Opened in Murmansk is the largest city in the library

Renovated library-branch number 6 on the street Frolov locals hospital town waited for a long time. In recent years it has completely decayed. Rotten, falling through floors, damp on the walls — as in such circumstances to gnaw granite science? Authorities in Murmansk have allocated for the reconstruction of the library almost 15 million rubles. And so, given in the order of family building intelligence center is ready to receive its first visitors.

In the intelligence center has departments for adults and children, a reading room. All new furniture and still smelling of paint wall. The same pattern has recently opened a similar center on the street. Captain Orlikovoy.No Frolov, there is also a conference room for meetings and various studio sessions for crafts. Updated fire alarm system and burglar. A fund intelligence center added to 3000 books, including and 3D.

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