Radiation from the Fukushima-1 reached Moscow

As the first deputy general director of GUP "SIA" Radon "Oleg Polish, Japanese nuclear radioactive emissions have reached the Russian capital, but not dangerous," Interfax ".
"The amount that came to Moscow, in any case is not dangerous to the public," — said Spanish at a news conference.
He said that in the last few workers "Radon" discovered isotopes of iodine-131, cesium-137 and cesium-134. "This confirms that there is a process that is associated with the accident", — said deputy director of "Radon".
Polish assured that there was no reason to evacuate Russian citizens wherever that may be, even more so — from Moscow: "As long as there is no reason to think that it is necessary to evacuate people and to take emergency measures."
Earlier it was reported that radioactive particles released into the atmosphere of a Japanese nuclear power plant, will be to other countries in the next few weeks. It is reported that this is a very small amount of radioactive material into the atmosphere, which will have no impact on people.
Notes that emissions have already "visited" in the U.S., Europe and Iceland, transmit "Vesti.ru"

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