Perun and its role in modern life

Knowledge of the gods in general, and of Perun in particular, we draw from ancient written sources, oral traditions and personal influx. Each method is imperfect. Annals of incomplete and biased. Intuition sometimes brings even venerable seers.

For example, Dobroslav in his excellent book on the whole "Paganism like magic" (M. 2005), feels completely wrong and treats the concept of holiness, considering that it came under the influence of Christianity, and is the age-old concept of light. Of course, these words and concepts are related, of course, the "light" is primary, and the "sanctity" is a derivative of it, but the selection of the Slavs and the separation of words and concepts is holy happened long before the birth of Christ.

Detailed information on this subject can be obtained from the paper by Toporov "Language and culture: on one word — character," in which the author shows that the concept of holiness will appear during the Indo-European unity and refers to a special life force, spiritual energy and related her and about her notifies light and color form. Christianity succeeded only partially embedded in the concept.

Some written sources describing a related Slavic, Baltic lifestyle, uses the expression "holy Perkuns"! Of course, we are not talking about a Christian "purity and innocence", but the life force of the powerful potency of Thunder

Folk "classification" of physical and metaphysical phenomena is not the same as science, so the results of the folklore, as a rule, get an academic education, are incomplete.

Among the general public there is a trend: love story (an exact science) is not interested in folklore (art), and vice versa, and those who have developed intuition, so proud of his gift, that are looking for answers to all the questions only in itself, and not in the books . Still treading water in one place, mussiruya findings of historians, linguists, folklorists and more esoteric in H1H century. For a breakthrough in the matter come a time when you need a synthesis of science, art and intuition. In ancient times, it is from this "alloy" is not divided into disciplines and genres, an emerging tradition of every nation. Everything is back to his circuits.

Unfortunately, and "traditionalists," who worship the gods of the people, take them (the gods) are often one-sided, using the same scientific or pseudo-scientific, familiar with the school system of classification than impoverish much of the modern sphere of influence of the Slavic gods.

For example, Perun — the warrior, and, following the usual ideas, the only thing that we can extend the field of its activities in a new environment — a modern small arms. And the data of popular culture such as:
"A saint Ilya (Perun) for Inter walked zhitushko begat" either ignored or assumed Gromovika connection with fertility through life-giving rain.

But let storm with heavy wind, hail pelted crops and fire-lightning — it's not the weather phenomena that are required fields!

The folk songs — spells with the same results in the fields go: goats, ducks, women, girls and boys.
"Where were the women, skirt shaking there rye thick, umolotista». Women's shirt hem — a common erotic character. Words such as "raised his skirt", "in the lap brought" clearly speak for themselves.

"Where's the duck walk, there will give birth to the corn." Currently image ducks waddling gait it is not seen as erotic, however, in the 50 — years of the twentieth century, even in the city you can hear the dialogue:
— Girl, what's your name?
— Zovutkoy name, and they call a duck!
— Oh, and you, and the truth, similar to a duck! (That is, gait zazyvno Vilani).
I think that the goat, boys and girls, in this context, need no comment.

Consequently, in spells like: "someone walks corn bear", including with reference to Perun, it is not for rain, but the sexual power of walking, which is transferred to plants.

Modern scientific thinking can not combine autonomic effect on sexuality, and traditional culture — easy, because everything in nature is interconnected, and the people it was known long before the discovery of the biosphere Vernadsky.

We are talking about the origin of a state of love or passion: — as shock knocked! Or: — spark ran — Contact! In rituals, the women shake their skirt, goat beard, duck tail wagging, girls her hair and dress, and the guys shows his bravado and strength to call the sparkling mutual interest of the two opposites, heaven and earth.

We can say that the electrical phenomena is a metaphor of gender relations, and can be, and vice versa, sexual attraction is a metaphor for electrical attraction. Electrical phenomena are not only amazing, but also attract and repel.

Recall that lightning electrical discharges — the main sign of the presence of Perun. And, therefore, Perun is responsible not only for the military, striking enemy action, but also for the attraction and repulsion that occurs in interpersonal relationships, and for the electrical phenomena in pure form.

The first production process related to Perun, was the manufacture of stone tools. The loudest sound analog thunder was obtained by a stone on stone, again spark — lightning … Folklore (Scandinavian, Slavic, and others) tell about the fact that the original Thunder had stone weapons.

Then came the Bronze Age. And here we have a striking example of modern scientific classification differences and ancient outlook.

Currently engaged in steel industry metals (and their alloys), copper, tin, bronze, iron, etc. In ancient bronze casting and forging iron case were "two big differences" and were under the protection of various gods.

There is no mention that Perun had bronze weapons (guns). But in the Baltic (Indo-European) folklore there is evidence that Velns (similar Slavic hair) worked metals. One legend tells of Latvian:

"When — that God is with Velnsom lived amicably. (!) They visited each other's homes … Velns told God that he has such beauty and light of what God is never seen. One day God came to Velnsu and Velns showed him the sun and the moon. God asked me to give hold, (to know), these beauty … and it hard. Velns permission. God took the sun … and the moon, and as a cast … so gave up to heaven. So God delivered the sun and the moon from Velnsa, and to this day, they shine in the sky. " (N. Laurinkene. Blacksmith in Lithuanian mythological tradition.).

