Pushkin — fast, Rymashevski — Protests

The presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski arranged near the building Krupsk police station picket in support of artist Ales Pushkin. Together with the trustees and activists BCD Vitaly Rymashevski demanded the release of Ales Pushkin. December 9, prisoner artist holding a hunger strike in prison.

Ales Pushkin was sentenced to 13 days in prison for allegedly fighting with fellow villagers. The artist did not plead guilty and to protest the ninth day keeps the hunger strike in prison. His wife, Janina says that twice tried to get a meeting with Alexander, but she refused. The police also refused to hand over to the starving water and warm clothes. Nothing is known about the health status of Alexander Pushkin Janina says:

"The police told me that on Sunday called an ambulance for him, and the doctors said it was OK. Carried water, but I was told that the products can not. Criminals can be, but not administrative. Only, they say, can be clothes. I said: I do not know what he's wearing. What they say: Now let's go see. They came and said that he did not. That prisoners have all the accessories: blankets and even pillows. Solid cynicism and arrogance. "

Our task — to warn that such things do not go unpunished remain.

To support Ales Pushkin, a presidential candidate Vitaly Rymashevski arranged near the building of a special police department Krupsk picket. The proxies Vital Rymasheuski unfurled banners demanding the immediate release of Pushkin in the moment when the presidential candidate spoke to the heads of local law enforcement.

Rymashevski"We were at the head of Krupsk police department and the prosecutor warned him that there was, the inadmissibility of their actions on criminal responsibility for what Ales Pushkin, in our opinion, is kept in prison illegally. So that does not happen the first time that such a thing happened during the previous presidential election. They shift their responsibility on the court, but our goal — to warn that such things do not go unpunished remain. We will follow the fate of Alexander Pushkin and his state of health. "

After picketing Krupsk police department Vitaly Rymashevski participated in a joint prayer near St. Joseph's Church in Minsk for the transmission of holiness believers and for the fact that the release of all political prisoners in Belarus.



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