Over the next two days on the Gulf of Mexico may Hurricane Lee

A tropical depression formed in the central Gulf of Mexico, moving slowly to the north-east and in the next 48 hours could turn into a hurricane, according to the National Center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami (Florida).
As predicted by meteorologists, the probability that the meteor reaches hurricane strength is 70%. According to the established order, if it happens, it will be given the name "Lee."
"The Hurricane, which will be named" Lee "can cause torrential tropical rains and flooding on the coast of Florida and Texas," — said the National Center for monitoring hurricanes.

Largest oil company BP Plc and Anadarko Petroleum Corp, the leading oil production in the Gulf of Mexico, have suspended their prey, and began evacuating staff on storm warning.
In the next few hours for them intend to join Royal Dutch Shell and Chevron.
Mexican state oil company Pemex said its oil platforms located in the western part of the Gulf of Mexico, the danger does not threaten the operation and for oil will continue.
Gulf of Mexico produces about 30% of U.S. oil and 12% natural gas.
"Lee" will be the twelfth hurricane of the season in the Atlantic.

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