OGPU secret expedition to the mysterious country of Shambala. Fake Lama

144 000 years, dominated the world in ancient times, the World Federation of Great people. Thanks to our knowledge, there reigned in the world of our Golden Age. But, possessing universal knowledge, learning to work miracles, people began to consider se6ya above God. They created a giant idols and make them serve him, and then allowed idols to marry their daughters.

"The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth, and that every imagination of his heart was only evil all the time. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and voskorbel in his heart" (Genesis, ch. B verse 5, 6). And he did so dark fast waters cleanse the land of evil and human pride. The only place that did not affect the Flood, was a small section of the mountain peaks. A nine thousand years ago, those who survived, attempted to revive the Federation. So there was in the heart of Asia, bordering Afghanistan, Tibet and India country sorcerers Shambhala country Mahatma ("great soul"). Eight snow-like lotus petals surrounding it. Great leaders magicians hid the country from all-seeing eye of the Lord ring of dense fog, and the new earth dwellers, inhabiting the planet, the "Geographer let rest — we are in the world the place. You can search all the canyons, but uninvited guest does not find a way."

Many times, unsuccessfully, tried to find the mysterious country people, to take hold of secret knowledge. Governments in many countries — England, France, Germany, China — equipped expeditions into the interior of Asia. But the closest slumped to Shambhala scout Soviet Russia. Home Winter Petrograd wind penetrated to the bone. A young man with a beard "under Trotsky," in demi patched coat, warm up in the auditorium jumped Baltic Fleet. Professional experience told him that the easiest way to get away from surveillance, lost in the crowd. Dirty, smoke-filled room was packed sailors — solid black jackets, captured ammunition belts hung with hand grenades. A young man found a free place. Low dull voice acting ubayukivayusche lecturer, and would not listen — just to warm up and get some sleep. He is tired to wander around the city, fearing exposure, — after the sensational murder after a head Mirbach Jacob were promised big money.

Unexpected noise in the hall interrupted slumber. Blumkin opened his eyes — the sailors transplanted closer to the podium, Shikai those who prevented listen. Well, well, what's that? "In the heart of Asia, bordering Afghanistan, Tibet, and India … a mysterious country … its eight surrounding snow-capped mountains that look like the petals of a lotus …" — Heard from the stands. Jacob asked the sailor binoculars — remember the face of the lecturer. A Tale around enthusiastically boil: give together with the lecturer steamroll into Tibet, a land of Shambhala sorcerers, give bond with her great leaders and their secret knowledge should be transferred to Comrade Lenin — for the good of the revolution. Right in the select committee, which immediately engaged in compiling the necessary papers to various authorities to authorize the seizure of Tibet. An hour later, the letter was read aloud, and sent to. The lecture ended.

Excited sailors returned to their ships. Blumkin was in no hurry to leave. He waited until the lecturer receive rations intended for work, and went to the head of a lecturer. Posing as a journalist, scientist and lecturer asked. Head said dryly: "Barchenko Alexander V.". Jacob was already convinced that sooner or later they must meet Barchenko. It has been six years. Men in Black late November evening in 1924 the apartment of the Brain Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Alexander Barchenko included four in black.

One of the visitors, posing Constantine Vladimirov (working alias Jacob Blumkin), told the owner that his experiments on telepathy interested OGPU, and, significantly, smiling, asked to write a report on their work to the Dzerzhinsky. Taken aback Barchenko tried to say something. But soft, wheedling voice smiling man forced him not only to accept the proposal, but also proud to present their new experiences. Particularly impressed by the men in black made fixing thoughts away and flying table — the same table at which sat visitors off the floor and hung in the air! Report on experiments Barchenko Dzerzhinsky conveyed by hand Yakov Blumkin. Head high, intrigued oral eyewitness, gave a report of a secret department employee Jacob Agranov. He took up the instrument immediately. A few days later Agranoff and Barchenko met. The scientist told Chekist not only about their experiences, but also about the unique knowledge of the country of Shamballa. In the interrogation AV Barchenko on December 23, 1937 captured this historic moment: "In a conversation with Agranov I expounded his theory of the existence of a closed scientific group in Central Asia and the project of establishing contacts with the owners of its secrets.

