On the question of putting Syria. Losers Americans built a Russian media

On the question of "putting Syria."  Losers Americans have dissolved the Russian mediaWrite a little not on its own forces fascinating topic observation: the information war on the Syrian issue suddenly Americans With years of success in our field.

So, the debate about what we are "renting" Syria began after the Conference Syria in Geneva. The conference was preceded by a telephone call our Minister of Foreign Affairs with Hillary Clinton. The results of a call Sergei Lavrov said that the South American side finally heard our position and even willing to make concessions.

Indeed, at a meeting in Geneva of the Russian Federation was able to make substantial amendments to the final declaration. In 1-x, has been excluded from the text of the resignation of Bashar al-Assad. In-2, dropped a call for the UN Security Council about any measures or sanctions on the Syrian government. B-3, the procedure of the ceasefire (truce) no longer provides for the withdrawal of Syrian troops from populated Fri By the way, the possibility of leaving the government forces on their own position was likely to result solely of observers who noted the immediate occupation troops left the cities militants.

Well, the fourth paragraph, adopted on the initiative of, anticipates the open access of journalists to what is happening in the country. This point is addressed quickly Bashar Assad, because of the position of which access was closed to journalists early stages of the conflict.

The result was an actual loss in the information war in which our Minister of Foreign Affairs had to personally focus media attention on the individual case with the British journalist whose militants have tried to substitute the bullets.

If access was initially extensive, we would not have had virtually single-handedly convince the world society (in fact without proof) that the militants far from angels and not "fighters against the bloody regime," and most of the crimes imputed to Assad, in fact the work of the armed the opposition. Of course, the flow of heresy would be the case (and it is so in fact there is no alternative in the Western media), and the true breakthrough disk imaging would not single. In fact, this error Assad Lavrov pointed right in saying that it greatly complicated our ability to protect Syria.

Another victory for Bashar al-Assad was shot down a Turkish plane. From the outset it was clear that the Americans and the European members of NATO would do in a military operation only a supporting function. European financial situation and future elections in the United States do not allow the backbone of NATO fully participate in risky military operation. The Syrian armed forces combat ready and equipped significantly better Libya, and the possibility of serious harm is very unnecessary for domestic political reasons — is much higher. So how exactly Turkey has ambitions to strengthen its position in the Middle East, and she was assigned the role of the military force.

But the plane was shot down, despite some damage done by means of air defense fighters and combat aircraft on the flight to Jordan, the Syrian Air Force colonel (together with the aircraft flew from Syria identification system "friend or foe", in much the same at the time managed to get the Libyan equipment identification) . In addition to this misfortune convened on the initiative of Turkey's NATO meeting, the Europeans and the Americans gave the Turks realize that wage war for them they are not ready — a reason, of course, is quite good, but fasten them to the military operation should not — act and will have to bear the loss.

This discovery is very upset Turkey, which so rightly considers itself the stepchild of the North Atlantic Alliance and the European Union. They are used when necessary, under any circumstances, without taking on the position of equals. As a result, the possibility of direct military intervention by NATO is actually reduced to zero, despite the resounding statements and waved their fists on the Turkish side.

Thus, we can confidently state that for the near future position Bashar al-Assad has strengthened.

So where did the rumor about the surrender of Moscow Syrian partner?

Very simple — from America.

U.S. Secretary of State, by making concessions of, immediately led to the coming of the virtual platform, stating that: 1) Assad will still have to go, 2) Moscow is ready to push for President Syria, 3) Russian made to realize that they are not in the strategic intrigued, that Assad remained in power. About how! And it can not be said that lied. 1st place — from the area we want. 2nd place — in fact true, because we have long argued with Syrian President assist our efforts in information warfare, and even push to admit observers. 3rd place — our original position, because we are trying to convince the world that the rebels are not "beacon of democracy" and instead of using one of the parties must be given by the Syrians to sort out internal dilemmas — does not matter who eventually overcome (we all know what it would take without opposition external assistance, it is only international tradesman sure that Assad is at war with all his people.)

And it turns out that, having passed some positions, the Americans could not even win in the information field. Turning the outcome of the Geneva conference in his favor virtually they have proved the worth of any documents signed by them.

It would seem that even declares that it wants — a person, too, need to keep, and the work is more important applications. But now, the Russian media began to repeat it for Clinton passages, making the findings of rumors that the world somehow informally agreed. And although the "gesture" Yankees, they say, let the Assad receives political asylum in Russia — just let them go away instantly refuted by Russia, as such, option really would mean surrender Syria Yankees — but, as they say, "osadochek left." And now the rumors at the level of speculation inverted reality of the situation on its head. A vsesuschie "unnamed sources" in the Kremlin when they say that Assad has lost time and we do not specifically hold onto him sound like a virtual proof of the victory of American politics. Why would all of a sudden? After all, impartially, the intervention was the least possible, giving the Syrian regime additional time to fracture of the situation.

Naturally, the informal support militants continue. West and Turkey will continue its efforts to overthrow the legitimate government by illegal means. But they will be effective without air support? After all, we should not forget that Iran will do everything possible to Syrian regime did not fall, right up to the same illegal sending of volunteers. Of course, Assad will avoid direct military aid to Iran as long as able — not so long ago he was in the role of the actual owner of Lebanon, thinks that in this case will not be sole ruler Syria. But if the output will not probably go for it.

In conclusion, I wish to note that the cargo ship "Alait" with defensive weapons and spices to its maintenance continues to move to the Syrian coast.

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