Results of REA-2011

Just a few days back finished eighth international exhibition of arms RUSSIAN EXPO ARMS — 2011, held in Nizhny Tagil. Not counting the weapons were exhibited ammunition and military equipment. Total Some 300 companies from all over Russia. Zabugornyh guests were more than ever, about 400 representatives from 40 countries, and its products have shown 20 companies from 5 countries. A larger number of members of the press did not collect any of the past shows — 650 journalists from 145 media outlets.

Temper the exhibits emphasized one of the phrases of the slogan: "The offensive Innovative policy of enterprises." The general director of the local institute tests of metals, Valery Rudenko said that the nomenclature of the samples exhibit significantly expanded and is due to production of missile industry.

All those wishing to landfill has been demonstrated armored car "Lynx",

armored car "Tiger-M",

anti-self-propelled "Tunguska M1"

and "Buk-M2E",

anti-aircraft missile system remote actions C400,

as well as operational tactical missile complex "Iskander M".

For the first time, the exhibition shows the anti-missile system "Chrysanthemum-S"

and "Terminator" tank support combat vehicle.

A new, fundamentally different from other mc, the highest aggregate cross-crawler was presented to the company "Hero". Maybe its implementation and in the hostilities, and for peaceful purposes, wherever there are great difficulties with cross traffic.

Russian developments are fully capable of competing with zabugornom counterparts. For example, a wheeled armored vehicle BTR-82A

can call the Russian motorized infantry divisions and similar NATO units, according to experts.

"Tiger-M" to equip the engine, the best the standard "Euro-4" modernized system of protection against weapons of mass destruction. Armored Car "Lynx", the brainchild of Russian-Italian friendship, is capable of producing patrols and support on the ground fighting. The principle of "safety cell", in which cooperated interior space vehicles, helps protect the life of the crew well. More than 10 countries have already ka are armed with these armored cars. Finally he came up to Russia.

T-90C riveted everyone's attention

The main highlight of the exhibition, a fascinating exhibit of her, was the T-90S. Viewers have seen how he easily overcomes a water barrier, rushing past at full speed and shooting in the air, bouncing on the trampoline. Noise, rumble, raging target — a show very vivid and unforgettable.

The upgraded version of the tank is different from its predecessors having guided missile, which is capable of firing at a distance of 5 km. Increased weight of the tank, which is now equal to 48 tons, and yet it is much easier to similar Yankees and Germans. The new engine allows you to lower fuel consumption, while at the same time, it is more powerful than the previous model and is fully comparable in strength to the zabugornom counterparts. A fixed wheel control greatly reduces the load on the driver. To increase the comfort of the crew provided even kondyuk. T-90 is capable of speeds up to 60 km / h on the highway. To improve the maneuverability of the tank mounted rear-view camera and a combined night vision device.

The developers they say that this tank — brand new stage in the development of Russian tank development. Ability to fire damage, protection from most of the anti-tank weapons, the highest mobility and reliable life-support system — all to say that the T-90 is much better their predecessors. T-90 — "tank soldiers": reliable and versatile.

Vladimir Putin's visit

Visited an exhibition of arms and the Prime Minister. With great enthusiasm, Vladimir Putin looked new items of military equipment: unmanned aircraft, armored truck "Ural", as well as a modified T-90. Looking video extolling the tank, Putin did not hold back from trying to get into the cockpit, and he did so by estimating the degree of comfort and testing the control system of the tank.

Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said that the tank there is only one, and the military needs to be purchased modernized T-72 is actually the same for features, but at half the price.

On the example of the T-90S Vladimir Putin said that this technique is proud of, but once the military-industrial complex has such a scientific, human and industrial potential, its development will be given special attention. It was a harsh statement is made — from the municipal budget will be allocated 64 billion rubles, or more than 2 billion dollars. Specialists say that this will be a great opportunity for the Russian military industry to severe jerk, which will allow to continue to keep the palm in the production of modern military equipment. All of these donations will go to the development of "Uralvagonzavod", which now produces modern Russian tanks — T90S.

How annoying would it not seem, in recent years, "Uralvagonzavod" actually received large orders and small orders are made only foreign companies. As a result, he was ubylnym — in 2009 its revenue was 36.2 billion rubles. So makarom soilless loss company made more than 7 billion rubles. In fact, the same trend continued in 2010, with only municipal subsidies in the amount of 28 billion rubles have allowed little to correct the situation. Because experts at Enterprise lozhut a lot of hope for grants in the amount of 64 billion rubles. This will allow not only to pay the debts, and to carry out a series of upgrades to the plant.

The results show

Nizhny Tagil landfill "Prospector", which hosted the exhibition, will be the main venue for the demonstration of the federal powers of military equipment. Apart from the Prime Minister's visit, the last exhibition was marked by the presentation of a huge number of new products, also became a major star of the T-90S.

The exhibition was even more successful than the organizers expected. And, although the information about the concluded contracts were not disclosed, was voiced about the fact that 11 countries are intere
sted in the new Russian tank.

Photos of other exhibits are presented below.

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