Agranoff reacted positively to my posts. "Not only Agranoff was shocked. A closely tracking the developments Blumkin meanwhile harbored ambitious plans. Fact, that Yakov would itself become the first holder of the secret knowledge. For this, he drew up a plan of action . And, as further history, events have followed his script. First Blumkin was not enough, that is known only to the Shambhala Dzerzhinsky and Agranoff. Barchenko He convinces write a letter to the board of the OGPU. Barchenko then organizes a meeting with the entire leadership of the OGPU, including heads of departments , where the scientist describes his project. Average understanding in practical psychology, Jacob asks Barchenko report to submit to the meeting agenda board last point — tired of the endless meetings people will be willing to favorably consider any proposal. Barchenko Here remembers his meeting with the board: "The meeting Board held late at night. All were severely fatigued, listen to me carefully. Hurry to finish as quickly as possible with your questions.

As a result of the support and Boky Agranova we have achieved in general, favorable decisions on how to charge Bokiyu see detail with the content of my project, and if it can really be of any use to extract, do it. "So with a light hand Blumkin launched a secret laboratory neyroenergetiki. Neyroenergeticheskaya laboratory housed in the building of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and worked it all: from the study of UFOs, hypnosis and "Bigfoot" to inventions related to Radioespionage. First, the laboratory sets specific purpose — to learn to read the thoughts telepathically enemy on distance, to be able to remove the information from the brain through the eye.

Existence neyroenergeticheskoy laboratory was one of the main state secrets to the Soviet Russia. Special Force has funded its OGPU — until May 1937. In the secret society of the end of 1924 in a secret apartment Gleb Boky, chief of special department of the GPU, a closely guarded secret, brought together members of the secret society "united labor brotherhood," It should be noted that Hleb Boki was familiar with Barchenko. In 1909 Alexander Barchenko, biologist and author of mystery novels, recommended Boky members of the Rosicrucian Order. So both had experience working in a secret organization.

"United Brotherhood of labor", which included Barchenko, Boki Kostrikin, Moskvin and several scientists and security officers, the aim — to reach Shambhala and establish contact with her. But our hero — Yakov Blumkin — a secret society is not entered. It is not in his plans: So. "United Labour Brotherhood" started to prepare a scientific expedition to Shambhala. Proposals have been carefully designed board GPU and used various methods of pressure on the members of the board, in order to achieve positive solutions finance the expedition. And Yakov at the same time to move "in parallel in the same direction, but a few steps forward. The beautiful mansion in Sheremetev Lane stopped brunette of medium height. Finished his cigarette, he resolutely went inside, and after a pause a moment, pressed the call button, next to which sported copper plate engraved with: "Professor Academy of Red Army A. Snesarev." Professor this was the most competent Russian expert on the North-West region of British India. preserved documents that eloquently testify that he was researching the area and as a scout . Blumkin Snesarev met wary.

But the tone and suave manner visitor rests distrustful owner. Jacob without a word to the point. Map of the area he was interested in, where the rough data located mysterious Shambhala. Snesarev invited guest room and carefully closed the door, and laid on the table a massive map of the Pamirs. "Here is a white wall of the Eastern Hindu Kush. With its snow-covered peaks you have to go down to the slums of North India. If you get acquainted with all the horrors of the road, you get a terrific impression. This wild cliffs and rocks, which will burden people with his back. Horse along these paths will not work. once I walked these paths. Translator my friend from fresh and vigorous man was an old man. people turn gray from anxiety, become afraid of space. At one point I had to keep up, and when I caught up with the satellites again, he found two interpreters who weep.