From this text, the author of the article concludes that Velns hidden and locked (= stole) light. But I do not see any grounds for such a claim. The text does not say where he got Velnsa sun and the moon, but is told that it is God (heaven) literally stole a chthonic God his treasures and put them in his estate.

Likely Velns himself made light of glowing copper or gold. In defense of this claim comes from the example of God — Vulcan metallurgist who worked underground, and not in heaven, Hephaestus expelled from Olympus, and the mythical smith Ilmarinen happy blacksmith in a swamp. As well as the data of Lithuanian folklore:

"Sam Vyalnyas sometimes depicted as a blacksmith. It is believed that when — the blacksmiths were only Vyalnyasy only they knew how to cook iron. Man learned the craft from Vyalnyasa: "As people learned to iron cooking. Once the blacksmith forges and iron does not boil. Vyalnyas came and said the blacksmith, "You will not weld the iron while I did not learn." Smith …. Vyalnyas begged, "I'll teach you, but you'll give up my soul." Smith says, "Okay, I will give" … "(ibid.). Next Vyalnyas teaches blacksmith, who tricks him not to give his life.

Undoubtedly, these acts of theft and fraud initiated hostility two Gods.

It is possible that the myths of liberation luminaries Thunderer or Blacksmith describe the transition from bronze to iron, not only banal solar eclipses.

Acquainted with iron, humanity uniquely carried him to the field of activity of Perun (and similar Gods). And it's not even in the electromagnetic properties of iron, which came to light too late. The fact that copper and tin (bronze) were extracted from the — under the earth, that is treated chthonic sphere. And iron literally fell from the sky!

The earliest iron objects, which have come down to us — the ancient Egyptian — made entirely of meteoric iron. Naturally, they were not numerous, valuable, and belong to the sphere of religion. Numerous Indo-European (and other) legends tell of iron (sometimes of gold, that is priceless) items that fell from heaven and the first blacksmith. Humanity took a long time to realize that the relationship of a rare, blue, hot stones from the sky (meteoric iron) and a red, wet, cold, pervasive (in Europe), soil (bog iron ore). And when it became clear that the heavenly metal Perun can nadybat in Veles swamp transpired electromagnetic properties of iron, and it (iron) remained under the patronage of Thunder or his assistant — Blacksmith. But there are signs that the once Velez was related to metals.

Let me remind you that the word "smith", farrier, connected with the verb denoting the action of forging and forge iron alone. Bronze — brittle alloy, can not knock on it, it will not forge, and pour and sawed, and the one who does it, is called "bronzoliteyschik." Incidentally, in the Finno-Ugric burial abroad 1 and 2 millennia (AD.), Molds and other tools jewelry casting crafts are exclusively in female graves.

In ancient times was widespread cult of amber — a shining "stone" attractive worn on a straw, wool, feather. Amber cult was part of the cult of the glistening Perun. Wool (wave), is considered an attribute of Veles. There is no doubt that amber was known to mankind to dating with metals. It is possible that hair sticking to this "rock" was perceived as a "friendship" Perun and Volos. In the modern world, a variety of plastics and chemical synthetic fibers have electrostatic properties. Amber burns and melts, taking various forms, he was like a "hint" of Nature for future artificial materials.

In ancient times, the electrical phenomena and properties of electricity were not known in full. But now in this area is full of mysteries. For example, there is no satisfactory answer to the question that has electricity. Definitions such as "directed movement of charged particles," this is a tautology. The word "current" in the broad sense, that is the direction of movement, the flow of particles of any substance (water, for example). It turns out that the electric current is the current of electrically charged particles.

Slav would say, "electricity is the manifestation of the power of Perun." From this point of view in the modern world, all appliances are under its jurisdiction. Vacuum cleaners, kettles, lamps, iPods, cell phones and even computers under its protection.

Some may argue that the "seat of wisdom" — the computer belongs to Velez. But here the error in the statement. The computer does not have a repository of wisdom, but the seat of memory. A memory in its "pure" form of the original, it is in the brain — is the result of cell-cell interactions with micro electrical pulses (like the thought process at all).

Again, try to work on a computer without turning it into electrical power. It will not work.

General confusion between wisdom, mind, intellect and memory occurs constantly. But we must understand that the ability to learn does not depend on the ability to analyze (the mind). Animals remember much, but not everyone understands. Student can learn, memorize the periodic table, for example, but nothing in it to understand. Another thing is that the memory needed for intelligence.

But wisdom is not always intelligent. Wisdom is coming from the heart. Veleslava recall the words: "Do not read much, but a lot of you know." In a sense, wisdom is the ability to "razrulit" situation, the ability to harmonize the environment. And for this purpose, not only electric, but other forces. This is a matter of Veles.

We can say that memory — it is an electric flash, spark (point) idea — an electrical discharge, lightning (vertical), and wisdom — is the ability to manage and organize these events, and build them into the extended, positively directed rows (horizontal).

Enraged, released from themselves Perun is not only devastating storm outside interference in the electrical and radio networks, failures in the electronic devices, but also the terrible seizures, which are essentially the result of the discharge is not in the proper place of accumulated electric pulses. In medicine, biology, chemistry, there are many phenomena that occur only in the presence of the electric force of Perun, and no less than the phenomena that occur without him.

Returning to the computer, I will add that this is an area in which Perun and Veles have to be friends, because the mechanical memory, stupid thoughts, and even wisdom, but not sanctified intelligence, in modern terms is not relevant or interesting.

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