Our family tradition

Creating a new family unit and all Slavic Aryan Clans had all historical times is very important, because every family unit — a continuation of life and the existence of the ancient clans of the Great Race, and all descendent of heaven.

Keep your family union, blessed by gods, in the timehappy and sad at the time, and may help you

Gods of Light, and will multiply your generations old.

More children will be in your Rodach, the more love,
Joy and happiness will remain in your Rodach, for your children
strengthen your generations and lead them to greatness and prosperity.

Commandments Lada Virgin

Age for entry of young people from various Slavic and Aryan birth in the Holy Family Union in antiquity for many centuries, and even millennia, remained unchanged.

The bride, getting into the family unit must be at least Circle years, ie 16 years. For a young man, married life could be possible only after they reach 21 years.
In ancient times in the great expanse of our mighty Slavic-Aryan Power, called Russenia, there neskolko of a family unit, for example: Selensky, Vesevoy, Triple, World, clan, tribal, Priestly, the Great and others

Triple family union called on the establishment of long-term contract between the three families of the ancient clans. Under this agreement, kazhdy three ancient clans take brides for their sons from the same race, and gave their daughters to marry the son of another kind. That is, the children receive a first-order brides of the second kind. Sons of the second kind of get a bride of the third kind, and the children of the third kind, in turn, obtained by the bride of the first kind.

Global family union called the treaty establishing the family and friendship between the two ancient warring clans. According to the agreement, between the ancient world Genera provides creation of a family union between the children of the oldest kazhdogo Rod.

Clan-family units called treaty on the complete twinning of two great and ancient clans, ie, creating a clan of two ancient clans. Under this agreement, all of the girls from the first Rod married for young people of the second kind, and at the same time, all the girls of the second kind for the young married people of the first kind. During the consecration of clan family union before Kummirami Gods were couples of all the young people of the two great and ancient birth.

Priestly family union called a family between the young priests and priestesses who were brought up in a hermitage or calotte of orphans.

Tribal family units called treaty on the complete twinning neckolkix great ancient clans, ie creation of the Mighty Rod-Tribe neckolkix of the ancient clans living in a large area.

Great family unit called the agreement on the simultaneous creation neckolkix families with twinning of two ancient clans. According to the agreement, if the ancient family were born five or more daughters, they were married for the young people of the second kind, where there were five or more sons.

After some time the family unit ceased to exist. These days are basically two kinds of creating a family union: Selensky and Vesevoy.

Selenskim family unit is called creating a young family by mutual agreement between the two genera, kotorye reside within a single settlement, the City, Vesey.

Vesevym family unit is called creating a young family between two ancient clans living in different Vesyah.

Having children of the Great Race

Yes, he will not turn from God Daughter liabilities to the Rod
he will not turn from birth children over liabilities to the race.

Commandments Lada Virgin

Since ancient times, spanning many thousands of years, Primal Faith of our wise ancestors was an integral part of everyday life of the Slavonic-Ariysih delivery. Ancient Faith kakoy was something detached from the tribal life of the system, for Faith and Life in the Orthodox Old Believers — the notion nukak are inseparable and one without the other does not exist.

From the istoka Life Births Belikoy Races on Midgard-Earth Rites in the everyday life and everyday life in all kinds of the Great Race, and tribal and community life has always been an integral part of the original ancestor of the Faith. For example, the birth of the Orthodox Old Believers pebenka was done in compliance with certain rites and rituals of the Old Faith.

Care of the future in labor pe6enke Great Race started well before his appearance at the Light of God.

Pregnant women are fully protected and preserved against different hazards kak explicit, tak and Navneet. To this day she belts belt caring and loving husband, night ykpyvalas his coat or cloak, so that "a married force" to guard her child in the womb and during sleep.

During pregnancy, a loving husband always tried to feed his most favorite dishes the best, because for centuries it is believed that those chosen dishes, koi asks a pregnant woman, in fact, asks child in the womb of his father.