They said, "There were afraid to go, we shall die there" (B. Lapin. Tale of the country Pamir). Factional secret expedition dressed and made up as a pilgrim security officers and scientists had to get out of the Rushan district in the Soviet Pamirs. After the Afghan Hindu Kush mountain ranges supposed to get into one of the canyons of the Himalayas — to reach the mysterious Shambala. Barchenko and Bokiyu failed to win approval for the route in the highest courts. The expedition, in addition to Afghanistan, was to visit India, Tibet and Xinjiang. Expensed received 600 thousand dollars (the amount at the time the colossal). The money allocated to the personal order of the Supreme Economic Council Dzerzhinsky. The expedition included several members of the "unified labor fraternity." Base for training has become one of the tasks the special department in the suburban village Vereya. Here the participants of the event to learn English, Urdu and mastered riding. Everything was kept a closely guarded secret, as could be in jeopardy. It was learned that the secret services of Britain, France and China were under surveillance for James, without which the expedition much to lose. In razvedsvodki carefully enter all his movements. So great was the desire of the Soviet intelligence services pereverbovat superspy.

Our hero, with the assistance of the OGPU invented the original course. Under it was made up as the security officer, who was run on the normal route of James G. — of the house into the money-lane to the People's Commissariat of Trade. According to OGPU, the substitution did not notice. As expected, the leader was appointed Barchenko. A commissioner — polyglot and the Oriental martial arts Jacob Blumkin.

In addition to basic research, the Central Committee instructed to conduct a series of operations Blumkin reconnaissance nature. Yakov knew that everything was going according to his plan, he will get to Shambhala alone, without escort and prying eyes. Contact with the head of a foreign intelligence M. Trilisser, he convinces to prevent the expedition as good at conducting research gave CC, all the information about the "mysterious knowledge of Shambhala" bypass the department of foreign intelligence. Trilisser thinking … Preparations for the expedition were completed. It only remained to conduct a series of documents on bureaucratic institutions. July 31, 1925 Boki and attended a reception Barchenko Chicherin. Spoke about the project and asked to expedite the issuance of visas. Chicherin gave a positive opinion. But at the last moment asked him if this project chief of foreign intelligence Trilisser.

Gleb I. Boki said that the project has been approved by the College of the OGPU and the Central Committee. Answer somehow alerted Chicherin. Immediately after the departure of guests Commissar telephoned Trilisser. Foreign intelligence chief was waiting for this call. He screamed hysterically into the phone: "What affords the villain Boki?" — And demanded to withdraw the report. Chicherin hesitated. Blumkin and then hooked Trilisser Henry Yagoda. And August 1, Chicherin gave a negative review. The expedition was canceled. Boki the favor. Secret laboratory, which began engaged in creation of technical devices — radar, direction finders and mobile tracking stations — managed to catch the message sent by an unknown cipher.

In seconds the code was cracked, "Please send us a case of vodka." Sender — Genrikh Yagoda, who entertained on the boat with his wife's son Gorky. Boki, by hiding the sender's name, immediately passed the information to the Special Section, the chief was himself Berry. Lubyanka sent finder and a car with a group of capture. The case nearly ended the skirmish between members of the Special Division. In the war of the OGPU groups. Expedition would lead each of them. Began to gather dirt, known as security officers in "Black Book Boky." In the war dragged Dzerzhinsky. "Iron Felix" personally led the fight against the conspiracy of deputy chairmen. But to bring it to victory failed in July 1926, after the plenum of the Central Committee, he died of a heart attack. Department of foreign intelligence in the strictest confidence entrusted Blumkin find Shambhala and establish contact with her. About intrigues Blumkin no one is suspected.

And "single labor brotherhood" was convinced that Jacob is on their side. So when Bokiyu Blumkin said that he was going to Shambhala, one that gave him the cards and sensitive information. So Yakov got the same job from the two warring factions. Tibetan Lama in early September at the border of British India showed up lame dervish. He walked with a caravan of Muslim Ismaili sect to a place of pilgrimage. But police in the Baltics has decided to delay the dervish: beggar visited the local post office. The detainee was sent to a British convoy in military intelligence. Dervish expected interrogation and execution. But the British did not know with whom they are dealing. Lame Ismailia fled, taking with them essential pouch addressed to Colonel Stewart, the English outfit. Was pursued by a platoon of soldiers.

