Residents of cities — the potential mutants?


We have all heard that rural life healthier. But few suspected how dangerous living in cities. Thus, recent research shows that air pollution is detrimental affects on the body, even unborn children. What's more — under the influence of pollutants boys turn into girls!

If the beginning of the last century, the citizens were only 14 percent of the world's population, now this figure has reached 50 percent. A UN predicts that by 2050, the citizens will have 70 percent of all humans.

What causes people in the city? First of all, more comfortable life, infrastructure … There are more opportunities for medical treatment, education, cultural development and leisure. No problem with consumption: the city can purchase any goods like food and non-food.

However, studies show that the townspeople are much more likely than rural residents, there are disorders of the immune system and eyesight, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and infertility, as well as a variety of mental illnesses. A profuse and not always healthy food contributes to obesity.

But it seems that the urban environment is dangerous not only for adults, but even for kids who are still in the womb. If you compare the placenta of pregnant urban women with placenta future mothers living in the village, you can see the big difference.
Thus, in the first case, a much higher level of xenoestrogens — industrial chemicals that enter the body along with the future mother's polluted air that she breathes. They affect the body the same way as naturally produced by the female hormone estrogen.

What can it lead to? Estrogen enhances the feminine in us, so the girls got through the placenta, "high dose" of this substance has been developed in terms of sex is much faster than their counterparts in earlier generations. By age 10 with a girl can be a grown woman's body.

As for the boys, their sexual development, however, is slowing down. They grow weak and feminine.

So do not be surprised that many of the girls after 10 years to become sexually active, and boys at 25 still infantile and not ready either for marriage or a serious relationship … And many more and potency problems.

Another danger — genetically modified products. In rural areas, where people tend to subsistence farming and live on the "all ready", the chances that people will eat these foods, very little. And here in the city … Not everyone pays attention to the presence or absence of signs: "No GMO" on food packaging. And the fast food, of which most often consists of genetically modified additives, as a rule, nothing is written.

In the science fiction writer Vitaly Sertakova a novel "Children of twilight" in which lovers of genetically modified potato chips and popcorn are mutated and gradually degrade, turning into a herd of animals that kill their own kind … avoid this fate, only those who most of his life lived on normal, natural food … Of course, this is nothing more than a horror story, dystopia, but on a topic worth considering: what if there's a grain of truth laid? If we do not turn into animals, the constant use of junk food with questionable composition may lead to irreversible changes in the body. And the consequences are very difficult to predict …

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