Overview of the foreign press: Massacre in Minsk

Company "When Nekljaev and about 100 of his supporters went to the main square to join the protests on them without warning attacked by men in black masks and black robes with no signs of difference. They threw stun grenades and started to attack people. Was beaten, in particular and the correspondent The New York Times, but no serious injuries had not. The police brought down the people on the ground and held for a few minutes, poking the face in the snow, and then suddenly gone, "- says the attack on neklyaevtsev today's edition of The New York Times.

"Rising tensions against Lukashenko purposeful attempt to create a more democratic image for this election to get money from the West, after a relationship with his long-time patron, the Kremlin went into decline, "- says the American newspaper.

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, reporting that after the vote the opposition tried to take the government house by storm, gives a brief analysis of the situation in Belarus.

"This 10 millionth country lives as if out of time. (…) Yesterday, Lukashenko appeared at the polling station with his son Nicholas, as if emphasizing once again that the situation in the country is stable. But in reality it's not as though Belarus recovering from the global crisis and This year, economic growth is up 7%. But the problem is that Minsk lives on the help of neighbors. the IMF has allocated $ 3.5 billion. Help comes from the European Union and the United States: a nuclear reactor and funding in the amount of EUR 3.4 milyardav. Finally, Russia has again become friendly after the period of cooling. The Kremlin has recently stated that it will not greatly increase the price of gas, and President Medvedev signed a contract with Lukashenko on the abolition of duties on oil exports to Russia: it will cost the Russian budget over $ 5 billion. Naturally, Moscow does not do it for the sake of friendship, and in view of the fact that Belarus — an important junction of oil and gas pipelines and is also quite an important strategic position from a military point of view. In other words, everyone is trying to please "the last dictator of Europe" — writes the Corriere della Sera.

The French newspaper Le Figaro writes about the elections in Belarus in Minsk of correspondences that have headings "Election shadow theater in Belarus" and "Lukashenko gave the opposition a bone."

"The sudden flurry of anger and disbelief swept over Minsk on Sunday, hours after the polls and declaring victory incumbent pro-government sociological centers" — Le Figaro notes in the description of dispersal of demonstrations in front of the Government House.

"From the very parliament ran riot policemen who are less an hour ago were forced to retreat. This time they were much more — riot police and military systems ran out of all the adjacent lanes and began to squeeze the opposition. And the entrance to the Parliament drove a few paddy wagons. They stuffed indiscriminately — those who do not have time to escape. Beaten even stronger than before. Strongly went to the editor of the opposition website "Charter 97" Natalia Radina: literally dragged her out from under the military boots. in the blood, under the beating of the bells in the Catholic Church , went to the area Rymashevski, Sannikov all barely walk because of the injured leg. Those who have not beaten or detained, clung to the walls of buildings and in hysterics clung even strangers. Extinguished street lighting. Altogether, according to human rights activists, were detained at least two hundred people, despite the fact that the total number of protesters came up to at least 25,000 "- describes the Ming slaughter Interactive Resource Herald.

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