And among them our Blumkin in the form of colonial troops — pursued himself. As soon as it was dark, in the arrangement of the British colonial troops in one soldier was less. But on one Mongolian monk anymore. September 17, 1925 Mongolian lama joined the expedition of Nicholas Roerich, who moved to the area of the proposed location of Shambhala. Here's an entry from the diary of the artist: "There comes a Mongolian lama and with it a new wave of news. In Lhasa await our arrival. In monasteries interpret the prophecies. Great Lama, has already visited from Urga to Ceylon. How deeply penetrating the organization llamas! Interpret with Lama about former case near Darjeeling. " And a little less enthusiastically, "Not one little bit lame hypocrisy, and to protect the foundations of faith, and he is ready to take arms. Whisper:" Do not talk to this man — all came loose, "or," And now I'd better go. "And nothing more is not felt for his motives. And how easy it is to travel! " At night, a mysterious monk disappeared. Could not appear. in the location of the expedition for several days. But always catching up travelers. Mysterious disappearances Lama may explain his "secular" job. Lama Blumkin maps checkpoints, border fence, height.

State communications and footage of road sections. Do not forget Jacob and Shambhala, making his way to her closer and closer. Needing to support Roerich Blumkin opened little artist. This is shown by the following entry in his diary: "It appears that our Lama said in Russian. He even knows many of our friends. Lama tells different meaningful things. Many of the news we already know, but it is instructive to hear how different countries and one refracted the same circumstance. Different countries as if under glass in various colors. again struck by the power and elusiveness organization lamas.

The whole of Asia is back, riddled with this itinerant organization. "Interestingly, Roerich learn that Lama versed in the intricacies of the political situation in Russia, and asked his advice. Roerich wanted to return home, but he was afraid of persecution, and later, on the advice of Blumkin, the artist will issue official documents as the special representative of the sorcerers — Mahatma, who allegedly overwhelmingly approve of the Bolsheviks, and give consent to the transfer of knowledge of the mysterious Soviet government. So Blumkin Roerich will return to Moscow. Blumkin with the expedition traversed the entire Western China. They visited more than a hundred Tibetan temples and monasteries have collected a huge number of ancient tales and legends; thirty-five overcome the mountain passes, the greatest of which, Dangla, was considered impregnable and collect a priceless collection of minerals and herbs. For their study in 1927, a special institute. But to reach the mysterious Shambhala Jacob country failed. Either it does not exist at all, whether on the map was marked incomplete information, or frightened, like many of his predecessors. At least, I did not find any documents and evidence on the presence of James G. in Shambhala. Back to Moscow in July 1926 Blumkin finds Barchenko. learning that scientists visited the Altai, where he studied the local witches, Blumkin threw at him irritated vain search for Shambhala.

They quarreled. The "unified labor brotherhood" learned about the intrigues Blumkin, but somehow failed to take revenge — Jacob rushed to Palestine. Began the operation associated with the organization of Soviet agents in the Middle East under the guise of trade in ancient Hebrew manuscripts. Epilogue From 1937 to 1941 he was arrested and executed all the members of the secret society "Single, labor fraternity." Gleb Boky died. He was summoned home affairs, Nikolai Yezhov and demanded dirt on some members of the Central Committee and senior officials. Boki refused. Yezhov then went to Trump: "It is the order of Comrade Stalin."

Boki shrugged: "What I Stalin? Lenin me to this place with". In his office Gleb Boky not returned. Then shot a member of the Central Committee of Moskvina and Deputy People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs Stomonyakova. Turn came to Barchenko. Killed everyone who was somehow connected to the mysterious land of Shambhala. Still, the first shot Yakov Blumkin. A Soviet Russia once again — in the mid-fifties — sent an expedition of scientists and security officers to Shambhala. They walked the route Blumkin, marveling accurate topographic data provided by the "Mongolian lama." Has the Shambhala — unknown …

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