Published new pictures of unusual elongated Martian crater


Photo elongated crater and the image in which the elevation data points are color-coded relief. Purple corresponds to the lowest elevation of gray — the greatest.




(Hereinafter, illustrations, ESA / DLR / FU Berlin.)




The orbiter Mars Express delivered high-quality images of unusual elongated Martian crater.

Unnamed crater is located south of the much larger and has a traditional form of the 450-kilometer crater Huygens at coordinates 21 th. w., 55. elongated cavity length d is estimated at 78 km, the width ranges from 10 to 25 km and the depth comes to two kilometers.


Last August, the Mars Express took pictures of the specified area of the surface, getting images which can distinguish objects as small as 15 meters pictures give a clear indication that the crater has an uneven bottom with three separate grooves. This is fully consistent with the theory of the formation of elongated craters in the collision of several bodies, following each other on converging orbits, with the surface of Mars at a small angle.


Confirmation of the theory put forward in the early eighties of the last century, is also the fact that next to the discussion crater is the second funnel, elongated parallel to the first.

Picture quality allows you to see a small channel in the surface layer of material surrounding the crater. It follows that the area of the Red Planet, take the hit, was rich in volatile compounds and may contain water. At the eastern side of the funnel, you can also see two small crater with a diameter of 4 and 5 km, which were formed later and traces of the existence of water is not carried.

New elongated craters on Mars should appear within a few tens of millions of years, when Phobos is gradually reducing the radius of the orbit is suitable for critically short distance to the planet.

Large craters Huygens and Schoeberl and centrally located elongated crater, which is located just above one more elongated recess. White lines highlight the area studied August 4 last year, Mars Express.


Three-dimensional model of the crater.

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