On the question of the beginning of the global expansion of China

On the question of the beginning of the global expansion of China

One of the more noticeable the global trends of recent years has been the transformation of China, its transformation in a matter of decades or even years in the center of the most powerful forces to be reckoned with around the world, and the final is enshrined in the country's superpower status.

Chinese economic magic, which became possible thanks to the continuous growth of China's economy, making it capable of implementing the global geopolitical expansion. At the peak of the global crisis whole world with amazement and enthusiastically watched the easy and painless as China went through the test. And it could not cause the rest of the world some concern, reinforced by the fact that China has a volume of cash reserves, fully sufficient to buy up a large part of the western unhealthy economy.

First began to fuss, of course, Americans. Statements made in the near future leaders of the United States, they say that they do not want to lose their own position in the Asia-Pacific region, and they say the classic priority in the Asia-Pacific region outside of its own policy. And it's not just words. The U.S. has already deployed with neighbors China diplomatically active work. Against this background, a special interest is the convergence of frisky U.S. and Vietnam, former sworn enemies, the resumption of U.S. relations with Myanmar, formerly regarded as a pariah Yankees.

The main question to try to answer that right now in the world, is what should be expected from China due to its rapid economic development and rich military gain. Will the China large-scale regional or even of global expansion? The assurances of the Chinese themselves, a similar strategy it is not typical either culturally or historically, and China will not expansionist power Euro type. But some experts led countless arguments impressive evidence of working.

In 1-x, the probable beginning of the global expansion of China may witness unprecedented build-up of its military capabilities. Despite the fact that the defense budget China is only 1/6 part of South America, the gap between them is shrinking fast. In the last year, it decreased by 13%. The People's Liberation Army China — The largest in the world in number: it has 2.3 million people, and when you consider the fact that China — the first country in the world in terms of population, the Chinese mobilization capacity of nearly 300 million people is limited. (!) In the presence of a large land army, China has seriously started to create a modern navy. Chinese Navy is confident is one of the first places in the world for so many important positions, also quantitatively.

Despite all this, is that the Chinese armed forces are able to withstand an equal of the U.S. Army, is premature. Chinese war machine considerably loses U.S. first for the quality of weapons. The most basic behind China, which could have a material adverse effect on the present membership in the club of superpowers, it is lagging behind in the development of nuclear weapons. By some estimates, China, for all its economic success of recent years have izderzhat than a decade on it, so to catch up on the nuclear potential of the United States and Russia. It seems that the Chinese administration is well aware, as the company focuses on asymmetric counterweight. China moving towards the creation of the so-called "cyber army", whose task is to carry out cyber attacks on enemy communications networks for the purpose of disabling nodes arms control and military operations. It is clear that the specialists from the Middle Kingdom already have gained in this respect of certain of success: according to some reports, in 2003 the Chinese military hackers broke into the company's resources Lockheed Martin, NASA and other major U.S. defense structures. It is believed that the cyber attack is permitted China to reveal the secrets of the principal associated with the creation of the fighter-bomber, the fifth-generation F-35. In 2007, the electric-mail was hacked U.S. Department of Defense, the network also damaged the Pentagon, the State Department and a number of American Ministries.

So, no matter how friendly and usmotritelnym nor was the behavior of Beijing, and no matter how sincere reasons may seem Sinologists the classic Chinese love of peace and the aversion of the people to anger, these small but very soft-spoken facts allow us to talk about the fact that the active intervention China in the global confrontation is not just there has been, and is in full swing, and at the most advanced level of technology.

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