On the trail of the gods

Where did the gods? Scientists suspect that our planet has a twin-twin, the so-called planet Earth orbit Gloriya.Na directly behind the Sun is a point, which is called libration, — Explains astronomer.

This is the only place where you can be Gloria. As the planet rotates at the same speed as the Earth, it is almost always hidden behind the Sun. And you can not even see it from the moon. To fix it, you need to fly 15 times Read More indirect evidence of the existence of Gloria and older sources. For example, a wall drawing in the tomb of the pharaoh Ramses VI. He wore a golden figure of a man, apparently to symbolize the sun. On either side of him, the same planet. They dashed orbit passes through the third chakra. But the third planet from the sun — it's the Earth!

Let's go to Egypt, to the Valley of the Kings. Our way into the burial of Ramses VI, 20 dynasty of the New Kingdom. We get down and walk inside to the upper level J, the right wall, to its central part. Here, we are interested in drawing (ill. 3)

A fragment of the "Book of the Earth", Part A, Scene 7 from the burial of Ramses VI in the Valley of the Kings.
This is a part "Book of the Earth", Part A, Scene 7. This image has several layers of information, but we do focus on the essentials.

The figure in the center of the composition is covered with yellow paint. With the phallus on his head a little human figures dripping semen. What is your association? So it was with Egyptologists.

All the picture here brilliantly illustrated by the following specific language:

The figure in the center — the Sun, the reason why the body color — golden yellow. Phallus and sperm are — giving life! See — through the center of the figure is a curved line — it's orbit. It passes through the third chakra (solar plexus), which points directly to the serial number of the orbit. On said two planets orbit, one in front of the figure, the other behind.

The song just shows that the orbit of the Earth (the Earth rotates on the third orbit) around the Sun move two planets: Earth and even some planet. Sun looks at the earth, the size (weight) is less than that of the planet, located behind the back. The mysterious planet is diametrically opposed to us, the sun, so we can not see it! Obviously, the Egyptians tried to perpetuate the information from Nefer, so she continued not only on the walls of tombs of the Valley of the kings, but in the cosmogony neopifagoreytsa Philolaus, claiming that the Earth's orbit of the sun, which he called Hestna (center fire), is similar to Earth body — Antizemlya.

Here are some interesting facts, recorded by astronomers:

Early morning January 25, 1672 Director of the Paris Observatory, Giovanni Domenico Cassini (Giovanni Domenico Cassini), discovered near the crescent of Venus unknown body, which had a shadow that makes it clear that the body was a large planet, not a star. Crescent was at that time, and Venus, so first, Cassini suggest that he discovered it was her companion. Body sizes were very large. He estimated the diameter of a quarter of Venus. 14 years later, on August 18, 1686 Cassini saw this planet again, as a note in his diary.

October 23, 1740, shortly before sunrise, said a member of the mysterious planet of the Royal Society and an amateur astronomer James Short (James Short). Directing the reflecting telescope to Venus, he saw very close to her little "star." Aiming at it the other telescope at 50-60 times a picture is enlarged and fitted with a micrometer, he determined to remove it from Venus, was about 10,2 °. Venus was observed very clearly. The air was very clean, so Short looked at the "star" at a magnification of 240 times and, to the great surprise, found that it is in the same phase as Venus. This means that the mysterious planet Venus and lit our sun, and the shadow in the shape of a sickle was the same as on the visible disk of Venus. The apparent diameter of the planet was about one third the diameter of Venus. Its light was not as bright or clear, but with a very sharp and clear outlines, in view of the fact that it was much farther from the Sun Venus. The line passing through the center of Venus and the planet Venus formed the equator angle of about 18-20 °. Short observed the planet for an hour, but the glow of the sun rising and he lost it at about 8.15 am.

The following observation was made May 20, 1759 astronomer Andreas Mayer (Andreas Mayer) from Greifswald (Germany).

The unprecedented failure solar "dynamo" that occurred at the end of XVII — beginning of XVIII century (also in evidence in the Maunder minimum, when over fifty years of sunspots almost was not), was the cause of orbital instability Antizemli. 1761 was the year of the most common of its observations. Consecutive days: 10, 11 and 12 February reports of observations of the planet (satellite of Venus) came from Joseph Louis Lagrange (JLLagrange) from Marseille, later to become the director of the Berlin Academy of Sciences.

3, 4, 7 and 11 March, it was observed, a member of the partnership Limoges Jacques Montaigne (Montaigne).

A month later — 15, 28 and 29 March Monbarro from Auxerre (France) also saw in his telescope celestial body that is considered "satellite of Venus." Eight observations of the body in June, July and August was Redner from Copenhagen.

In 1764 a mysterious planet watched — Rodkier (Roedkier). January 3, 1768 it was observed Horrebou Christian (Christian Horrebow) from Copenhagen. The latest observation was made August 13, 1892. American astronomer Edward Emerson Barnard (Eduard Emerson Barnard) observed near Venus (where there were no stars, which could be linked up) unknown object seventh magnitude. Then the sun went behind the planet. According to various estimates, the size of the planet observed ranged from a quarter to a third of the size of Venus.

If there was a replica of the reader puzzled about the achievements of modern astronomy and space ships, plowing vast solar system, immediately put everything in its place.

A very important fact, which remains out of view lay in the fact that flying in space devices do not "look around." In order to clarify and direct orbit correction "electronic eye" space stations directed at a specific space objects that are used for the purposes of orientation, for example, the star Canopus.

