One nuclear war on Earth has already been


There is compelling evidence that a nuclear war on Earth had once been. It was a war for supremacy on the planet unleashed Antes against other Slavic-Aryan, which drove the development of humanity back …

A large number of geological, paleontological and archaeological evidence indicates that about 13,000 years ago on the planet something terrible had happened that destroyed not only many members of the animal world, but existed at the time of development of civilization, and almost led to the death of humanity.

The fact that the destruction of Atlantis, Plato attributed to the same time is obviously not a coincidence … Around the same period, and include many famous flood. There are about 200 species of animals dying at this time. Then, when a mass extinction of animals such as mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, woolly rhinoceroses, etc., there is evidence of different geological cataclysms — the strongest earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, giant tidal waves, the rapid melting of glaciers and, consequently, raise the level of Oceans.

By this time the findings are a huge number of quick-frozen carcasses in Canada, Alaska and the west in eastern Siberia. This suggests that something terrible had happened to the planet, while the northern hemisphere has suffered more than the South appears.

In the 40-ies of the last century, American archaeologist Frank Hibben (Frank Hibben) led a scientific expedition to Alaska to look for fossils of man. He did not find them, but found in the permafrost of vast spaces, filled with the corpses of mammoths, mastodons, bison, horses, wolves, bears and lions. Many of the dead animals were literally blown to pieces. And these fields with the remains of the permafrost animals were distributed to hundreds of kilometers around the … There were trees, animals, layers of peat and moss, mixed together, as if some giant cosmic blender sucked all of them 13,000 years ago, and then instantly froze, turning it into a solid mass.

To the north of Siberia entire islands are formed from the bones of animals made from the continent into the Arctic Ocean. By some estimates, 10 million animals may be buried along the rivers of northern Siberia. This suggests that a huge tsunami swept through the land, mixing plants and animals, which are then quickly frozen.

But the extinction of animals was not limited to the Arctic. Huge piles of mixed bones of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers are found in Florida. Mastodons and other animals have been found quickly frozen in mountain glaciers and Venezuela.

This was a global event. Mammoths and bison of Siberia have disappeared along with the giant rhinoceros in Europe, mastodons of Alaska and the American camels. It is quite obvious that the cause of all this was the total extinction, and it did not happen gradually.

What could cause such a global cataclysm?

The theory of "glacial floods" offered Graham Hancock (Graham Hankock) … What could cause such a catastrophically rapid melting of glaciers? According to the American scientist Richard Firestone (Richard Firestone) and William Topping (William Topping), the entire area of the Great Lakes of North America has become a place of "nuclear accident" that occurred about 12,500 years ago.

Paul Laviolet (Dr. Paul LaViolette) in his book "Earth Under Fire» («Earth Under Fire») states that he has found evidence of a different sort of cataclysm caused by the flow of high-energy particles, the approaching Earth in an explosion at the core of our galaxy. This is — another attempt to explain the cause of the "nuclear catastrophe" in North America.

There are also suggestions that the collision of Earth with a sufficiently large celestial body (called the figure — at least 50 meters) under the "critical angle", can also lead to a catastrophic rapid shift of the crust.

The fall of the old Moon to the Earth has shifted its axis. Otto Mack in his book "The Secret of Atlantis» (Muck, Otto, The Secret of Atlantis) writes about the many mysterious bays in the states of North and South Carolina in the United States, which, in his opinion, are the remnants of meteorite craters. They are oval in shape and are oriented in one direction. Some researchers believe that these craters are the result of a "meteor shower" that occurred about 13,000 years ago. It affects the amount of such craters — more than 500,000, located on the coastal plain from Georgia to Delaware.

