Pole death. Why did the expedition to the South Pole died in mysterious circumstances?

The event, which took place in February last year, the largest compared to the first manned flight into space. Russian researchers in Antarctica in 20 years struck nearly four-kilometer thick ice and reached the surface under the ice of Lake Vostok. Scientists hope that s lake, which millions of years of no contact with the outside world of the earth, you can catch a clue many mysteries of the ice continent.

On one of them at one time told the world the Soviet polar Yuri Korshunov, who miraculously survived in Antarctica during the infamous expedition to the South Pole in the late 50's of the last century. Of the six explorers that started from the pole plant "peace", were able to return back only two.
Officially, people have died because of severe storms and frosts. However, Yuri Efremovich subsequently told about what happened to the expedition actually. This is his story.

Killer Balloons

"It was a polar day, and most of the time our paths had beautiful weather. The thermometer showed only minus Z0, there was no wind — for Antarctica is a rarity. We have gone the route for three weeks, without losing a minute to repair the machine. In general, everything was going too well …
The trouble began when we set up camp at a point were adequate for all our measurements, the South Magnetic Pole. -Were all exhausted, so went to bed early, but could not fall asleep. Feeling a vague anxiety, I got up and walked out of the tent.
Three hundred meters from our all-terrain vehicle, I saw a ball of light. He jumped up like a football, it was only the size of a hundred times more. I shouted, and all ran outside. The ball stopped bouncing and slowly rolled to us, on the move and changing the shape of turning into some kind of sausage.
And changed color — it gets dark, in front of the "sausage" began appearing scary face without eyes, but with a hole, like a fall. Snow under the "sausage" hissed like she was hot. Its mouth was moving, and I, by God, it seemed that the "sausage" says something …
…Photographer Alexander Gorodetsky expedition went ahead with his camera, although the senior group Andrey Skobelev shouted that he did not dare to approach the "sausage", and better yet, to even stand still! But Sasha kept going, snapping the shutter. And this thing … It instantly changed shape again — stretched a narrow strip, and Sasha came around a glowing halo around his head like a saint. I remember how he screamed and dropped the unit …
At this point, two shots rang out — fired Andrew Skobelev and standing on my right our doctor Roma bush.
It seemed to me that the shot is not explosive bullets and bombs — this was sound.
Luminescent tape swelled in all directions and sprayed sparks some short-lightning …
I rushed to Sasha. He was lying face down and … was dead! Neck, hands, and as it turned out, the whole back like a charred, polar special suit in tatters …
We tried to contact the radio station to our "peace", but it did not work out, the air was going something unimaginable — a continuous whistle and roar. I'd never had to meet a wild magnetic storm! It lasted all of three days we spent at the pole. The camera was melted, as if from a direct lightning strike. Snow and ice — where the "crawled" tape — evaporated, forming a groove depth of two feet and a width of two meters.
We buried Sasha on the pole. Two days were lost bush and Borisov, then — Andrew Skobelev. The same thing happened …
We worked from the outside, the mood was subdued … First came one ball — right on Sasha's Hill, and a minute later — the two. At this time, we've all seen: sha-ptr arose, though compacted from the air, at a height of about a hundred meters, slowly lowered, poviseli the ground and started to move for some complex trajectories, approaching us.
Andrew Skobelev shot, but I measured the electromagnetic and spectral characteristics — instruments pre-installed about a hundred meters from the car. Shrubs and Borisov stood with rifles at the ready. They began firing as soon it seemed that the balls are drawn, turning into "sausage."
When we recovered from the shock, the ball was gone, and the air smelled of ozone — though after a heavy storm. A bush with Borisov lay in the snow. We will
rushed to him, I think, you can still make a difference. Then he noticed the Skobelev —
He pressed his hands to the eyes, the camera was on the ice five meters, he was alive, but did not remember anything and did not see anything.
He … This is scary to remember … was like a baby. Go, sorry for themselves. Did not want to chew — only drinking, splashing liquid around. Perhaps it had to be fed from the nipples, but, you know, nipple we did not have. Skobelev always whined and drooled … On the way back he died …
Back home, we decided to tell the truth — too weighed on what happened. To my surprise, we believe. Although there was no conclusive evidence. But to send an expedition to the North Pole did not — did not allow the research program, nor the lack of necessary equipment …
…As I understand it, the same as us, happened in 1962 with the Americans … "
This story is a polar explorer George Korshunova was published in a U.S. newspaper.

What was that?

Another group of researchers went to the South magnetic pole, has become an American — from station "Midway." It was in 1962. Americans have taken into account the sad experience of Soviet counterparts — have the most sophisticated equipment, the expedition of 17 people participated in the three all-terrain vehicles, with maintained constant radio contact.
In this expedition, no one died. But people have returned only one survived the car, on the verge of insanity. All immediately evacuated home. About what happened, we know so far is very small: a few notes, and two newspaper articles in scientific journals. All events were immediately sealed.
After returning home, almost half the participants in the march were psychiatric hospitals. Therefore, we can assume that without the machinations of the mysterious "monster" thing here too was done. There is an assumption that most members of the first expedition to the South Pole, too, met on the way balls-killer.
As we know, been there first American explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1912. On the way to the Pole expedition lost one person. Setting a flag, the travelers went way back and … died. The official version of Scott and his companions died because he had lost their way, were left without food and cold. However, it is suspected that in addition to natural storms and polar weather several times encountered some unexplained anomalies, resulting in a dying one by one.
…Explain the phenomena observed polar, failed so far. In 1966, the researchers gave the balls-killer name — plazmozavry. American physicist Roy Christopher suggested that the Antarctic monster — some electrified creatures, blobs of plasma.
In his version, plazmozavry live at an altitude of 400 — 800 kilometers above the earth. They are lying there in the rarefied status and remain invisible. However, at the South Pole (at the North Pole this is not observed) plazmozavry can approach Earth. Getting in the dense medium, they become so dense that they can be seen.
Plazmozavry, according to the American explorer, may cause people to hallucinate and hit them with electric shocks. Christopher took them to the category of living things, which originated in nature even before it appeared on Earth organic life forms. Of course, this is just a version.
Perhaps, over time, this mysterious phenomenon and no longer a mystery. You never know, perhaps because of the recent successes of Russian researchers in Antarctica mystery plazmozavrov will also be solved.

Author: I.Gusev
Source: "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" № 2 2013

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