Only the fighter flew to the village

As told news agencies, day or Friday in Perm crashed double supersonic all-weather fighter-interceptor MiG-31. The pilot and navigator ejected.

On hot pursuit were in charge of the media that the tragedy occurred over the village of Trinity district of the Perm region. But the deputy head of the regional administration, Vladimir Zalazane about what happened vyznat only from a reporter:

— Fighter collapsed? What are you with the voice? Let's call in our Emergency … And, of course, it's the neighbors.

— Far away from you?

-No, only 150 kilometers away. The village Toktamysh Chusovskoi district.

— In the MOE already know — destruction and casualties on the ground there?

— In the village everything worked out, no one was hurt.

— And about the fate of the pilots that they say?

— There is also, apparently, it's okay. At least, the military had already arrived to the place and found a bailout there both parachute. Means, the output may be one — landed safely and without the help of others went for help.

As soon told basically the headquarters of the Air Force, crashed MiG-31 belonged to the 764 th Fighter Aviation Regiment. On the plane, perform training flight A huge airbase Savinovo, at one point breaks down airborne equipment. It happened about 60 kilometers from the airport. From this it is clear that the state of emergency had happened almost immediately after take-off — at the speed at which the fly interceptors, such a distance is overcome in a matter of a minute. The crew reported the incident to the ground. Managing missions ordered pilots falling off the car. They did so.

Almost a couple of minutes to the place of the bailout of the Great Savinovo flew standby rescue helicopter Mi-8. Place the fall of combat vehicles found quickly.

"The pilots are alive, the pilots satisfactory condition. The flight was made without ammunition, "- said the RIA" Novosti "the official dealer of the press service of the Defense Ministry and disk imaging on the Air Force Col. Vladimir Drik, noting that at the initial examination of the crash site from a helicopter of death and destruction on the ground there.

In order to investigate the circumstances of the crash created a commission of representatives of the Defense Ministry and the Head of Staff of the Air Force

It is necessary to see that this is not the first of accidents with the MiG-31 at an air base in today's huge Savinovo year. On January 18, when performing routine training flight on the same machine as that of the other 764 th Regiment refused oxygen equipment. The pilot had to urgently go to the landing. The main headquarters of the Air Force incident was regarded as "serious".

In just the last few years in our air force crashed two such machines — in October 2003 and June 2005. Both in the Tver region. And in both cases, the pilots managed to eject safely.

Prior to today's tragedy in Russia there were 168 fighter-interceptor of this type. Another 100 are on standby. Machine very expensive to operate, because training and combat missions on it are made infrequently. Age crashed the car is not yet known, but one can imagine that the plane was not new. After all, the last MiG-31 was released 16 years ago.

On orders of the airbase huge Savinovo "Free Press" wrote on October 14, in the article "The Islamic insurgency at the air base near Perm."

From the file:

Fighter-interceptor MiG-31 was developed under the management of head designer Gleb Lozino Lozinski-based MiG-25. First flight made in 1975. In the Air Force began to operate in 1980. In all there were about 500 of these combat vehicles.

Until now, one of the most effective means in repelling attack cruise missiles. A group of 4 planes MiG-31 is able to control the air space up to 800-900 km on the front. During the second Chechen war, along with the aircraft radar remote A-50 controlled the air space above the North Caucasus.

Range without missiles — 2480 km.

Range with 4 missiles — 2400 km.

Chronicle of the last state of emergency

This is not the first tragedy of fighters MiG in today's year. At the same time, they all come abroad. So, first of November in Romania crashed combat training MiG-21. Both pilots were killed.

September 23 in Croatia broke two MiG-21. As it turned out, during a test flight planes collided in the air. The pilots were able to leave on time machine falling, but the pieces fell on the field and crippled lady who worked there.

On the same day in Belarus crashed fighter MiG-29. The crew working out vyolnenie aerobatics at low altitudes. Maybe that's why for rescue by launching the pilots did not have the uncompensated moments, and they were killed.

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