Results of previous pyatidesyatiletki and look for the future

Results of previous pyatidesyatiletki and the way forward

In this article, the reader pochetaemy I has permitted himself to some reflections on the public of the Union of Russian reforms and the realities of the current day or.

My article is an invitation to reflect on the issues: how safely our living environment? As from the standpoint of this medium is safely exchanged in connection with large-scale transformation of the system of social relations in the 90 years of the last century? Everything was in the process of this transformation is made relevant and that could contribute to our overall well-being, if it was accepted by us in addition to those already held by the system socially significant decisions?

Well-being of the public and the dual category of being in it as a candid and personal side of the issue. The Russian proverb says that the Russian fine, Germans destruction, but, you see, is not all that destruction the Germans, Russian is a good thing.

Let's leave aside petty differences and talk about the main thing. About that top which can connect us all. The fact that matters is which certainly there are some common guidelines and a private place where any ethno-cultural environment and every individual has the opportunity to develop personal verge own well-being.

The well-being of life is not only a personal nuance, and collective, national and nuances.

Each smith own happiness and that is one of the rules of personal well-being. But the man is a social and almost all of the individual success depends on the team of associates with whom he forges his own personal and collective happiness.

Success as numerous societies (communities) that make up the state-forming civilization in building its own well-being depends not only on how harmoniously lined up inside the case of the members of society, but also on how you built a system of relations between individuals of different communities and societies as such.

It goes without imposed wish to speculate on the issue of a successful relationship constituent nations, and of humane civilization in general, but let's limit ourselves only to their vegetable garden, but all this will mean that at least some experience of foreign borrowing requests thoroughness and comprehensive investigation. In the end, the fact that someone is fine, and we may in fact result in premature death …
I managed to sort out the main multi-faceted categories — safely of human existence, to evaluate for you.

So, what has been and what we have?

On this topic a lot of goals scholars have bothered. The quantity and quality characteristics of the economy, as the basis of social relations, have been described.

Tons megatons and kilometers per capita, percentage of growth of bovine livestock and not cattle, beef and dairy products, wool, cotton, household devices and appliances, square kilometers housing, cost of production, productivity, and many, many other features are counted and compared.

But no economist, counting the number of dark caviar sandwiches eaten by the population of the earth for a period of time, do not take into account the conditions in which it was eaten expensive delicacy. Are all happy about this good on your own desktop, maybe someone found a very small eggs?

The difference is that unlike the optimum economic Termination our conversation has its own nuances irrational, because, as a wise man once said, the meaning of the dark spawn in the wrong, that is, its a spoon, but to have a taste for it, and it, too indicator of quality of life.
The level of well-being and then at the moment, of course, a common yardstick (even irrational) can not be measured (everything flows, everything changes), but some high-quality properties, all the same, are imposed.

Agree, which would not be a level of personal well-being, yet it is more harmonious personal well-being develops when a person is surrounded by affluent society people. From disadvantaged have to defend the highest wall, the number of which in the last 20 years, grown noticeably. How can this trend is indicative of the growth of our overall well-being?

Two important factors that characterize the level of prosperity at least some time — health care and education.

In the post-Soviet era, the level of these social values became the talk of the town. Reform, reform, reform … But the point the attention of many scientists of the Russian school of the world market gladly bought as such an opportunity? Interestingly, the market environment and what does not "give birth" of their own strong mind Platonov? What, indeed (as stated Zadornov) — well, just stupid?

High-tech medical care, which in the days of our attention is paid inflated state, and the improvement of which are allocated large sums of money, this is certainly a positive factor. But the growth in the number of TB disease at times, compared with the Russian period, with all the technological upgrading of the scale, it is an unfortunate fact. Moreover, such a disease like tuberculosis of bones in the Russian time last observed before the war, and in modern times has again appeared. This is what comes out? — Tuberculosis and democracy brothers forever?

In general, as you can see — the contradictions abound. Let's see, what to do, so it was all of us happy.