But could even a massive "fire" of the Earth to cause global catastrophe with a kilometer tsunami, etc.? Of course, if it was in fact a consequence of the collapse of the satellite, even and not too large in comparison with the current moon, you probably came across the wreckage and bigger …

Argentina is located in the north area of the Campo del Cielo (translated — "heavenly field"). This title is taken from an ancient Indian legend, which tells the story of the fall from the sky in this place mysterious metal lumps. Pieces of iron, according to the old Spanish chronicles, found here in the XVI century. The conquistadors used them for making swords and spears. Particularly fortunate certain Ehrmann de Miraval, who in 1576 in a fairly remote area, among the marshy lowlands, came across a huge chunk of pure iron. The enterprising Spaniard dropped in a few times to her and beat her to pieces for different needs. In 1783, the prefect of a province of the Don Rubin de Celis organized an expedition to this lump, and finding it after a long search, estimated its weight at about 15 tonnes. A detailed description of the object is not preserved, and since then has not been seen, although attempts were made to find a block of more than once.

In 1803, in the vicinity of the Campo del Cielo meteorite found weighing about a ton. The largest fragment (635 kg) in 1813, was taken to Buenos Aires. Later it was bought by an Englishman, Sir Woodbine Derish and presented to the British Museum. This lump of cosmic iron still rests on a pedestal in front of the museum. Part of its surface specially polished to show the structure of the metal with the so-called "figures Vidmanshtettena" talking about the extraterrestrial origin of the object.

In the Campo del Cielo and the surrounding area are still finding pieces of iron weighing from a few pounds to many tons. The largest weighed 33.4 tons. It was found in 1980 near the village of Gancedo. American explorer Robert Haag meteorites tried to buy it and take out the U.S., but it resisted the Argentine authorities. To date, this meteorite is the second largest among all detected on Earth — after the so-called Hoba meteorite, weighing about 60 tons.

An unusually large number of meteorites found on a relatively small area, says that once poured into this place "meteor rain". The proof of this than of finds themselves iron objects, a large number of craters in the Campo del Celo. The largest crater is the Laguna Negra diameter of 115 meters and a depth of 5 meters.

In Australia in 1937, 300 kilometers from the town of Hanbury, in the ancient crater with a diameter of 175 meters and a depth of about 8 meters found an iron meteorite weighing 82 kilograms and a few fragments of lower weight. In 1969 he conducted a study of the composition and found that all these fragments are almost identical iron meteorites from Campo del Cielo. Craters near Hanbury known since the 20's of the last century. Several dozen, the largest of them is 200 meters, but most are comparatively small — from 9 to 18 meters. During the excavations carried out here since the 30's, in the craters have been found more than 800 fragments of meteoric iron, among them — the four parts of a single piece of a total weight of about 200 pounds.

The fact that the Earth had a moon 13600 2 years ago, and after one was destroyed, and the shards fell to the ground in the form of a meteor shower, also said the ancient artifacts and legends of the peoples of the world. For example, in the Sumerian clay tablets describe the goddess Innana, crossed the sky and emit a frightening glow. An echo of the same events is, apparently, the ancient Greek myth of Phaeton. About luminous celestial body mentioned Babylonian, Egyptian, Norse sources, the myths of the peoples of Oceania. English ethnologist George Frazer notes that of the 130 Indian tribes of Central and South America, there is no one in the myths that would not have affected the topic.

"In all this there is nothing surprising — writes the American astronomer M. papper — because metallic meteorites are very visible in flight. Reflecting sunlight, they shine much brighter stony meteorites, but that the big car made of pure iron, its luminosity in the night sky had on its brightness exceed the luminosity of the moon … ".

The car could really cause Deluge. The largest pieces, according to experts, have fallen into the Pacific Ocean, triggering a wave of unprecedented proportions that could get around the Earth. In the legends of the Amazon Indians told that the star fell from the sky, there was a terrible roar and rumble, and everything was plunged into darkness, and then fell to the ground downpour that flooded the whole world. "Water has risen to great heights — says one of the Brazilian tradition — and the whole earth was submerged in water. The darkness and rain did not stop. People were running, not knowing where to hide, climbed the tallest trees and the mountains. " Brazilian legend echoes the fifth book of the Maya Code "Chilam Balam": "Stars falling from the sky that crosses the sky a fiery trail, the ground was covered with ashes, rumbled, shook and cracked, shaken by aftershocks. The world was collapsing. "

Traces of antediluvian civilizations?

