OSCE Mission waiting for a response of the authorities regarding detainees and December 19 events

OSCE observation mission concluded that it can not give a positive assessment of the presidential elections in Belarus. OSCE standards were sustained, and the elections were not normal. OSCE Mission noted that Belarus should have a considerable way to go before it can fully meet its OSCE commitments. Although the mission noted some changes for the better. The Mission believes his findings "accurate and correct."

Evening the election was overshadowed by the arrests of almost all of the presidential candidates, as well as hundreds of activists, journalists and civil society representatives. This is stated in the press release of the mission. Although the overall process of voting in the elections was favorably received, but the quality of the process deteriorated considerably during the vote count. Observers noted that the procedure as "bad" or "very bad" almost half of the polling stations. This is not to zvyalo the steps that were made to improve the election.

Tony Lloyd, who led the OSCE short-term observers, said that changes in the Electoral Code of Belarus does not guarantee the elections in accordance with OSCE standards.

"This election failed to give Belarus the new start she deserves. Counting process lacked transparency. I especially look forward to hearing the government for arresting candidates, journalists and human rights defenders. "

Tony Lloyd

Head of long-term mission Geert Ahrens said that he was hoping for a more positive report, but it is impossible because of improper vote counting and the power of government response to the events of December 19. He noted that the mission seriously disappointed with the vote count after the polls closed.

329 short-term observers from 44 OSCE countries submitted more than 4,300 reports of vote counting and vote. Mr. Ahrens said:

"Unfortunately, on the basis of these findings, a positive assessment of the elections is not possible. Our only standards — commitments of the OSCE, and these obligations have not been met within this election. I hope that the cooperation between Belarus and the OSCE ODIHR will continue to bring significant benefits in the future. "

Geert Ahrens

At issue is whether the legitimate Alexander Lukashenko for the next term, Mr Lloyd said, giving comment on the electoral process, and only the people of Belarus could tell, he was legitimate.

Especially interested in the fate of the detained journalists during yesterday's action. Geert Ahrens and the head of the OSCE mission in Minsk Haller met on this issue with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov. The OSCE Office would investigate further, because these events — "part bekgraunda this election. " Tony Lloyd said that the authorities did not report on the whereabouts of the detainees. He called on the authorities to explain their conditions and their future. Also, the mission expects a response from the authorities of the action on December 19.

At the press conference was the wife of a prisoner candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva, who explained that the government does not give information on the whereabouts of her husband. She read an appeal to the Attorney General with a request to give a legal assessment of the events.

Olga Neklyaeva

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