Important condition for the well-being, not counting the real factor that is also a factor harmony of relations between people, linked by the community of life and livelihoods.

Here's to catch fishermen catch their own, as long as it separated at loggerheads. One broken nose, the other hand, the third became completely disabled. He is able to catch large and was the one who was stronger, it took a large part, that's only on the subsequent catch, not all were able to go out to sea and the catch was poor. Well if this situation looks? And how many similar situations in our society has undergone 90 years?

In this age of technological advancement actions actually simultaneously become public, and you can find out about events on-line. Will open at least some web edition, and that after all we litsezreem?

Named the cause of the crash trawler "West."

Russian border guards beat up a chair behind closed eyes.

In the State Duma wants to toughen penalties intoxicated drivers.

All these titles of articles on the cover turns — nationwide web edition (September 24, 2012). Are there many in their well-being? — The question, as they say, once.

It seems to me that the very rights and freedoms that we generously presented almost 20 years ago, the need for harmonization and harmony without these rights can reincarnate thin case into chaos. But if samoreguliruem factor harmonic public relations or society needs to petition for him?

If the factor of harmony was very variable, in a country with thousands of years of history, the phenomenon of "beat up a chair 'would divide as a vestige of nine years since reversed. But no. As we see, the harmony of relations under the "rolling stone" is not flowing. Moreover, as a matter of harmony relationships begin to treat attention without tribute, blooms disharmony these very relations, and as a result, the collapse of the ship "Bulgaria", abuse of frozen chicken and shame, shouting "freedom rabies pus."

What role in ensuring and maintaining the harmony of social relations play our current government, and what role we play in this matter we — its citizens?

Maybe my conclusion is somewhat superficial, but judging by the fundame
ntal law of the country, the specific tasks — to ensure the harmony of social relations before the municipal institutions, nobody put.

Immediately make a reservation, in the bodies of state power, of course, working people, our fellow citizens and the citizens and if so I'm a self-taught philosopher with higher technical education Russian standard of thinking about this question, then, probably, and the sovereign people in their activities are guided by some similar considerations. What is the quality of the sovereign's work — a separate issue, we compare how well-being of our society has changed over the past 50 years.

Puzzle with respect to the citizens of some harmony fundamental law of the country, by the way, is also not intended. Apparently the creators of the draft Constitution assumed that a free man with the full range of democratic rights and other benefits, without the help of others will put a puzzle.

But even a single individual is very good, as litsezreem, work on the harmony of social relations is not particularly in a hurry. Successful individual is easier to work on the construction of the top of the fence and looking for guards for their own personal well-being, if put severe question to the society and the state. By the way, in his own successful individual is right. How can a person build harmony in bolshennom not building this harmony in the small?

Yet, let us remember — how it all began and why people want a quarter century back?

Reflections on the subject, taking into account the above spoken, I will begin immediately with the conclusion.

In one way or another company arranged nuance of general well-being, but room for nuance of the personal well-being of the Russian people is obviously lacking. And from the changes that are expected to develop and maintain needed services nationwide temper and supplement these general system benefits the wider personal skills.

In the Russian time, at a time when freedom of speech is allowed kitchen-Zastolnye dissent and walked one funny story that arose in 1917 and have seen a lot of the Decembrists, the storming of the Winter Palace. Asked one of the Decembrists running by sailor — what would you like? I wish that was not the rich, — said the sailor, and ran on. At that Decembrist angrily saw — and we wanted to, so there was poor …

That's also in the 90s. Society wished that there were no poor people, the poor on their personal well-being. Common good for all that were seen as immutable public conquest. In truth, while in the country or anyone and had no idea that someone will start to reduce the number of schools and medical facilities. Moreover, even in a terrible dream, no one could imagine the school PTA meeting, which would sound the call to hand over money to repair the class.

But public goods sought someone's attention and not just someone, and municipal attention. The municipal authority is also the same people who, like ordinary citizens, hunting personal well-being. These people and judged on their own personal way, making a public benefit secondary to the personal ability of building their own personal well-being.