In different parts of the globe found the remains of buildings that could belong to antediluvian civilizations. One of the surviving remnants of "antediluvian" of civilizations may be, for example, the ruins of Tiahuanaco near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. Some researchers believe that this city flourished between 10 and 15 thousand years ago, that is still quite possible to consider global catastrophe. Also, a number of signs indicating that before he was located at sea level, but not so high in the mountains, as it is now …

Ancient sources of many people living on the land preserved evidence that after the accident, which occurred 13,600 years ago, people were familiar with the technique of flying. Only one of the people described the aircraft, based on their knowledge. It is believed that the mythical first emperor of Japan, Jimmu descended from heaven and came to Nara riding on a reindeer. The sacred deer in Nara are regarded as descendants of that same deer. Now around the temples and parks go deer fed on tourists, and food for them is sold everywhere.

Indian legends and archaeological evidence suggests that almost all the Indian tribes familiar with the aircraft on their own experience (but that's not to say that the Indians themselves had flight technology or know how to manage it.) Layout Inca few years ago, two German aeronautical engineer Algund Eenboom (Algund Eenboom) Belting and Peter (Peter Belting) have created a scaled copy of a very unusual artifact — the model of the aircraft found during archaeological excavations of an ancient city of the Incas.

The initial discovery, which was based Design project Eenbooma and belting, are the small gold ornaments found in the tombs of the Incas. These tiny objects are in the form of aircraft, and on the wings of some of them even have gun turrets. According to the scientist Richard Hoagland (Richard Hoagland), as well as the research team The Enterprise Mission, the event is further evidence that, together with the decline of Inca civilization lost a technologically advanced civilization.

Among other evidence to support the view that the ancients had "uncharacteristic" for their age technologies are small gliders have been found in tombs in Egypt. In the shape of birds, these devices retain some functionality: by the statements of some experts, they are able to overcome quite a long distance. Of course, as in the previous case, it is only the miniature models, but Hoagland insists that these models could be larger originals. In particular, he suggests that the gold figures can not be ornaments and toys, like the modern miniature toy soldiers and tanks.

It is worth noting that the official version, according to which the findings are stylized images of insects, tipped by most archaeologists — too obvious lack of real similarities. At least in the insect fauna of South America with such appearance is certainly not listed. Besides, it's hard not to notice the "technical" elements of the figures, in particular the vertical stabilizer. According Eenbooma, old masters hardly able to give non-functional objects shaped by accident — they definitely knew what they were doing.

But let us return again to the events of 13 thousand years old. Scientists are increasingly coming to the conclusion that many thousands of years ago there was a nuclear war between the ancient inhabitants of the Earth aces and Antes, which has led to an environmental disaster and a change in the conditions of life on our planet.

There is plenty of evidence supporting this hypothesis. On Earth, found many traces of radiation. In animals and humans occur causing mutations tsiklopizm (Cyclops in one eye is over the bridge of the nose). Of the legends of different nations can learn about the existence of the Cyclops, fighting with people. Second, the radiation causes poliplodii — doubling the chromosome that causes gigantism and the doubling of two hearts or two rows of teeth. Scientists are periodically on Earth remains of giant skeletons with a double row of teeth.

The large increase is also attributed to mutations and not by chance. While acknowledging the fact that it used to be a normal phenomenon, scientists will have to answer the question, why now there is no giant, where did they go, and who were they? And here's the answer to this question is not profitable world government because the Giants — it aliens from the planet they are called Urai and Ury (Comprehensive information about NV Levashov given in the article "gloss over the history of Russia-1").

On Earth, found more than a hundred craters diameter of 2-3 kilometers, among which there are two huge: in South America (diameter — 40 km) and South Africa (diameter — 120 km). If they were formed in the Paleozoic era (350 million years ago), then from them for a long time would be nothing left, because the thickness of the upper layer of the Earth increases by about a meter per century.

