Phantom of the pilot — a victim of black magic


U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Lawrence B. Carmona and still hard to believe the events that happened to him many years ago … After college, Air Force Lawrence served in the military base of Guam. There also heard a story about a ghost named Charlie screaming. Carmon did not expect that very soon he will have to personally meet with these phantom …

At the end of the war were dogfights over the Pacific Ocean between the Americans and the Japanese. Especially plagued American pilots couple of Japanese fighters on the fuselages were drawn some strange signs. They said it was a symbol of Japanese black magic — they say that they do aircraft invulnerable. Indeed, the Japanese "two" hit as many as 13 American "mustang", and themselves nobody has been able to bring down …

Charlie was an experienced pilot. Prior to that, he fought in Europe, and on account of it was about 20 downed enemy aircraft. When friends told him about the "enchanted" fighters, he said: "Give the only time, and I'll put those two!"

In the next battle again attended the "magic" fighters. They destroyed one of the American aircraft, which was run by a friend Charley. And then Charlie went to the Japanese in the tail and in turn knocked them! And then triumphantly rocking wings, headed toward the airfield. When he came in to land, suddenly refused engines. "Mustang" literally smeared on the runway …

Since then, the airport has lodged spirit Charlie. It occasionally seen near the runway. For some reason, the ghost is always published the eerie screams, for which he earned the nickname "Charlie screaming." When looking at the unnaturally pale face of the dead pilot of people covered panic … There were rumors that blame the Japanese cursed magic: they say it's because of her Charlie was killed, and then turned into a sinister wailing ghost …

In truth, Carmon not really believe in this "bike". But one foggy night, standing on duty in the guard shift, he heard a terrible cry. Taking the machine at the ready, the young man began to stare intently through the fog to the airfield. And saw a human figure, striding toward him. "Halt, who goes!" — Shouted Lawrence, twitching shutter machine. But the stranger was silent, continuing to go his way.

Carmon tried to turn on the radio, but found that the batteries of … An uninvited guest, meanwhile, has approached to a distance of several meters. "Stop!" — Again, a guard shouted. At this time the unknown stopped.

Now Carmon could well consider it. The man was dressed in dirty tattered flight suit the old model. Face, strangely pale, covered with a layer of soot.

"What are you doing here?" — Said Lawrence.

"Have not you heard about the pilot who crashed here thirty-five years ago? — He answered a question with a question. — My name is Charlie screaming! "

Since the face Carmona obviously reflected distrust man who called himself Charlie smiled and held out his right hand — as if the officer wanted to shake his hand. In the eyes of the astonished Lawrence limb became transparent, and gradually … turned into a white smoke that was rising up … After a few seconds hand regained its former appearance … "Now you believe me?" — Asked the phantom.

"I was telling you about our mechanic," — said Carmon. "All right — ghost nodded. — Everyone makes mistakes. But I was not given time to correct them. "

Then they started talking about pilots and new aircraft. Charlie kept talking as if there was a very ordinary man. Finally he said: "I have to go." However, before leaving suddenly remembered that he had forgotten something very important. "Give this to the mechanic. I want to give a long-standing debt "- spoke a ghost, handing Carmona wrapped in a piece of paper a small object. Then it moved in the direction of the band jungle surrounding the airport, and soon disappeared in the fog.

Lawrence looked at that left him a ghost. It turned out to flight "wings" — the distinguishing sign of fighter pilots during the Second World War. They were wrapped in an old hundred-dollar bill.

The next day, an officer spotted a mechanic and gave him a "payback" Charlie. To his surprise, that nothing said, just thanked him and walked out of the hangar, something deep in thought.

Margarita Trinity

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