Reality know, rules, Nav, curve and follow the path of the Government

1. Knowledge of Genesis (Reveal) and Non (Navi), and the laws of motion and interaction (right) and (curve), is one of the basic philosophical principles of the ancient Slavs.

Slavs are not indifferent to the world, it is driven by a continuing interest in how the universe is arranged. He reflects on the laws of Svarog, for the understanding and ownership of, helps to move in unison with the cosmic and earthly transformations along the way are right. Thus, following the path of right — it lives and acts in accordance with the laws of Svarog, the laws of the universe.

Understanding the relationship between the smallest insect or flower and Svarga-space and an awareness of their human function, the role of the Slavs as the direct descendants of the gods — Give-Svarogovyh of God and the children and grandchildren — that's the essence of attitude of our ancestors, the active attitude, sun-life-affirming, dialectical and progressive -converting.

2. Do not lie.

Lying on the concepts of the Slavic — is to go through the rules, ie, distort reality. Violation is punishable by law Svarogovyh as Wrong (distorted) sending leads to incorrect conclusions, which in turn leads to reckless actions. Rash actions could in those hard times are very costly for both individual, and all sort-Tribe, until its partial or total loss.

The quest for the truth, the truth is in the philosophy of the ancient Slavs measure the perception of reality (Reveal), for what it really is to determine the right path ¬ tion (rule) as a source of self-preservation, survival and the continuation of life on earth.

3.BLYUSTI purity. DAILY CREATE MOV, purifying the body and soul

Purity of body and soul, dwelling neatness, purity of thoughts and actions were for the ancient Slavs one of the pivotal basis of their religious and philosophical worldview and consistently translated into everyday life. The cult of cleanliness is so important that this function of our ancestors knew a special god — Midsummer (PAMC). This is due to the understanding necessary hygiene principles to the Slavs for thousands of years to maintain itself as a nation, both physically and spiritually. Every morning and evening, the Slavs were doing mov, that is made at the same time praying and bathing, and on holidays, jumping over the fire, also cleared by fire.

It is the cult of purity and involve many other Slavic commandments. After all, the principles of truth, justice, respect for nature, reasonable sufficiency, family and kinship relations are moral and ethical, physiological, environmental, and other components of health and cleanliness.

Understood only by the Slavic people to abide by them, will be worthy of their gods and ancestors, and find eternal life after death in the beautiful Paradise-Irii, mingling with them in a single truth.

"Just pray to the gods, having a clean mind and body, we live with our forefathers, the gods merge into a single truth. So we'll just Dazhdbozhimi grandchildren! "(VC dosch.1).


Slavs belonged to the land not just as occupied territory, and as a mother (Mother Raw-Zsmlya), which they hold sacred and guarded at all times and protect it even at the cost of his own life. Slavs defended not only the territorial independence and freedom of your own life — faith and tradition bequeathed by the gods and ancestors.

All the heroic deeds of the past events of his native land, evolved into one glory of Russia. This gave glory to the Russian soldiers strength to withstand the toughest tests in the fight against numerous enemies, and in opposition to crop failures, natural disasters, floods, earthquakes, and other difficulties.

5. Revere their gods, fathers and mothers, and Shchurov ancestors.

The veneration of the gods, fathers and mate ¬ yard, Shchurov and ancestors are important for the functioning of Rod and conservation laws and Slavic traditions. Violate this condition are punished — expulsion from Roda. He who does not honor the genus is not entitled to rely on his protection and favor. Reverence for the ancient Slavs their gods and ancestors was expressed not only and not so much in the performance of rites and rituals, and especially in certain everyday actions that characterize the attitude of a Slav to the ground, parents, kinsmen, in compliance with the covenants given by the gods and the ancestors from whom Slavs themselves never separated.

"Let us remember that, as were our fathers, who are now out of the blue Svarga look at us and smiling kindly ¬ are us. And T-1K we are not alone, and together with our fathers "(VC, Dosch. 8/2).

The memory of the ancestors is a link between, past and present, and through it — to the future.

Fathers, mothers, elders, enjoyed special respect as the bearers of wisdom, experience and knowledge of many.

6. Love the world of vegetation and animals.

Considering all of the surrounding nature permeated the divine from the smallest of its display to the cosmic scale, our ancestors treated it very carefully, and damage to any part of it without extreme need on that was unthinkable. Destruction of birds, animals and fish allowed only to the extent that was needed to sustain life. Therefore, the Slavs brought their gods as a sacrifice of animals, birds and fish, and make offerings "from their labors" — milk, grain, vegetables, and Surya, fermented with herbs (honey brew).

In the "Book of Veles" says: "We have the glory, and that glory proved (enemies), going on to them and iron swords. And bears stayed hear the glories of that, and leaping deer stopped and talked to others about Rus, that they did not kill them just so, and only but necessary. The Greeks destroy them out of a whim "(dosch. 8/2).

This commandment is also due to the principle of reasonable sufficiency and respect for Mother Nature.

7. LOVE YOUR FRIENDS and peacefully live with their birth.

Violence and brutality — an integral part of all forms of slavery. Ancient our ancestors, by contrast, lived community of proud people willing and ready to sacrifice for the freedom of life itself. Rudeness in the words and deeds are not peculiar to this society.

Love family, friends, and live in peace with their birth — makes Strength, development and prosperity of the nation, for only love multiplies Rod. Slavic births are related by blood, and the blood relationship is sacred. So you can not quarrel with their friends, and to provide each other every assistance — in trouble if, at work or on the battlefield.

8. Observe moderation in food, drink and other natural needs ofH.

Living in communion with nature and the laws of owning Reveal, rules, and Navi, Slavs understand that can not be violated, in modern terms, a balance of natural relations. Their motto was: "What nonsense, is useless," because if in one place to increase, then the other will be taken away — an elementary law of conservation and energy redistribution.

9. EVERYONE should have one wife to her husband, raising a family.

According to the same law of redistribution of power, Slav was appropriate to have one wife and strong family. Where everyone is busy free labor, there is no place depravity and debauchery. Slavs vladychat natural healthy feelings, they know how to love as well as to work — completely and wholeheartedly, not razmenivayas on petty squabbles, a passion and intrigue. Responsibility for the family, children, home and respect loyalty has always distinguished Slavic men and women.

10. Labor, as commanded SLAVIC GODS.

According to the precepts of the gods and ancestors every Slav has to work. Work to the extent that it provided, the family, and the family needed food, shelter, clothing, means of production and protection.

Slavs never asked for anything from their gods, honored by force. generosity, greatness. After all Slavs — the children and grandchildren of the gods, their descendants and heirs. A healthy strong unworthy husband begging from parents and grandparents do anything for their own needs, it is quite able to make it your own labor and skill. Laziness, overeating and other excesses condemned, because they interfere with productivity, both physical and mental, and idleness leads to the degradation of the individual. Since the Old Slavic society is a harmonious union of healthy and strong personalities in the same team, the degradation of the individual could lead to a weakening of the clan or tribe.

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