Police protects pedophile. Revolt in Blagoveshchensk


In Blagoveshchensk, a mob of people trying to make a lynch pedophile. The night before, more than three hundred people came to the house № 19 on the streets of Textile. People threw stones at windows of the apartment suspected of a crime against a child. To prevent a lynching, were brought to the area all the details of police and special police detachment. People — men, women, children, old — did not differ from five o'clock in the evening into the night.

Events began to develop more on Tuesday, July 19. On this day, a man, who is about 40 years old, took the two girls aged 6 and 7 on the Zeya River and made one of them sexual assault. According to preliminary information, the suspect went to the children when they were playing in the yard near the house. The girls knew this man, so immediately agreed to his offer to go to the river.

The same day, my mother suffered written statement to the police. The suspect was invited to talk in the third branch police on the day he was released. Yesterday at about 19 pm to the house pedophile began to pull crowds — Cotton Mill District residents. They threw stones at the windows of his apartment and tried to knock the door. A man barricaded himself inside.

Arrived at the police blocked the road, special forces cordoned off the entrance, holding back the crowd. People rocked the police cars. About 23 hours to law enforcement agencies managed to get cornered from the apartment. For this, they had to resort to trickery — dressed as a man in a law enforcement officer. After that, for a while cordons were not opened.



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