Opposition candidates call: New elections — without Lukashenka!

Today is the penultimate day of campaigning for candidates in the presidential elections in Belarus. Applicants for senior positions continue their campaign trips, pronounced in the meetings of voters, meet with Belarusian journalists and independent media and political statements. The main content of these statements — a call to come on December 19 to October Square to demand new free election without Lukashenko.

Nyaklyayeu his last pre-election trip decided to make a hometown Krevo:

"There are graves of my parents, my grandparents, there is the church where I was baptized and where God will not be soon, I'll be convinced. It's all in a blood Krevo. So I'm going there. "

Nyaklyayeu says that now there is no reason to accept the results of this election and calls on compatriots on December 19 to protest on October Square in Minsk. During yesterday's rally in Minsk Nyaklyayeu performed with the slogan: "New elections — without Lukashenka!"

"It was not my idea, it follows from the logic of events. No one can recognize what is happening now, as people are being driven to the same previous elections, despite the fact that they do not have equal rights of applicants. "

No one can recognize what is happening.

Another opposition candidate, Andrei Sannikov, Neklyaeva supported the call:

"Indeed, we need a fair, democratic elections. And they can occur, as shown by the campaign, but without Lukashenko and Yarmoshina. "

Such election will be real, if requested people believe Mr. Sannikov, and the first voice will be lifted up for it in the Square on December 19.

The presidential candidate of the UCP Yaroslav Romanchuk Today at a press conference, made a similar statement. According to him, now the society is devoid of free elections in Belarus, only the scenery changed, but the essence of false Belarusian elections has remained the same:

"I believe that the way out of the situation — is joint parliamentary and presidential elections in the spring, when a consensus is reached and the realization that the country is in a political impasse."

By Romanchuk, who referred to the results of a survey of effective communication agency "Insight" for Lukashenko ready to vote 39% of the voters, the same — for Romanchuk, Sannikov and Neklyaeva combined. Thus, in the first round can not be the winner. The balance of power in the country during the campaign has changed, but you have to make it through the legalization of free elections without irregularities and fraud, said Romanchuk.

It is possible that the power is blow on the 20th.

The candidate of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski believes that to achieve free elections — this is only a minimum objective:

"I would be premature to place the other candidates do not underestimate the power of the Belarusian people. It is possible that the power is blow on the 20th. But what about the problem, at least I absolutely agree that we will have to demand new free elections. "

Statkevich strongly supports the call colleagues. And to achieve this, first of all Belarusians need to come to the area, he says:

"I do not like to make predictions, but to me it is obvious that this area is unique in the number of Belarusians who take to the streets at the same time not by the order. People will much more than in 2006. And we can do something, and do not stand up and listen to the song. If people come, we will do, and those who would get in the way — do not let it. "



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