On America collapsed storm Lee and hurricane Katia

The U.S. does not subside hurricanes. In place of "Irene" came tropical storm "Lee." Wind speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. In the Gulf of Mexico evacuated workers urgently oil platforms and drilling rigs. Storm warning announced in the coastal states — Texas, Alabama, Louisiana. In addition, the East Coast is approaching yet another hurricane — "Kate."
The U.S. has not had time to recover from the hurricane "Irene" as the elements struck again. A powerful tropical storm "Lee" takes over. For a few hours, he left without electricity for more than 35 thousand people. Louisiana poured unprecedented rains, streets literally turned into rivers. Wind speed in the region up to 100 kilometers per hour. In New Orleans, which a few years ago, almost to the ground was destroyed by Hurricane "Katrina", the dam fail. City flooded mudslides.
"This is a real disaster. We have no protection, no dams. We go through this every year. But" if "- it's not just storm" — a local resident complains Elton Mezern.
Storms in this region are not uncommon, but, as the locals say, year after year nothing changes. The authorities are in no hurry to take action and ensure public safety.
Elton Mezern: "Every year it gets worse. Underwater is more and more land. No one to protect us."
Shortly before the storm "Lee" in the U.S. Hurricane "Irene." Rescuers had to evacuate the residents of New York. In the emergency of the East Coast states spent a few days. The hurricane killed more than 40 people. In Virginia and North Carolina, tens of thousands of Americans lost their homes. The country is still counting losses from destructive element. Hardest hit state of New Jersey. U.S. President Barack Obama has decided to personally assess the damage.
"I speak not only to the people of New Jersey, but also to all who have suffered from the hurricane. Country with you, We will do our best to help you. We will focus all resources on the recovery of your houses" — Obama has promised.
But the verse is in no hurry to leave the United States. Americans are preparing for a meeting with another hurricane with a gentle name of "Kate." He was awarded the second category, but meteorologists forecast a few hours the wind can increase to 180 kilometers per hour. That is the third degree of danger. The hurricane is gaining strength by the minute, and now can claim to be the most powerful of the season.


On the coast of Louisiana on Sunday morning came the epicenter of tropical storm "Lee", which threatens New Orleans. In the area of the city has already received more than 30 inches of precipitation, several thousand people were evacuated and tens of thousands were left without electricity.

It is reported that in the part of the city began flooding: a system of dams, created and reinforced after the tragedy six years ago, is not as good as expected.

"Li" is already affected Louisiana, Mississippi, and New Jersey and continues to move inland.

U.S. President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has promised all necessary assistance from the federal budget to areas affected by the hurricane "Irene". The damage to the initial estimates, amounted to about $ 10 billion, according to euronews.net

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