Rescuers have killed dozens of pilot whales

A large group of pilot whales, also known as the pilot whale, tried to commit mass suicide in New Zealand. Jumped ashore over a hundred sea creatures. However, nearly half of them killed by local rescuers.

The tragedy occurred on Stewart Island, located in the southern part of the archipelago. Witnessed massive suicide attempts were resting on one of the deserted beaches. Eyewitnesses said they immediately called emergency services.

Experts arrived on the shores of bodies counted 107 dolphins. Emergency staff stated that at the time of their arrival, 59 pilot whales have suffocated. Others were near death. In this case,New Zealanders refused to conduct a major rescue operation in low tide.

Officials from the Ministry of Environment explained that faced with lack of time, energy and resources. Agency staff figured that the transportation of animals to the water would take about 12 hours, according to RIA Novosti. During this time, the pilot whale could still die from the heat.Instead of trying to save the lives of marine life rescuers decided to subject the remaining pilot whales euthanized.

Remember, this is not the first case of mass deaths of cetaceans off New Zelantii. Thus, in early February on a sandbank in the Bay Golden Bay North Island 82 stranded pilot whale. Similar incidents were also reported in August and September 2010.

Note that scientists have not been able to establish the causes of suicide marine mammals.In one version, the fateful step of dolphins and whales are pushing drilling operations on oil wells. According to another hypothesis, suicides are related to the operation of radars and other equipment of ships and submarines.

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Another ecological puzzle solve in New Zealand. There, on the shore of the island Stewart jumped 107 pilot whales, or, as they call them, whales pilots. Impressive spectacle presented itself eyes rest on one of the deserted beaches. By the time rescuers arrived 59 dolphins were already dead. The rest had to euthanize because it was impossible to save them, says the "TRC" Star "

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