Residents of Côte dIvoire was the Virgin Mary (video)


Nine days after the cessation of hostilities in the country, thousands of people saw the image of the Virgin in the sky over Abidjan. People were convinced that they had seen the Virgin Mary, and fell into a religious ecstasy.

Silhouette of the Virgin Mary appeared in the sky above the largest city in Côte d'Ivoire in the afternoon on April 20. Thousands of people, who at this time were in the streets, started shouting that they had seen the Virgin Mary in the rays of the sun.

Dressed in a loose robe, her hands spread out toward the residents of the city, as if blessing them. The inhabitants of the largest city of Abidjan tried to photograph a divine phenomenon, but according to the author of one of the rollers, everything was not as good as he would like — the camera was able to pass only a small part of the image that people have seen.


— I myself am not a Catholic, but if it was a UFO, they would have shouted, "Yes, it's a flying saucer," but they were shouting that they had seen the Virgin Mary, then they saw it was her — said one of the witnesses.

Similar phenomena have recently often appear in the republic. March 31 is also in Abidjan, people from different parts of the city watched the other divine manifestation — a ray of light coming down from heaven to earth.

Cote d'Ivoire rebels were confident that the Virgin supported them during the civil war that broke out in the country at the end of marta.Mestnye residents say that one of the statues of the Virgin Mary in Abidjan miraculously changed the position of his hands.

— Usually, she always kept her hands as if praying, and now she put them on the chest cross, — the father of the family of Benjamin, who lives near the statue.

This sign can be interpreted in different ways, but the villagers unanimously claim that that's how it happened.

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