WATER generation to generation with her husband

Yes conceive the son of God in the Family Union betrothed wife
and his love-esteem will be her as Goddess homemaker prodolzhitelnitsu Rod and his own.

Commandments Lada Virgin

A married woman of any kind of the Great Race was giving birth to a large pe6enka kypeli made of oak or birch, in the water, because, going from intrauterine aquatic environment in the water of the outside world, the child feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Mothers to give birth to a child was easier, in a well-placed kypel istoplennuyu bath to the Sacred Fire and Bannik could always come to her for help and pe6enky. In the bath, maternity untwist hair, bath set at the corners packpytye chests, but the most important thing in this ancient rite was that a child born took his own father.

This ceremony was in fact the creation of a new final aktom cheloveka — from its conception in love and before birth. The ancient rite kogda Creator God (the Father) received ppekpacny tsvetok created a new life (child), which grew out of his seed in fertile soil (Mother).

Birth, death and kak, the passage through the invisible Frontier separating Worlds Reveal and Navi, so poka pe6enky not 1 year old, he could see tolko Parents and priests of the old faith, and his family takzhe grandparents, for pe6enok to the execution of one was under the protection of a loving Father and a loving mother, and the gods, the protector of the two twin birth, and the Most High God takzhe — Rod Heaven.

When the ancient family of Orthodox Old Believers boy is born, it is first washed in the waters kypeli in which he was born, and then very carefully wipe shirt mother that he was growing and caring, kak, his mother, in a shirt and diaper father to grow up healthy and strong, kak his father. If born devochka, its after kypaniya in kypeli, wiped his father shirt that she found kindness, health and stamina, and swaddled in his shirt mother that she has adopted her mother all lacky, love, care and attention, a takzhe ability to keep house economy and give birth in the future healthy and strong children.

After kypaniya in kypeli which produced pe6enok it first was applied to the breast, so that he knew the first istochnuk Life Force, and then, but tolko morning kogda goes Yarylo, Father solemnly carried out of the bath baby pokazyvaya it to all the gods of heaven, rising Sun and Mother Nature, that he knew the other sources of life force. After "representations" of the elements of life the infant was transferred to his home, where "represents" pe6enka Kummiram ancient clans of the gods, the sacred fire of the hearth and homes, so they pokpovitelstvovali and defended a new member of the genus.

To pokpovitelstvo Heavenly Gods and childbirth, and takzhe elements to be complete, or lyulky pe6enka cradle suspended in the middle of the parlor, and she was a kak-way between Heaven and the Midgard-Earth.

After kak newborn okpyzhayuschim introduced to the new World, he tied the cord linen thread, woven from the hair of Father and Mother, and cut it. Cutting the umbilical cord tolko after kak pe6enka pokazali rising sun, it was done in order to have a baby was a long and bright life. If the morning was overcast, the umbilical cord is cut on the second, third, and even on the seventh day, poka pe6enok not see the sunrise and the sun-rays Yarily.

Bringing up children

Remember, people Clans of the Great Race that wealth and prosperity
old gentile your originally signed in small chadah yours,
whom you ought to cultivate love, kindness and hard work.
Stribog commandments.

From an early age, all children of the families of the Great Race and Rod Heaven brought up in accordance with the Laws of Heaven Roda originator: ickpenney in love to the ancient family, tribe, in homage to his native Primal Faith Stories, distinctive culture and folk traditions in reverence for elders and care for the young, kak required by the ancient law of Rod and patriarchal way of life.

Ancient Laws Roda Tribe always brought up in the younger generation a sense svastichnoe Love kotopoe itself combines four kinds of love:

— Love for the Original Faith (Truth) and Gods (Ppedkam), which develops human spirit;
— Love to Rod (cheloveky, family, gender, women, children, traditions), which develops a conscience;
— Love to Mother Nature (the various forms of life okpyzhayuschego World), which develops the human soul;
— Love for the land of their ancestors (Fatherland, Power, History and Culture), as it develops the human body.

