Pozniak: Lukashenko is neck-deep in blood

Events in Minsk, says the chairman of the CCP BPF Zenon Pozniak.

Pozniak: These "elections" that were definitely rigged. According to our observers in Minsk on half the land was integral parish (50%) of voters. On the other — 35-45%. Secondly, according to exit polls, Lukashenko receives more than 30%. Another interesting fact is that our observers spoke with people who were doing the official exit polls for the regime. In private conversation, they said that Lukashenko is gaining less than 30%, even 30% incomplete. And it is obvious — that the election sfalsfyfikavanyya as always, but "elegant" Lukashenka's victory did not happen. Again he soaked his hands in the blood.

And here I want to say the main thing. what happened. There was an act of state terrorism. I am referring to the attack on the headquarters of the Special Forces Vladimir Neklyaeva. People were beaten up, but the most important thing that has been beaten to death Nyaklyayeu. After all, was beaten on the head. Ambulance took him to unconsciousness, and at night, somewhere around the second hour, people in civilian clothes raided the hospital and kidnapped him. This is a very dangerous because he faces death. It's thuggery. This is the real state banditry. And so we need to let the public know about it and raised her voice. We can not allow Nekljaev shared the fate Zakharenka. We already know what happened before.

Nyakyalev had be the ruler of the Square. There was a constructive plan, and the plan would be implemented. After, both attacked Neklyaeva, the area had become unmanageable. And people withdrew from the area, took a completely different place, and there was given the freedom of provocateurs who started to smash windows unnecessarily, etc. It was a trap. There have been prepared by special forces battalions, both indoors and around. On all sides they attacked people. According to my information, which is in Minsk, gave the order to shoot down Neklyaeva Lukashenko personally. And personally gave the order to massacre people in the square. Just as in 1995, when the army stormed the parliament as deputies beat us, it was also a personal order. So it is not only now, my hands in the blood, it is up to the neck in it is worth. That such it "elegant victory" for today.

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