Patomsky crater — the most mysterious crater on earth


In our land many unimaginable to the human mind and understanding of buildings: The Egyptian pyramids, Stonehenge, Easter Island stones. This list of recently added another one * building *, which is occupied leading positions. Patomsky crater — truly the most mysterious crater on Earth.

The crater was discovered by accident in the summer of 1949. Isleduya Bodaybinskiy District of Irkutsk Region for a geological map of the USSR, a geologist, Vadim Kolpakov Patomsky first discovered the crater. In the words of the discoverer, he at first could not believe my eyes, and took over the crater Shaft terrikon.No where in the taiga people, that and the labor camps of the NKVD in the area was not accurate. The second thought that visited Kolpakov — an archaeological artifact. But local Evenk and Yakut, otnyut not resemble the ancient Egyptians. Build the pyramids they do not know. And then it came to the idea of alien origin of the crater.

The next expedition to Patom crater was sent only after half a century. And the events that took place in time of the expedition, and can not be explained so far. Already on the way to the crater of the expedition leader — Irkutsk geologist, a leading researcher at the Institute of Geochemistry SB RAS Evgeniy Vorobiev — grunted and fell to the track. Neither artificial respiration or CPR did not help. When the body was pulled out of the taiga and brought to civilization, an autopsy showed that a massive heart attack. Can it be considered a coincidence that a seasoned geologist expeditions, could not resist a long road? Judge for yourself. But this
abnormal operation of the crater has not ended.

Contrary to the belief that the radiation level near the crater is overvalued, the dosimeter with the approach to the crater reduced their performance. Also troubling is the fact that within a kilometer from the crater was found no large animal or bird.
And following the crater did not give significant information about its origin, and only added more questions. What lies at the depth of the crater? Data processing magnetometry showed that at a depth of 100 — 150 meters is something high in iron. And changing the magnetic field so that the instruments feel the changes in a territory twice the size of the crater.

Scientists hope to find an answer the most mysterious crater on Earth, yet are left with nothing, and away to follow was postponed because the required drilling rig.
The fall of a meteorite or a spacecraft, an underground nuclear explosion or out of kimberlite pipes and maybe a lightning strike? The origin of the crater Patomskoye days is still ardent discussions of scientists around the world.

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