These are the four kinds of love helps to create a harmonious pe6enka cheloveka Great Race, the future successor of the ancient Slavic-Aryan Roda Tribe, helping them to develop and improve in their lives, filling their four parts — body, soul, spirit and conscience — the Divine Light of Love.

Harmonious development svastichnoy (quaternary) system cheloveka (Body, Soul, Spirit, Conscience) is always determined by two great principles were unchanged kotorye component Ancients 3akonov Roda:

"Honoring the gods and their ancestors" and "Always live according to conscience and in harmony with nature" and the feeling of Love svastichnoe kindly contributed to this.

Harmonious development cheloveka tolko possible when in cheloveke of Sorts Great Race developed all four components: body, soul, spirit and conscience. If you do not develop them all at once, or to develop only one particular part of the whole, the harmonious development is broken and it can not lead to a breach of tolko cheloveka and descendants of his family, but also to the degradation cheloveka, and konechnom eventually to degeneration and the death of the Old Rod.

3nakomstvo pebenka Races with imaginative characters and a kind of faith began in infancy with oberezhnyh signs and ornaments depicted in lyulke or cradle, with wooden and clay igrushek in kotoryx lived ancient images and Tradition.

Familiarizing children to the Original Faith of the Ancestors, to master the skills of creative labor occurred between the ages of 3 and 7, because at this age, all the children of the families of the Great Race is very highly developed community (collective) mind. Children learn okpyzhayuschy world and learn the skills of creative labor by imitating the older generation, a takzhe adopting much from their peers from other lineages.

For children, it was a special, interesting form of the game in real life, where they tried to be like their older brothers and sisters, parents, grandparents.
At first the children at an early age to play together, and then, at six years of age, the boys began to put his paramilitary games, and their girls, but they have remained common games they played kotorye from infancy.

In Slavic and Aryan Rodach small children under 12 are not separated by gender priznaky and named them all the same — child. But, kazhdogo malchika and kazhdyyu devochky invariably raised in respect for the opposite sex. Children in ancient times, was dressed in a shirt, made not from the new canvas, and always out of clothes Parents. Py6ashka malchiky shirts sewn from his father, a py6ashka girl — the mother of a shirt, it is connected with the mighty oberegovoy parentally force that guards the younger generation and helps fulfill Lessons kotorye give parents and the priests of the Old Faith.

Upokax to inoculate children the concept of honor, sincere friendship, mutual fidelity to his word and indebted to Rod.
Devochkam repeatedly said that the boys — the future of men, warriors, defenders of the native land of the ancestors, loving and gentle wife, fathers and heads of households, the owners and to multiply the good old gentile, God-Clans of the Great Race organizers, Keepers of the Ancient Wisdom of Faith and Family, and so they have to respect and honor the boys tak same kak and the heavenly gods.

In turn, the boys always said that the girl — beautiful women are the future, designed to continue the ancient Childbirth Great Race, patient comfort creator in the native land of the Ancestors, loving and gentle wife, caring mother with many children, hardworking lady, Goddess homemaker and so the boys have to respect and honor the girls kak Goddesses Heavenly Virgin.

Starting from 7-9 years, children will learn all the basics of the original Old Faith, generic and general literacy, numeracy and computing, writing, natural history, ie knowledge, explaining the divine, natural and human istoku life on Midgard-earth.

Education of children of the Great Race, kak spiritual, and physical tak, the Orthodox Old Believers are predominantly tolko men, heads of the Slavic-Aryan Clans and family union, ie Fathers and grandfathers. The lot of all Slavic and Aryan mothers — okpyzhat children affection, care, love and attention, but they should not indulge the whims of children, because they can ruin this pure soul and a bright spirit pe6enka, kotoromy will indulge.

On the third day after birth kazhdy pe6enok received its first original name, as determined in accordance with the law of the ancient clans Lubomir.


When the children of Slavic and Aryan Clans was executed 12 years (108 months), and they achieved growth 7 genius (124 cm), for the children of the Great Race started a new phase in life.
All the younger generation held the ancient rites of adulthood and naming ceremonies, because our ancestors believed the name of an important part of the human person. "The name — it is the Way" — says one of the characters in the novel AS Alekseev "Treasures of the Valkyrie."

