Protests in Rosssii: Western media lie



1. What do the media:

CNN: «According to RIA Novosti, citing data from police, gathered in Moscow from 20 to 25 thousand protesters. Cases of violence are not reported, taken increased security measures. According to co People's Freedom Party Vladimir Ryzhkov, attracted 40,000 people, and about 10,000 were sent to the main venue of the protests, the news agency reported. "

What you do not tell the media:

Vladimir Ryzhkov, a member of the (board, approx. Mixednews) «World Movement for Democracy", initiated by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), which receives funding from the U.S. government. NED also funded themselves election observers, which refers to justify dipping Ryzhkov Russian streets in riots.

2. What do the media:

CBS / Associated Press: «During the last week of smaller performances were detained hundreds of people. Some, including prominent opposition blogger Alexei Navalny, were arrested for 15 days. "

What you do not tell the media:

Alexei Navalny, which protects the neoconservative think tank, "Henry M. Jackson Foundation" was one of the founders of NED-sponsored movement "Yes" or "Democratic Alternative." Founding partners Maria Gaidar coordinated its activities with the other NED-funded movement, the Moscow Helsinki Group. The latter has been campaigning "Strategy 31", led by another "prominent" activist, whose name at the hearing in the Western media — Ilya Yashin.

3. What do the media:

London Telegraph: «Russian elections: Boris Nemtsov calls for re-vote. Boris Nemtsov, a resonant figure in the country's liberal opposition movement, was one of those arrested during anti-Kremlin performances on Tuesday night. To date, he has released. "

What you do not tell the media:

Boris Nemtsov, along with the already mentioned NED collaborator Vladimir Ryzhkov heads the Russian "People's Freedom Party." Political adviser and friend of Nemtsov's party "Solidarity" Vladimir Kara-Murza recent September 14, 2011 took part in the event hosted by NED entitled "Elections in Russia: the vote and prospects."

4. What do the media:

Guardian, Comment is Free: «After working for more than 8 years on" The Voice ", the only independent organization in Russia, which monitored the election, — and I could not imagine that the president's administration got involved in open campaign against our organization, particularly in the week, leading up to the Duma elections last Sunday. "

What you do not tell the media:

"The Voice" received financial support from the National Endowment for Democracy. The official website of indicated:

Regional Civic Organization in defense of democratic rights and freedoms, "VOICE" 65000 $

For the implementation of a detailed analysis of election cycles fall of 2010 and spring of 2011, including the monitoring of the press, political campaigning, election commissions and other aspects of the application of electoral legislation in preparation for holding them in the long run. "VOICE" will hold a press conference on the local and national level, to publish reports on the results of their research, as well as provide detailed methodological support of its monitors and other monitoring services.


Fancy fabrics opposition groups, now flooded the streets of Russian cities, unbreakable thread connects their funding and support, kindly provided by the United States Government and the National Endowment for Democracy. Official Western media refuses to admit it and stopped in front of the fact that the observers, shouting about "corruption" and "election fraud", including the often commemorated "The Voice", were also recipients of funding primordial American NED. When this fact did recognize its importance diminished and continues to use words such as "independent", despite the fact that funding for "Voices" foreign governments, clearly took the side of the Russian opposition is a matter of record and illustrate the obvious conflict of interest.

When the media systematically overlooked ties of the Russian opposition to the U.S. government, which supports the work of their networks, NGOs, and political activities, there is a very real conspiracy. Disclosure of the bonds between the U.S. authorities and the opposition of Russia — the duty of every journalist, driven by the need to establish an unequivocal truth and to truly inform the public. Only with a properly functioning, honest and dedicated press corps can not work at all "democracy." Despite the heart-rending cries of the U.S. State Department about the progress of the "real democracy" in Russia, veiled hypocrisy of Western governments seized the financiers of Wall Street — London is the most serious doubts.

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