Radiation from Japan reached the Murmansk region

Traces of radioactive iodine recorded in the valley Paz.
Now we can say for sure that the catastrophe at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" has acquired a global dimension. Radiation emitted by the emergency power units, shrouded northern hemisphere and reached the North. True, while northerners worry about. It was only a meager values.

Traces of radioactive iodine detected Norwegian Agency for Radioactive Protection (NRPA) in the valley groove on the border with Russia. Here, incidentally, is a Russian-Norwegian Pasvik Nature Reserve, part of which lies in the Murmansk region, and some — in the Norwegian county of Finnmark.

— The values are very low, and no danger to people or the environment — hurried to reassure the public NRPA Director Per Strand.

Traces of radiation spotted automatic network measurement. NRPA has several monitoring stations throughout Norway. Similar results were observed in Sweden.

The radioactive cloud out of the womb of the destroyed reactor "Fukushima", then it is air flow to the east. Cloud crosses the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean, and only then reaches the Kola Peninsula. As it happens, is clearly seen in the animated chart, compiled by experts Norwegian Agency for radioactive protection.

Alexander Kraskin


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