Results of EU-Russia summit in the visa plan

Results of EU-Russia summit in the visa planOn the days of the next summit held in the format of our homeland — the European Union, which open a discussion on many issues, one of which was the question of the likely abolition of visas between Russia and the European Union. Vladimir Putin has said that if the inter Russia and the EU will remain Visa mode, it will become an obstacle to real partnership.

Now multivisa the Schengen area is about 500 euros. Given that the Europeans want the influx of Russian tourists in the European Union increased, it is difficult to imagine being the average Russian family that just spit out a couple of thousand euros for just one chance to cross the border. But now specifically visa question becomes an obstacle for the hundreds of thousands of Russians constantly traveling to the EU.

Let's not forget the fact that in the EU there are countries that, despite all the economic prizes, try to keep a question visa-free regime with Russia on the brakes. And these states, most of their own, are the so-called countries of the former Soviet bloc. Here are the Baltic States, Romania, Poland and some other republics in the EU.

With all of this on a bilateral level, our home addresses issues with the European Union is often more effective than share-level summits. For example, now adopted by the visa to Finland for those coming into the country from St. Petersburg, Karelia or may not be kept. This lightweight system allows you to increment passenger traffic between the adjacent regions of Russia and Finland.

Italian visa Short-term benchmark now costs in the amount of about hundreds of euros. It seems to be not so expensive, but often it's not the cost of the visa, and that its getting delayed for some days.

In addition to the visa issue, a question was raised about the free trade area of the Portuguese capital to Vladivostok. European delegates supported Putin. But the support could be even more tangible, if Rompuy and Barroso decided to issue a visa towards abolition of the relic which Now is an obstacle to economic growth. Instead of this so far failed to agree on the next step of introducing the so-called "road maps" for the mutual abolition of visas between Russia and the European Union.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs about publishing very optimistic information may be that the visa will be abolished by 2014.

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