After passing the ancient rites of the Old Faith boys and girls are considered adults, adults who are prepared to carry on the traditions of their ancient birth.

If, before the passage of the Rite of majority, they were under the protection and the full support of his parents, kotorye bore the entire responsibility, after the Rite of majority younger generation bore full responsibility for all his acts committed, the words and actions, it should be grown kak cheloveky.

Youths 12 years of age received two swords. This meant that for the first 9 years, they had to master fighting techniques Sword and become warriors, Gods 3aschitnikami kinda its ancient faith and their own land, regardless of the chosen path and race.

Girls get a spindle and ppyalky character, which meant that for 4 years, they had to master crafts, housekeeping, or horticultural, kylinarnym art, child care.

During the passage of the ancient rite of naming priests washed the old faith with the children in the sacred waters of their children, the original names. And the boys still a rite of passage in tolko tekyschey water (peka, stream). Girls could go through this rite of kak in tekyschey water, tak and fixed (lake, creek), or in the houses, in the sanctuary, and other places.

In Sacred Waters went small children of the Great Race, and of the Holy Waters went unnamed, updated, clean and upright people who are ready to receive from the priests of adults (community) Names starting a brand new independent life, in accordance with the laws of the Old Gods and their heavenly birth.

Instead of the original name, which passed Adulthood Rites were given two names: adult (community), how they were called freemen and secret (generic), kotopoe kept in secret — and they did not know even the names of fathers and mothers.

Adult (community) name was known to all in labor or community, secret (generic) name known tolko two on Midgard-earth: the priest of the gods, kotory given name, and the representative of the Great Race, kotory got it, because generic name transfers all true cheloveka essence.

When Orthodox Starover asked his name, he always responds, "They call me …" and the name of the community based, that is, name kakum call it in the family, in the community, and calls the name-surname (last name) associated with the symbol of a clan or clan.

Since 12 years, boys and girls, age and past naming ceremonies, began to thoroughly explore Ancient 3akony RITA, ie Celestial 3akony the purity of Rod and Blood, knowing and following kotoryx was mandatory at a certain age and a family unit, and takzhe family tradition and profession secrets are kept in their family and caste.



Since ancient times, all the Orthodox Old Believers wore white clothing, as this color is meant not only the light of the soul and the spiritual purity of the Great Race, but also a direct affiliation with the Heavenly Divine birth.

On each garment, be it mundane, everyday, festive, or Priestly Hinton, special embroidered pattern.

It was enough to just one look at this worldly clothing designs to be aware of what Vesey or locality arrived people, to which the ancient tribe or clan he belongs, was Rite of age or under parental care, family or not, in which caste is and what level of skill attained.

Ornamented on the priestly garments you can know what God or the Virgin Mary are the Priest or Priestess of what they Vesey at what houses of the sanctuary or preserve the Sacred Fire and bring bezkrovnye sacrifices required.

By color belt Priest could accurately determine the level of spiritual knowledge and takes place in the hierarchy of the Church of Ancient Orthodox Old Believers, and ornamented on the belt can be determined by what the Spiritual Path is still a servant of the Old Gods.

As mentioned earlier, children under 12 are not separated by gender, so the children's clothing of the ancient Slavs and Aryans were the same for boys and girls and consists of one long, ankle-length, a linen shirt, and, for the boy's shirts have to use a shirt father, and for a shirt girls — py6ashka mother.

In the daily life of all Slavic and Aryan Clans mundane (community) clothing was divided into casual and festive. For example, in everyday women's clothing be special oberegovaya tribal symbols, as well as the necessary information by which to learn, married or not, what Gods Patrons guard Rod, in which she lives.

Ceremony of married women were more richly decorated with various symbols, signs of fertility and female, oberegovoy embroidery, ornaments, from which you can learn not only the information about the kind of spouse, but also in what ancient family she was raised, what heavenly gods and goddesses she patronize.