What did end up?

The result, I think we got a crotch as common goods were exchanged for personal and with careful consideration of the serious situation it appears that the reversal of the terms of the total amount remains the same. Perhaps there will be willing to say that apart from the terms in building prosperity in the past quarter century have been lost, someone will insist on new acquisitions, but I suggest that we consider the sum total of equal quality, but with the presence of not yet disclosed potentials. At a minimum, it is permissible to keep a clear mind.

In these days of the primacy of self-interest above the public interest continues its march across the country, and a total of twenty procession leads to ponder the question — and it is time to add harmony to the mutual relationship between the individual and society? Maybe it will specifically promote the disclosure of available capacities of our sphere safely habitat?

Reflecting on the question — where to start?, I concluded that we should pay attention to it, under whatever slogans were public transformation of Russian society.

With 2 words, all of them can be roughly expressed as "scoop sucks, give democracy." Who has studied the history of the Russian Union he probably remembers — which began with the transformation of Russian empire. "Down with autocracy! Long live the power of the Soviets. " No one sees the similarities?

Let's think — if one revolution eventually replaced by another that imposes a hard conclusion that that was the first mistake, is it not the second in exactly the same phenomenon wrong? But if, all the same, over time, in the post-revolutionary period, the society accumulating value experience of life, is it not the greatest stupidity of his sweeping rejection?

Exploring the Web on Wednesday, one day I ran into a heated argument, led him to two bloggers (one particular enemy "advice", another supporter of careful business to our story.) The parties cited various reasons, recalled his childhood and youth, the associated conditions of life and then at the moment, a voice of the victims and the cost of past achievements, at the end of the same led to the conclusion, in which the debate was over. May force debaters left, they may have come to an agreement, I do not know, but the conclusion I really liked and it reads:

If we really wish that the future of our country ruled catastrophes like the tragedies of the dictatorship of the proletariat, then veer to finish the story of his country and apply to any and all eras, as a precious inheritance.
Evil — slag rock under the title "search good" and our forefathers slag Revolution of 1917 had already been deselected.

Is not it a fascinating conclusion that evil — it's rock slag search of good and there in the past, this slag by our forefathers has been deselected?

I think that such a conclusion is worthy to take it for a certain result. In the end, if our forefathers more than 80 years pounded in a mortar with water, we then who? and that in general we can do? After all, are not born Osinki apelsinka …

In this regard, I concluded that the formation of the harmony of social relations in our country, in addition to the benefits of democracy that we have acquired, we need a common state-forming fulcrum. I referred to this point theorems civilian understanding of the world and the first of them propose to construct followed by:

The historical legacy of the country all the steps Russian bears within itself a valuable experience, which needed in building a comprehensive well-being of our society.

What kind of experience is valuable, and that was a mistake, in this paper we evaluate will not, but betrothed above theorem I propose to accept as indisputable truth. Truth that every citizen of the Russian Federation must absorb not only the mother's milk, and the milk of universal education.

Immediately'll slip of the tongue that I use this theorem only to the assessment of the historical legacy of previous generations. We will make a contribution to this value-common cause — to assess our descendants.

As for the current day or, my eyes on the promising future of this.

For a normal development of our society need to finish the socio-political strife.

Freedom of speech is not given to us in order to sharpen the endless political fritters, and in order to come to an agreement on public matters — who we are and who they are? (Other companies), that is the world around us and where this world is heading? what we want and what we need to do to achieve a want?

In addition to the pluralism of views, once proclaimed the last control of the country councils, we need to open ourselves civilian general theorems of
our understanding of the world, which in totality with personal freedoms will be goal-setting settings are programmed our overall success in building prosperity Russian Federation as a whole and all of its men separately.

Without these axioms broom our state is unleashed and it will just break, putting proper efforts are taken separately to each twig.

How is stronger than a broom in the bound state, everyone can see, having your own experience.

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