Report from the night watch in Gomel

Gomel activists of the campaign "For Fair Elections" organized by close monitoring of early voting in the 17 urban areas. Most of them — laundry pazmennae observation. In some ways, even extreme, given that the yard — with strong winter night frosts.

Nearing midnight. Young Gomel Alexander and Sergey already almost three hours on duty near the high school number 45 on the street Bogdanov, where the two polling stations.

Said Sergei, an observer and a member of the United Civil Party:

"Hours before 12 am the two of us, and then one by one. One three-hour walk, then goes into the car to rest. The second walking three hours. Somewhere in the 7th hour of the morning school opens, then we'll go inside. "

The Commission is not allowed to be observers at the polling station at night, along with a policeman. The school principal, in turn, removes them after 20 hours of placing:

Sergei"There was a commission. The Chairman said that our area at night is not allowed, so we were not close to the policeman. The school principal said today: "8:00 pm, school events are completed. That's it! On the street! "

The school yard, in fact, an unlit. Only on the second floor, where there are polls lights dim light-duty. On the other hand turned a bright light in one of the classes. Observers say that it illuminates the car in the yard of a policeman, who this time guards at the site early voting ballot box.

The machine monitors is over fifty meters from the police. From it are clearly visible window polling stations.

Alexander, a spokesman for the Left Party "Fair World", said the guard at night on the streets of his refusal forced the clock monitoring directly on the site:

"I have to at least thus try to ensure the transparency of the election — by his own efforts, their capabilities. Do try, maybe even somewhere to the detriment of their health. But for the sake of all our Belarus! To be free! Tired of fear, to live in constant fear. Want to see my children in the future could freely express their opinions without fear of losing a job. Were free to vote and to be elected. "

Night observers understand that the night watch is not too efficient — they do not see the ballot box. One only observe that no one in the evening and at night did not go to someone else's land.

As for cold, then saved Alexander primarily physical exercise, even pulled on the bar to heat the school.

Sergey has a different recipe, "I even easier, because sport is not very much. Paper wrapped legs, a pair of socks. Well, tea, coffee. "



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