Protests abroad

Today, near the Belarusian Embassy in Prague was held to protest "No rigging of the presidential elections in Belarus." The protesters demanded a transparent, democratic elections and the resignation of President Alexander Lukashenko. The action was attended by about 50 people. These daluchilisya representatives of Ukrainian and Georgian diaspora. The protesters were holding a white-and-red flags and banners reading "Shame," "Kill the Lukashenko," "We need a president, not a dictator!", "Ne falšování voleb" and others.

Protest against non-democratic elections in Belarus held in front of the Belarusian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada's Association of Belarusians. In a statement adopted by the protesters, said among other things:

"Cosmetic changes, which aims to introduce the power, do not change the essence of the elections, which are based on the vertical chain of command chairmen of election commissions, but not on the transparency of the election. Obviously, many questions would not arise if in the Election Commissions included representatives of alternative kanddydatav. Apparently, this is still far away. Power again wants through fear and barred achieve "elenantnay victory."

In London, the Belarusians have adopted a statement which claimed that the establishment of the constitutional legitimacy of power in Belarus, we need new elections without Lukashenko. The statement also calls on the UK government and the West not to seek a rapprochement with the undemocratic regime in Belarus over the heads of the democratic public.

Began to appear as the first comments about the Belarusian elections in the Western press. Correspondents German publication Spiegel transferred from Minsk:

"Lukashenko declared the winner, and supporters of the opposition should expect violence by security forces. Thousands of people took to the streets of Minsk, the opposition candidate Nyaklyayeu was beaten by the police. Against pro-democracy activists who went to October Square, to protest against the mass electoral fraud were used stun grenades and tear gas. Regime banned rallies and drew on the street massive contingent of security. "

Belarusian activists Belgium and France for 5 hours picketed the Belarusian Embassy in Brussels.

The picketers had inscriptions on clothing as follows: "The people of the boycott, the electorate for lukatron", "We are for the election without Lukashenko", "Vote no vote, all the same Lui will. "Symbolically were brought handcuffs with the words" A Gift for Luke. "

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