A funnel is still intact. This suggests that a nuclear attack occurred 25-35 thousand years ago. By taking 100 funnels for 3 km, we find that the war was detonated bombs 5000 Mt. These facts confirm that a nuclear war was. The fire burned for "three days and three nights" (as the story "Code Rio" of the Maya) and resulted in a nuclear rain — where no bombs fell, struck radiation. Another terrible phenomenon caused by radiation — light body burns. They are explained by the fact that the shock wave propagates not only along the ground, but also upwards. Reaching the stratosphere, it is destroying the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet light is known to burn unprotected skin. Nuclear explosions resulted in a significant decrease in pressure and the poisoning of the gas composition of the atmosphere, killing the survivors.

People were trying to escape from death in their underground cities, but showers and earthquakes destroyed the shelter and drive out the back to the surface. Previously, scientists believed that acting in our time "pipe" coming from the caves to the surface of the earth, are of natural origin. In fact, they are made with the help of laser weapons. These "pipes" have the right round shape, which is alien to funnel natural origin (many of them in the caves of the Perm region, including in the vicinity of the city Kungur).

In Antarctica, the high mountains, the American scholar Joseph Skipper discovered a mysterious hole. Where it leads — is unknown. According to legend, in Antarctica, there are warm cavities in which the remains of an extinct alien or advanced civilizations. Other legends claim that Antarctica was once Atlantis.

Of course, it's hard to believe, but then how to explain the input and uncovered ice oasis with antifreeze lakes and fairly mild climate? A team of scientists from Japan, China and the UK enlighten 5-kilometer layer of ice radar. It turned out that in place before the permafrost located mountains and plains with flowering meadows. Under the ice are still hiding frozen plants and trees. That's just to get to them is almost impossible.

Atlantis before the disaster was a huge state, which is why the traces of this country are on different continents. Often mistakenly considered to her artifacts left over from the Slavic-Aryan Empire, of which once used to be and Atlantis. On the right is stated in the records of Plato, in the dialogue with the Egyptian priest.

In Spain, the newly discovered one of the cities of Atlantis

A group of researchers claims that could finally establish the whereabouts of one of the city of Atlanta. He suggested scientists, was buried under a layer of water as a result of the devastating tsunami. Data obtained through the radar, digital mapping and other technical innovations have allowed experts to identify the whole city, hidden away under the swamps of Dona Ana Park — north of the town of Cadiz. Complex of buildings built in the form of concentric rings — in strict accordance with the description of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

The main direction from which repelled the scientists in his research, have become historical records dating back to 360 BC. The Greek philosopher Plato 2.6 thousand years ago, described Atlantis as "an island situated in front of the Pillars of Hercules." According to him, the civilization of Atlantis was destroyed in one day, and the city of Atlantis forever disappeared under the water column. According to these descriptions, a team of archaeologists and geologists focused their attention on the Atlantic and in the Mediterranean — and, in the end, they got lucky. To convince the representatives of the research team, led to the destruction of Atlantis disaster. An important part of the historical puzzle is an increased background of methane over the ancient ruins. Gas release, the researchers reported, suggests that this place overnight killed a great number of people.

In conjunction with the Slavic-Aryan Vedas, all of the above facts are as follows:

1. Between Antlan and the rest of the Slavic-Aryan Empire 13,600 years war took place.

2. Ants use nuclear and geo-climatic weapons.

3. The fighting has destroyed the moon Fatta.

4. Ants lost the war, and the mainland, which was their capital, sank to the bottom of the ocean.

5. On the ground, there was an ecological disaster.

6. Civilization yellow, red and black races were not involved in the fighting since were on a much lower level of evolutionary development than white people.

7. The winning side has saved many in the red race and relocated them to the Americas.

8. After eliminating most of the environmental consequences of nuclear war, representatives of the white race began to actively assist other nations in raising their levels of evolutionary development through transfer of certain knowledge, and learning.

Cyril Gulevsky

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