowed at the waist, and said, "Son, our in your honor will be called by your name."

If any one of the parents is not sensed to taste the contents of the pancake, young people sincerely worshiped him, saying, "Son, in your honor our priests will call the name of the gods of our ancient ancestors."

Parents do not have guessed stuffing pancake had to give the newlyweds some animals for the household, because we believe that when the young couple will have children, they will shun (fear, avoid) their loved grandparents.

If all parents guessed the stuffing, then the children be named in this way;
first son — in honor of the patron god of the young wife of Rod, so the first son and called the Original;
second son — in honor of her husband's own father;
third son — In honor of his own father's wife;
fourth son — in honor of Father's betrothed husband;
fifth son — in honor of Father's betrothed wife.

When a girl is born, the child be named as follows:
first daughter — in honor of the patron goddess of Rod young wife;
second daughter — in honor of the birth mother of the wife;
third daughter — in honor of her husband's birth mother;
fourth daughter — in honor of the naming of his wife's mother;
fifth daughter — in honor of Mother's betrothed husband.

The birth of Lubomir Act, every family should have at least 9 children, and full family is only one in which there is a hereditary terms, ie 16 children.

All subsequent children names given child's father. Never give a child a name in honor of the relatives, who died from the disease at a young age, because considered to have the same name will not live long.

If a child receives a name or grandparents, ie older relatives, stuffing guessed, the grandfather grandson preparing armor and two swords to the Day of age, as well as a tool for his future career, he should learn from the Father. Grandmother to granddaughter ready to give: bedding, jewelry, clothes, kitchen utensils, and granddaughter bequeathed dowry, which at one time was the grandmother. The same naming prepared (planted) Parents of young married couples for grandchild named in their honor.

On the second lazy Lubomir after Rite Named Rod test, the couple together with their brothers and sisters were put on the table for guests.

Their friends and girlfriends, as well as naming (planted) Parents went to the gate to meet the guests.
Parents kept naming coolies and shopping bags for gifts, and boys and girls were kept pitchers of kvass and Surits and carved wedding dishes with hot pancakes.

Naming Mother, meeting guests, serve them scoop, and a conversation between them:
— That, good people, are you going next?
— At the youthful look, Lubomir behold — meet guests.
— Gift look — eyes will hurt.
— And if not a gift?
— If not a gift, it will please your soul clean. What a way-road want to drink?

After guests choose a drink, he was served a full bucket and said, "We offers a full bucket on Lubomir and guest COSTA us full, so the new family was the world."

Guest drank bucket and put your gift in the bag or sack, and passed to the covering yard table, and the young from both sides took care of the guest, he imposed a variety of dishes in the dish, saying: "Taste the whole, so as not uttered one that you saw something on the table, and try not to try. "

When the tables were going to all the guests began Lubomirski meal, and the young couple took care of the guests on the rights of the owners.

The most honored guests on the second day of the wedding, Lubomir considered as an invitation to a celebratory meal Priest and Priestess of the nearest temple.

Wedding feasts at the end of the Priest and Priestess bestow rich gifts, that they took care of the new family, and also brings great gifts required and all the ancient ancestors of the two twin births.

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

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