The distance from Earth to the Antizemli so large, given the size of the sun and the effects it creates, in the vast expanses of space can zasolnechnogo "lost" quite a large space body, while remaining invisible for a long time. To verify this we consider a good example (ill. 4).

Il. 4 The Earth — The Sun — Antizemlya.
Invisible portion of the Earth's orbit of the sun is 600 Earth diameters.

The average distance from the Earth to the Sun — 149,600,000 kilometers, respectively distance from the Sun to Antizemli the same as it is on the Earth's orbit of the sun. The equatorial diameter of the sun is 1,392,000 km, or 109 Earth diameters. The equatorial diameter of the earth is equal to — 12 756 km. If you add up the distance from the Earth to the Sun and the Sun to Antizemli, given the diameter of the sun, the total distance from the Earth to Antizemli is: 300 592 000 km. Dividing this distance by the diameter of the Earth, we 23564.75.

Now simulate the situation by introducing the Earth as an object with a diameter of 1 meter (ie a scale of 1 to 12,756,000), and see — how it will look Antizemlya compared to Earth in the photo. We take two 1-meter globe. If the first globe of the Earth is located directly in front of the camera lens, and the other Antizemli attributed to the background, keeping the scale, corresponding to our calculations, the distance between the two globes will be 23 kilometers of 564.75 meters. Obviously, with such a distance Globe Antizemli on the resulting frame is so small that it just invisible. The resolution of the camera and the frame size will be sufficient to the film or print globe can see both at the same time, especially if in the middle of the distance between the globes to place a powerful source of light that simulates the sun measuring 109 meters in diameter! Therefore, considering the distance, the size and luminosity of the sun, and the fact that science is directed generally look the other way, it is no wonder why Antizemlya and unnoticed.

Invisible portion of the space for the Sun, given the solar corona, is ten times the diameter of the Moon's orbit, 600 the diameter of the Earth. Consequently, the place where can feel the mysterious planet, more than enough. American astronauts landed on the moon, could not see the planet, for that they would have to fly every 10 to 15 next.

Once and for all to make sure that we are not alone in the universe, and the "brothers of the mind" are very close, but not where they are looking, astronomers should be photographing the corresponding section of the Earth's orbit. Space Telescope «SOHO», constantly taking pictures of the sun, is close to the Earth, so in principle, can not see the planets, the Sun (ill. 5), if she once again will not change the situation as a result of large scale solar magnetic storms, as happened at the end of the beginning of the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Il. 5. SOHO telescope position relative to the sun and Antizemli

To clarify the situation could have a series of images from Stations on okolomarsianskoy orbit, but the angle and the increase should be sufficient, otherwise the opening will be delayed again. Antizemli secret hides not only the abyss of space, blindness and indifference of science to that store historical monuments, but also someone's unseen forces.

In connection with all these facts it can be assumed that the disappearance of the Soviet automatic station "Phobos-1" is likely to be associated with the fact that it could be delayed a "witness." Starting July 7, 1988 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the direction of Mars, and, going into orbit, according to the program of the station began to take pictures of the sun. On the land was transferred to 140 X-ray images of our light, and if the "Phobos-1" continued to shoot further, it would have a picture, followed by the landmark discovery. But at the opening of 1988 should not have happened, so all the world's news agencies reported a loss of communication with the station "Phobos-1."

Il. 6. The planet Mars and its moon — Phobos.

Bottom right photo cigar-shaped object near the Martian satellite Phobos, made from the station "Phobos-2". The size of the satellite 28h20h18 km from which it can be judged that the object was photographed by a huge amount.

The fate of "Phobos-2", which started July 12, 1988, was similar, although he managed to reach the area of Mars, probably because he did not make pictures of the Sun. However, on March 25, 1989, during the approach to a satellite of Mars Phobos, communications with the spacecraft was lost. Last image transmitted to Earth, captured a strange cigar-shaped object (ill. 6), which, obviously, and rejected the "Phobos-2". This list is not all the "strange" going on in our solar system that official science prefers to gloss over. Judge for yourself. Says astrophysicist Cyril P. Butusov.

"The presence of the Sun and planets of reasonable behavior of certain powers in connection with the said unusual comet, which has collected a lot of data. This comet, which sometimes fly over the sun, but do not fly back, as if it's a spaceship. Or another interesting example — Roland Arena Comet of 1956, which was seen in the radio. Its radiation was astronomy. When a comet Roland Arena appeared from behind the Sun, in its tail transmitter worked on a wave of about 30 meters. Then, at the tail of a comet on a wave transmitter earned two feet, separated from the comet and went back for the Sun. Another incredible fact at all — it is a comet that flew as if with inspection, turns circling planets of the solar system. "

All this is more than curious, but let's not get distracted from the main and back into the past.

Appears because of the light crescent body is precisely the 12 planets, which is not enough for a harmonious and stable picture of the structure of the solar system that is consistent, in particular, and to the ancient texts. By the way, the Sumerians claimed that it was the twelfth planet in our solar system, the Earth down "Gods of Heaven and Earth."

It should be emphasized that the location of the planet is the Sun puts it in an area favorable for life, unlike the planet Marduk (as Sitchin), the period of which — 3600 years and whose orbit is going far beyond the "zone of life" and the solar system makes life on this planet possible.

Agree, this turn of puzzling — but gradually begins to fall into place. Therefore, the first conclusion from the above, we put in a prominent place that the "source" of the ancient knowledge had seemed alien origin! 5 This makes radically revise our attitude to the surviving monuments of antiquity, containing probably invaluable information about the surrounding the world, man, the real history of the Earth and our amazing ancestors.

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