In addition, married women wore skirts and skirts, attended by tribal or clan oberegovoy ornament with symbolism, which was created for women more, but very strong, divine childbirth oberezhnuyu silu.Siya powerful force not only helps the woman to keep house, and to take care for children. However, even the most basic life force of a married woman was beloved husband. For him it was like a stone wall, because his wife was nurtured by a caring husband and his old Rod, who became for her family.

Ceremony unmarried girls visually different from the clothing of married women. On the girl's dress embroidery was basically on the sleeves and went to the bottom hem, and a married woman oberegovaya embroidery covered skirt, chest, collar and sleeves of the dress.

This new relationship is also reflected in the embroidery of a married woman. From old oberegovoy embroidery, which was on the girl's shirt before her marriage, she used only oberegovy symbol Patroness Goddess of fate and character-the patron god of his birthday, not one of his ancient family, in which she was born, for with Lubomir, Weddings, when the husband was carrying his wife in his arms in the house, it was believed that she was born in the new Rod and now for her husband's parents — father and mother.

Men's clothing is also divided into casual and festive, but the men had also a ritual, that is, liturgical and military clothing.

Ritual male shirt was bright, colorful embroidery oberegovuyu childbirth, in addition, it was longer than the daily or festive shirt and reached to the heels, because every senior man in the ancient Slavic and Aryan Rodach Great Race was a priest of the guardian of the Sacred Fire and bring required and gifts for the home altar of Fire, located near Kummira patron god of this ancient clans.

Military men's shirt was medium size, its length reaches to the knee. She always made from tightly woven, for this very shirt men wore a coat of mail, or other martial armor. It is embroidered by a special military Oberegovaya symbolism. Military men wore shirts at community meetings, at the time of the Council, or the Circle Veche, and to celebrate the holidays Trizna and celebration in honor of the Gods Warriors. Community squad wore military shirt in everyday life.

Unchanged in addition to men's shirt was a belt. Casual shirt girdled polvershkovym thin belt or by line, woven from colored braid.

Men's shirt festive girdled raznotsvetovym Vershkova belt with Generic Oberegovoy symbolism and Ritual shirt — a wide belt and a half to two inches.

Military men's shirts girdled different zones, but only if the shirt worn in daily use. When the soldiers wore over a shirt martial armor or chain mail, the times are not used for martial armor and chain mail, created by live fire, carry Oberegovuyu power of gods, in addition, a cut on the gate in the middle of a military shirts.

Time for everyone from the birth of the Great Race and the descendent of heaven symbolized Oberezhny Circle Gods, which not only protect the person and send it to the right path. If a person appears in a society without a belt or shirt was belted at least by line, something about him saying that he let himself go, and might do a lot of troubles, because he is doing his deeds not by divine 3akony and childbirth, and under the influence of dark forces or spirits .

Children, as a rule, before the onset of his age, that is, to 12 years old, wore a shirt without a belt (Fig. 8a and 8b), as they were under the protection of his Oberezhnoy Rod and his parents, as children were pereshito casual shirts, as mentioned earlier, parents of a shirt, the boy — of a shirt father, and the girl — the mother of a shirt. This is due to the fact that all parents have the shirt oberezhnuyu by children, and the children, trying to be like their parents, still like to wear their clothes.

After passing the ancient rite of age and naming many of the girls continued to wear their mothers, but their shirts appeared Oberezhnaya additional symbols on sleeves and chest (B), and the boys who have been an ancient ritual, in addition to being prepared childbirth Oberezhnuyu symbols on the shirt, start wearing the belt (D).


On the left are some options Kin Oberezhnyh ornaments that were used in the embroidery shirts, belts and other garments, but the shirts were female charms Goddesses and the Virgin, and the men's shirts — amulets Gods patrons and Gods Warriors.
Also, keep in mind that the same characters being slightly changed, carried a slightly different shape meaning and significance.

An example of this can be oberezhny fertility symbol. In one case, it symbolizes the fertility of the land, ie sown field, and in other fertile women.

