Praying for Belarus at Liberty Square

Freedom Square in front of City Hall on December 17 held a prayer for Belarus. The initiators of the spiritual event were faithful Christians, activists BCD.

Gathered the people are not very much, but, as they say, obsessed with one idea, one purpose. The organizers called on believers of different faiths, caring for one's country, to pray together for the fact that God's will was done in Belarus. Prayer was held under the spiritual slogan "May God bless and Belarus will give us His grace, truth and freedom." The essence of the campaign organizers explained in a statement: "We appeal to you, Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants and all people of good will. In this time, difficult for Belarus, we need to join together in prayer to ask for God's mercy for the healing of our nation. "

In prayer for Belarus participants primarily talked about the impaired value of the earth. For example, the number of divorces is higher than the number of young families, one in four children born out of wedlock, every third man is prone to alcoholism. Many Christian shrines desecrated, and punish Christians for prayer at the walls of their temples. It is worth recalling that afterdnie every five years, Catholics pray for the return of their relics — the Church of St. Joseph, which houses part of the National Archives and Bernardine. But the city government has other plans.

For the sake of the moral and spiritual cleansing believers urged to consider each Friday as a day of global humility and prayer. Thus, every Friday the 20th and the evening is offered in union offer prayers for mercy for the Belarusian nation. Therefore, today's action, apparently, will be continued. The subject of the most fervent prayers should be a request for that truth and justice are taken up in the land of the Belarusians, and all our sins were put to shame.

Of famous people here present co-BCD Vitaly Rymashevskiand Aleksei Shein, as well as people who for the last few years, the Catholics are praying for the return of their sacred sites.

Aleksei Shein utters.



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