On the NATO transit through Ulyanovsk

On the NATO transit through UlyanovskAccording to unverified reports "Odnako.org" spread rumors in the near future topic of NATO cargo transit through Ulyanovsk airport, perhaps soon to be closed. The fact is that, as stated "However", Islamabad has already prepared the decision to resume Nato transit across its countryside. The basis for such solutions as were the tips of a special commission.

According to an unnamed source in the presidential administration of Pakistan, loads for NATO in Afghanistan are transported through the Pakistani countryside, since the end of March.

It is common knowledge that at the end of 2011 Pakistan closed its terrain for NATO cargo transportation. The premise was a closing firing Yankees roadblock that led to the death on May 20 Pakistani soldiers. Recall that the area of the republic passed to seventy percent of the logistics group of the alliance in Afghanistan. Termination of cooperation with Pakistan has forced the United States to find new supply routes.

The South American administration has repeatedly stated its desire to re-engage with Pakistan, but Islamabad strongly lusted to make concessions, despite the worsening economic situation. But at the moment when the United States stood before question on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and there was discussion of Russian transit route, Pakistan suddenly softened.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, as reported by "However," said that question to resume transit of NATO cargoes undergo review at the not to distant parliamentary session.

Perhaps it is no coincidence in the last week, two U.S. General made identical statements urgent need to resume cooperation with Pakistan — in terms of cargo transit of NATO.

Interestingly, in the old days with a warning about making "false" solutions to the address on the Pakistani government made public and Ayman al-Zawahiri, a favorite of "Al Qaeda." Not so long ago, the network has been placed with a ten-minute clip appeal favorite of terrorists to the people of Pakistan with a call to join the "Arab Spring." Zawahiri testified against the Pakistanis, because they suffer "corrupt government" and not in a hurry to join the "liberation movement" in the Arab world.

Experts believe that the video was shot in February 2012 "However," writes that the promotion video the other day sitting of the Parliament of Pakistan leads to some reflection.

So, you can imagine that, when Pakistan dare to renewal NATO cargo transit of NATO, question transit through the airport in Ulyanovsk disappear. Pakistani route will, of course, cost more profitable for NATO and will contain far less bureaucratic and political risks than the Russian project.

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