After all, in one and the other given case sown grain gracious man race should bring forth new life in the fertile soil and see the great Light of God.
The birth of a new life for centuries was considered a manifestation of the divine act. Nothing and no one will be born, for that is not the will of the gods and heavenly blessings.

Therefore, to the heavenly gods seek blessing to crop up a good harvest and to ancient race went on and was left without offspring and heir to the traditions of his father's.

To the ancient Rod constantly born only healthy children, men for their favorite cut of oblomlennyh wind branches of the sacred tree, a small kykly Beregin, covered by the symbols of female fertility and the spiral of the origin of life.

The spiral symbolizes the origin of life wandering souls of future pe6enka through all the divine worlds where she gains wisdom Gods and pull it to the Midgard-Earth enlistment beat a loving and caring mother's heart.

UIS-kykly Beregin husband put in linen amulet, and the woman was wearing it on a belt, to Our Lady Lada Jiva did not forget about her.

In addition, the household goods as a symbol of female fertility was applied to almost everything he touched the woman's hand, whether it's carving Trebnitz for offerings to the gods required and free or salt cellar, spoke to the Gods of Heaven and Mother of God, that in this ancient family of the Great Race with huge boundless patience and look forward to the appearance pe6enka.


Clans of the Great Race development in harmony with nature has allowed our wise ancestors perfectly explore the world around us. Mother Nature gave the people food and a variety of life-giving power to heal. This is reflected not only in the ancient traditions and religion, but also everyday use, when people began to use symbolic images Natural oberezhnyh purposes.

On natelnyh talismans from sacred trees often depicted solar symbols, called


Orthodox Old Believers amulets made not only of the sacred wood, they cast their silver and various precious and base metals, koi gave generous Cheese Mother Earth.

Our ancestors created different alloys with the addition of silver to cast charms, and amulets Oberezhnye embroidered leather, wove them out of beads and colored threads. Natural Charms and amulets powerful force is transmitted to humans from the world around him waking.

On these characters portrayed Oberezhnyh Natural elements: soil fertility, brown power, timber and other natural power of the force.

These natural charms popularly called Disaster lore. In addition, all the white people of Slavic and Aryan Clans of the Great Race with great regard for animal life of Mother Nature. This was reflected in the appearance of Natural natelnyh Obereg various wildlife species: birds, snakes, wild and domestic animals, fish, fabulous beasts.
Depicted in natelnyh Obereg the animal world of Nature, Orthodox Old Believers receive from Mother Nature natural, animal, life-giving force, which in everyday life guards from various natural misfortunes and from all sorts of intrigues, koi are on Midgard-ground representative of the dark worlds and hell.

Relation to the hair and beard

But the most important natural source of vitality for all Orthodox Old Believers are the natural hair. This is reflected even in the commandments of God Svarog: "Do not cut your brown Vlas, Vlas different, but with gray hairs, because the wisdom of God will not suffer the lose and healthy." Since ancient times, it is believed that by cutting off her hair, a person can take away the strength and health. Mpaka forces and people used to serve them in their dark hair rituals that of a young man to make an old man, and even to put on the person's death.

Slavs and Aryans with careful respect and esteem in the past and are now to your hair, because all that a man given to heavenly gods and Mother Nature, it is necessary for harmonious existence in this apparent world.

Hair for centuries figuratively compared with sown wheat field: as wheat ears absorb all the juices and life-giving force of Mother Earth and the crude Yarily pure light of the Sun and store them, and receive a person's hair and keep life-giving power of the heavenly gods, from earthly parents Ancestors and Family, from Mother Nature, from cosmic rays Yarily-Sun and the Star of Heaven. Not for nothing did anciently called locks of hair, that is, space-related, which is fueling the person.
Hair symbolized a lot of light and Divine Natural Forces, which help a person in life, they are also meant prosperity in ancient family, wealth and happiness in the family.

Girls from early childhood hair braided into a single three-beam scythe, because it symbolized the union of the vital forces of the Worlds Reveal, Navi and the Government. Spit is along the spine, and it was assumed that all the light Bcelenskie force through the hair go into the spine and cover the body, soul and spirit of the girls a special life force, preparing it for the future of the mission of the Holy motherhood.

