Outcome of the Conference on Afghanistan: Why not trust the Russian Federation?

December 5 in Bonn accomplished International Conference on Afghanistan, during which the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said that, despite the support and investment to the Russian Federation up to now are quite cautious. All proposals are received from the Russian government, the Afghan authorities are listening intently, taking all the help (and humanitarian as well), but the fundamental strategic decisions are made by bypassing the Russian country.

The minister also added that the Russian government is for the establishment of neutrality of Afghanistan after the end of the peacekeeping mission in the country. Remember, this idea had found support not only the United States, and the SCO. Lavrov also said that with the power situation in the Afghan state is not correct, because you first need to raise the economy.

And because most of the initiatives that serves Moscow, the specific case of the Afghan economy. Russian government announced its readiness to invest 500 million dollars in projects CASA-1000 (Energy) and the TAPI pipeline (through Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India).

But with all readiness RF to cooperate in the construction of hydropower and infrastructure in the Afghan state, the Western countries as previously wary of her. For the most part the fact that the United States considers Afghanistan's own property in the future and therefore no hunting allowed on the ground of his "foreign".

The same cause rejection of RF and suggestions regarding verbovaniya in Afghanistan international organizations in order to resolve the situation. According to Lavrov's beliefs, the West sees in Russia only a transit government, provider of humanitarian aid and no more.

Yet this support is quite palpable. Exclusively during the first post-war Russian step costs the country amounted to about 12 million dollars. Goods were delivered essentials: grain, tents, flour, medicines, sugar, also implemented the reconstruction of the Salang tunnel. At this time, the areas of Tajikistan squad car was deployed for Emergencies prompt response.

In the second step, the main emphasis is made on the air corridor for this purpose was created joint air transport enterprise. Since 2002, work began in Kabul hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Situations RF. The total amount of the costs of the second period, the provision of humanitarian aid amounted to about 17 million dollars.

The other day conference, "New York Times" published an article in which the South American experts said that the United States should begin a more active cooperation with the Russian Federation, instead of relying only on Pakistan. Also, they noted that our homeland is becoming increasingly fundamental player in the transit of military cargo.

Talk about the fact that there have been at least some perspective, while advance, but it must be emphasized that the conference was the role of representatives of 17 international organizations and 88 countries (among which are seen nearly 60 ministers of foreign affairs).
Also for the first time in the history of international conferences on Afghanistan was Bordyuzha, CSTO Secretary General. Was invited and SCO Secretary General M. Imanaliev.

The indisputable fact is that for the resolution Afghan prepyadstviya to attract new political players, new countries with an unblemished reputation. But the chances assure this official Washington is equal to zero. The other day conference, the U.S. said about the ability of the conservation of U.S. bases on the territory of Afghanistan, which angered RF, believes that such acts are unlawful and unjustified.

But the results of the conference is not fun. Although the participants were in favor of peace and dialogue with political opponents, solving problems with corruption and drug trafficking, no major decisions were made. As usual at the yearly meetings of this kind, the Afghan government has been heavily criticized, and the activities of the representatives of the Russian Federation proposals on the need verbovaniya to the Afghan conflict, representatives of the CSTO and the SCO did not even make the final documents of the conference.


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