When she married, her maiden braid comes apart and replaced her braided two braids, because from that time she received a hair gathered in braids, Bcelenckie life force not only for themselves but also for the future pe6enka.

Men as carefully treated their hair, they give the hair more important than women. Symbol of maturity, courage and independence to men, is a beard. Beard was not just a man's domain, it is a symbolic acknowledgment of belonging to God's family, that is, who wore the beard was a descendant of the Ancient Gods of Heaven. Therefore, the Slavs and Aryans preserved statement: "Our gods, the essence of our fathers, and we — their children, and be worthy of our Gods Glory, and created a lot of good works, but to the glory of our Clans, three times more than our Braden Vlas" .

Damage or violent men beard cutting it in ancient times was considered the most serious crime against the whole of the ancient clans of the Great Race and insult heavenly gods, sponsors of this genus. Insulting the heavenly gods do not forgive anyone because of this in the past there were many wars, and podpalennaya beard ambassador in the old days was considered a declaration of war.

Men from ancient times were saving their beards like the pupil of an eye, and fought with the offenders very severely, sometimes to death, for it is better to die in battle with the foe, than to dishonor their ancient Rod and his heavenly gods. Mature beardless men anciently called zhenolikimi, with them trying not to enter the military and other contracts, as it was believed that men are zhenolikie female lifestyle.

But not only to hair beard was cautious attitude of men, they took care of all the hair on the head and on the body, for they knew that they get through all the vital forces of their gods, nature and ancestors. And to preserve the life of the Kin sources our ancestors had to fight for life and death. Therefore, when the decree of Emperor Peter the usurper I «shave their beards and wear a German dress," and abandon the ancient traditions of their ancient gods and Fathers and swear allegiance to the emperor, the usurper, the alleged forcible cropped beard and the renunciation of native traditions and Faith our Ppedkami raised rebellion in Siberia and Belovod, which were later suppressed by troops. Particularly brutal suppression of the uprising was in Tarsus, called Tara Summers Rebellion 7230 (1722g.). For rebellion and disobedience to the Emperor Peter I, the usurper of people hanged, quartered, the wheel, and burned at the koctpax impaled. And the killings were not only Orthodox Old Believers, but also to support their righteous Christians, Old Believers, dissenters.

In Europe, the first organized haircut Roman emperor Nero, and cutting hair Pycckix lands began to practice only with the advent of Christianity. No one now can not explain why and what they are trimmed followers of his teaching and his priests, clerics, even if the Bible tells the story of Samson, who did not had a haircut and was a strong and invincible until such time as he did not cut her hair (Judges. Chapter 17, verses 17-19).

All this tells us about the attitude of our ancestors to their hair. It should be added that the hair that fell in scratching, not be thrown on the floor or on the ground, for it is possible to take his own life force, which grant us Mother Nature, Sky Gods and Genera of our great ancestors. Therefore, from generation to generation the ancient wisdom of the hair burned or tied on the young fruit tree for hair grew well and were strong as wood.
Children under 12 are not even the tip of the hair trimmed so as not to cut off the mind to comprehend life, the laws of the Universe Rod and not to deprive them of their life force, bestowed by nature and oberegovoy forces koiyu give Gods pokpoviteli and parents.

Trim the ends to a length of not more than one noktya young people over 16 years was done in order to make hair grow faster, and this action can be performed only during a new moon.

Combing the hair was a kind of sacred ritual, during which you can touch and feel the flow of the space in the literal sense of the word descending from heaven flow of life force.

Occurred this sacred ritual with a comb, made either from sacred metal, or from a branch of the sacred tree.

Children under the age of small hair combed parents, then they do it themselves. Entrust to comb their hair could only to people you know and whom they love. She could afford to comb your hair or just her chosen husband.

Our wise ancestors taught us to keep their hair clean, because when a person has clean hair, then he and the intentions are pure.

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